Sunday, November 30, 2008

Holiday Giveaway

~My cover art for 1st (hopefully) Annual JINGLE BELL JAM Christmas music swap~

(I used the actual Jingles Bells sheet music as the background)

I participated in a Christmas CD swap hosted by Melissa of Honey Girl Studios. She called it Jingle Bell Jam! Well, 10 of us swapped each and boy did I get some great Christmas music! My Mikey (aka the elf) is so tickled! We have been playing Christmas music since days after Halloween. So, I thought I would giveaway my Jingle Bell Jam creation to help you ring in the season!

My compilation consists of many of my all time favorite Christmas songs in an eclectic mix of Artists in Jazz, Rythym & Blues, Blues, Contemporary & Traditional Stylings.

Wanna win it?

Comment by telling me your favorite Christmas song. Yes pick one...well!

Mine is: Baby, it's cold outside by Vanessa Williams with a close 2nd of Jingles Bells by Diana Krall. LOVE Them both!

Winner announced whenever I get to it...guessing December 3rd ish!

xoxoxoxoxox's 2 u ~Dani~


Femin Susan said...

Absolutely fantastic post! Good job!
Great! Keep writing…….
Good week……… Welcome to my blog…….

Mistress Meeyee said...

my favorite Christmas song is Jingle bells,anyone can do that song and not mess it up!It makes me happy.

Anonymous said...

There are a few songs that I really like but probably my favorite rendition is done by Stevie Nicks singing Silent Night.

sUz said...

hi daNi!

I'd have to say Karen Carpenter singing the Christmas Waltz. I just love the feeling it gives me.

iN jOy,

~Tonya said...

Hey Dani,

I seem to never get in here as much as I would like...

Any who, great post and my favorite is Carol of the Bells. Love the version by Metallica and the Trans. Siberian Orch. who would have ever thought those two would pair up.

Ever heard it?

Have a great evening and stay warm. We got snow today!


Malissa said...

I almost have too many favorites to name, but I'll just say these two for now: "Last Christmas" George Micheal or "Christmas Wrapping" The Waitresses

Evilpotpourri said...

I love all the classics that go along with the childrens movies of the season...Rudolph the red nose reindeer and Frosty the snowman sung by Burl Ives BUT my favorite has to be The Grinch song! lol....

Sandra said...

Hi Dani
Well I know what you mean I hear a song and hummmm it all day...Christmas music it sticks with me forever...But "This Christmas my favorite song this year...I heard it last year by Chris Brown, and loved it and the movie, but this years...I love it ( same song) This Christmas... sung by Christine Aguilera. That girl can sing a song!
Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Lisa said...

I love Christmas music cant get it out of my head this time of the year!

Tootie said...

Hey Dani!
Your CD was awesome! I play it everyday either on the way to work or on the way home from work!

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