Tuesday, May 25, 2010

howdy do!

Hi all. I hope everyone is doing well. As usual I am a month late in coming to the party ;)

These pictures give you a pictorial time line of my last 6 weeks. hugs~

Went to see Nickelback in Atlantic City (thank you Lord above...was beyond amazing)

iphone pics 147

Turned another year older :)

iphone pics 296

Miss Brandi Mckenna flew in from North Carolina to help me knock out the STJ collector Tree that we are raffling off (winner drawn any day now) in all of it's Halloween glory! I love me some Brandi and know in my hear she is my long lost sister ;)

iphone pics 182

Wicked ass tree topper Brandi made for the Halloween raffle Tree

iphone pics 035

NHC 2010 STJ Pics 3 014

Went into NYC for a second time to see the Tim Burton exhibit at the MOMA

iphone pics 057

We also got to spend the day in NYC with Miss Marie and her simply awesome daughter Laura
Please note only the Patterson girls could be this happy in a NYC taxi ;)

iphone pics 373

Got to finally meet the sweet Zan, she is a true blue soul for sure ;)

NYC Trip Marie Brandi Zan Laura 002

We all had lunch together and I had what may be my last Bento Box from Takashimaya, NYC :(
they close June 5th, 2010

iphone pics 139

Went Buck wild in M&J trim

NYC Trip Marie Brandi Zan Laura 047

I got to meet a Jenny of Polka Dot Pixie (a personal fav of mine) for a quick 10 minutes at the airport. We had a small window until she flew home from Newark from a teaching event she just finished...from when I dropped Brandi at the airport to get back home to NC.

Was meant to be ;)

iphone pics 134

I unwrapped (to inspect) and rewrapped HUNDREDS of pieces of original Halloween art for The NHC (Nat'l Halloween Con). All art from my SpookyTimeJingles.com artisans. The BEAUTIFUL Marie Patterson helped me and saved my sanity (what is left)

iphone pics 106

I stuffed Miss Wendy Leaumont in my car with loads of boxes for the National Halloween Convention. This doll of a friend flew in from Louisiana just for me..well ok for the National Halloween Con too but..whatever ;)

iphone pics 118

~Wendy's Art business- My Brain Child~

NHC 2010 STJ Pics 009

I met some amazing peeps at The NHC and Loved it!!
~Made some new friends and hugged some old ones~

iphone pics 060


I kept the "staff" in line..ha!



Photo ops everywhere!!

iphone pics 107

Wore my Queen of Halloween Crown made for me by Marie Patterson
plus she gave me The Art of Tim Burton book as a bday gift! SCORE!

NHC 2010 STJ Pics 2 003

We SOOO Flippin RAWKED the NHC!!

NHC 2010 STJ Pics 2 019

NHC 2010 STJ Pics 018

NHC 2010 STJ Pics 2 017

NHC 2010 STJ Pics 2 016

We had FOUR full Booths!!!

NHC 2010 STJ Pics 2 018==


I had a dreamy photographer come to my abode and shoot me and some studio/art pics for an upcoming publication! How exciting. Andrew's photography skills and English accent left me smitten ;)
Dani Studio Shot

My Studio Wide Angle Shot

And truly there is much more but this is enough, yes?

So, I know I act like "it" is no biggie and I flit around like a tweaked up chickie. But the truth is, I have amazing friends and family that support and help me at every turn. I could NOT have gotten everything done without my Dr.'s, meds, friends, family and the power naps that saved me ;)
Fibromyalgia does sometimes knock me out for the count but I am getting better at managing it and asking for help. My point in sharing this is, that chronic pain and illness suck the big one BUT I am not giving up until someday I am pain free and not just pretending like I am.
~Go give a "soft" hug to the chronic pain sufferer in your life.~


I leave you with these pics I just found in my iphone.
I need iphone anonymous..I LOVE this phone!

And at some point I took these stupid random pics of myself..HA!

iphone pics 172

iphone pics 280

iphone pics 417

~Hugs abound~
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