Wednesday, July 15, 2009

See ya soon

Hey all. Just a quickie post to say that the recent updates of mine (Ambitions Design) is my last on Pfatt and for the foreseeable future. I am not leaving either marketplace, rather taking a break.

I have been fighting a painful illness now for many weeks and the truth is I need the break so I can try and heal. Although, the suspected illness has no cure, there are many things I can do to help heal my body and regain strength. Without a doubt I need to remove some of my duties to relieve the stress I place on myself to get things done.

A few of you know that I have not been well but mainly I have said nothing for many reasons over the last 10 weeks. I am now as I did not want there to be speculation over my temporary break from either of the marketplaces.

I will still be running SpookyTimeJingles (hopefully from a laptop at the beach) no different than now.

I hope to post on here from time to time over the summer to say hello.

Happy Creating~

Friday, July 10, 2009

Have I lost my marbles?

Spent sometime today with the kiddo's at a big fair today. I was dropping them off to hang with friends. So, after I was quickly discarded by the spawn. I snapped a few pics for fun. It was daylight which certainly makes it all look very different.

mixed media hallo ornies & Spooky Crew  CArnival pics 003

The colors are like candy!

Everything looked like something I wanted to put in my house for some reason. I do not know what is happening to me but my "tastes" have definitely taken a turn towards the odd end of things.

My home is eclectically decorated & quite colorfully compared to most folks but is, I think pretty mainstream. A few oddities & unusuals here and there. But this takes the Carnival Cake!

All I wanted to do today was run off with this Clown Mouth GARBAGE can lid of all things!

Enough so I contemplated bribing a staff member with a $100 bucks for it! As, I wondered if that was enough to get the job done, I wondered if one might be arrested for Clown Can Bribing?

CLEARLY, I have lost my ever-lovin marbles!


I could see Michael now! Not sure he would say anything to me other than shoot me a look of WTF?

I could hear me telling him how surely the kids would be so very excited to throw away their garbage now versus leaving things lying all over the house all the time! It was an investment in the cleanliness of our homes future, I could hear me saying aloud in my head.

After additional thought I remembered I am not really "slammer" material and decided to opt out of a trip to the pokey.

Then, I spotted this!

Which I instantly imagined hanging over my fireplace!

mixed media hallo ornies & Spooky Crew  CArnival pics 001

Now, all that being said I promptly grabbed a funnel cake and got my butt home!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Christmas at Pfatt in July!

Be sure to stop by Pfatt July 10th, for the now annual July Christmas celebration!

The few Premier Marketplaces like Pfatt are the ones who helped pave the way for ones like

Pfatt Marketplace
has wonderful artists and you are guaranteed some wonderful eye candy!

I will have a sweet Santa on Sale!! Be sure to stop on by for a peek!

Friday, July 3, 2009

A little extra to share today

This is our local Firehouse tanker truck, isn't it beautiful! It is painted with the scene of George Washington and troops crossing the icy cold Delaware River. We live next to the Delaware right where George Crossed. History and Heritage is so cool!

So I was sitting here and working on the SpookyTimeJingles site, listening to Michael Jackson and remembering the old days and how I truly believed I was going to marry MJ when I was in Middle School! Ya..I know...
When I get a picture in my email of my son, Gavin in uniform. Gavin is a volunteer fire fighter in trainer as well as training to be an EMT. He is a proud member of our local fire dept.
He recently participated in an event to help families with special needs children.
There is nothing more handsome than seeing your son in a uniform. I am so proud of my boys. For now here is Mr. Gavin in the middle. Blonde and Blue...look!

Our ambulance and crew recently represented Union at Pennington's first annual Special Needs Event Open House. This event allowed special needs children and their families to understand how emergency operations work and what will happen if an emergency situation is to arise.

~Proud Momma~

1 year at SpookyTimeJingles & lots to celebrate!

Can you simply believe it!

It has been 1 year since I started SpookyTimeJingles!!

I love everything about STJ and our Sweet & Spooky Style.

To help ring in our 1 year we have MANY specials planned but here is one of my fav's

STJ 1st Anniversary

Be sure to stop by for unique art, An amazing guest artist, free shipping from many sellers & of course this celebrate & donate to help our fur friends!

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