Saturday, February 13, 2010

Jetsetting Continues South!

By this time tomorrow (in theory-barring yet a 3rd blizzard) I shall be in Charlotte, North Carolina staying with Miss Brandi McKenna of She's of her Rocker!! Look there she is in her Halloween finery !

Brandi and I met last year in person when she drove all the way from NC to Phila for The National Halloween Convention to help with the SpookyTimeJingles booth! Which btw..I am the NHC's- Halloween Art Director this year! Yippee Skippee! What an honor! Extra work but still pleased to be asked.

Dani NHC Art Director
~Ok..back to Brandi~
She brought some of these wicked large azz moons-they were a BIG hit!

How flippin awesome is she? She and her hubster Jim were there to see just how fantastic the con was and how STJ rawked it! So, she is thee perfect chick-a-dee to help me plan for this years upcoming show in which we will have FOUR booths (instead of one). HELP me! Lord hear my prayer!

Now..this once again requires me to fly with my menagerie of calming BullChit- (xanax, slipper socks, eye mask, ipod, vitamin water & Luna Bars) but this trip is only 2 hours - easy breezy right? Well yeah kinda? With the EXCEPTION it is on a "puddle jumper" plane...hear my deep sigh?!

Puddle Jumpers are the ones that hold 40 passengers or less (Tight Quarters), yes it is a jet and it is Continental...BUT Continental (as most all airlines do for small jets) contract out their "smaller" flights to private companies and Continental (again as other airlines) who practice this have NO liability should something go sideways! Yep..ZERO!

But what could go sideways...? Certainly not the plane-that would be crazy!

Ok, So I pinky swear this is my last rant about my "flight issues"

My Ever so slight ;) flight phobia aside I am UBER jazzed to get down to some nitty gritty Halloween art and spend time with Miss Brandi and her family. Brandi is one of those true blue people you meet in life and thank your lucky stars for your good fortune. Seriously, it amazes me that I have made such good friends through the wonders of the internet + art= genuine friendships.

I will be leaving some Facebook updates along the way for those that seem to enjoy my Jetsetting escapades and random pictures & posts. If we are not yet friends, just ask ;)

In Flight Music Choice:
This flights relaxing new album of choice will between the new Corinne Bailey Rae "The Sea"
or Sade's first album in a decade "Soldier of Love". No Nickelback, 3 Doors Down or Seether for me in flight or I will be rockin out in my seat and singing..lmao...not pretty, not at 'tall ;) !

Last trip's relaxing music was John Mayer's new album "Battle Studies" (awesome btw) but with his recent crude & stupid azz Twitter remarks (DUMB AZZ) I cannot bring myself to listen to him again yet (why do I care?). But I do have to wonder why men can be so stone azz stupid when it comes to women?

Well, Ok that about does it for this ramble... Thank you for joining me and for giving a damn about my jetsetter blatherings and other lil ditties~

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