Saturday, October 2, 2010

So inspired by a Michael DeMeng Project

The current issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors has a Michael DeMeng instructional project for creating Day of The Dead Skeletal assemblage.

demeng dolls

Seeing this was the most inspired I have felt in months!!! I knew when I saw it, that I would do it! That felt like I struck gold because I have been in a dry spell.
Luckily, I had been collecting "DeMeng like" materials since the Spring. I have all the materials to start a BIG ole honkin DeMeng styled project but kept chickening out b/c I knew it would take me time to do it justice. But seeing this one in CPS, I knew it was perfect for my current focusing ability.

I started it today and finished in approx 4 hours. I did not rush it, it just came together like it was meant to be. I love it! The only thing I did differently besides the finishing accessories is that I used 2 different skeletal heads to donate the sexes even more and found it added some extra interest.

My finished Demeng project

When I purchased the Bride and Groom from AC Moore last week, I saw they were $8 a piece and refused! But I did find more ethnic bride and grooms in their clearance section for only $2 each. Luckily, I had every other material needed so it was easy to start. I used a wooden box lid for the background so that I would have that extra detail of the inset for the vintage text.

I really dremeled the edges of the wood with various bits to take away the strong sharp lines of the wood.
I went with the text "The Familiar" because it rang true with my intent for the subjects. I think of my Michael and I and how we just know each other so well after 19 years...we are The Familiar.

"The Familiar" Day of the Dead Project

Stoopidgerl necklace Signature for blog

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Exciting Time of Year for me

I am here resting up since my health has been scary and questionable as of late. I need to rest these bones for the big event. My 2nd annual trip to Petaluma, California (Can you scream Dreamy?) for the 15th annual Halloween and Vine Halloween Art show! This show is a personal favorite for me as it is wrapped by the cutest, quaintest, friendliest town I have ever been in America. Of course the drool worthy art is the big draw- no doubt but this charming "old town" makes it the epitome of 100% perfect for me.

Last year I was lucky enough to attend both Halloween and Vine and Ghoultide. Both represent wonderful artistry that will leave you spellbound to say the least. With my own holiday show in its first year (SpookyTime Jingles Holiday Soiree) I needed to choose which one to attend as there was no way I could do all three (boo hiss).

So for many reasons the choice was Halloween and Vine baby! The stellar Petaluma Antiques Faire certainly did not hurt! The day after H&V is Sunday the 26th, and the center streets of Petaluma close down for streets filled completely with gorgeous antiques! It is nothing like I have ever seen!
Wonderful News, that it worked out well as Halloween and Vine and SpookyTimeJingles has since partnered to help spread the word about these amazing artists and the magic they bring. It was only 2 years ago that I dreamed of being able to simply visit this Super Bowl of Halloween Shows and now to think that we have partnered is heart warming beyond compare. The owners, Ginny Betourne and Christy Silacci both seemingly come from the same school of belief as myself, that there is room for all of us in this industry and to help others along the way. These are the type of women whom make you proud to be a professional woman. No shananigans just support, Hoo-rah ladies!

I just know this is going to be the trip of a lifetime!

There are 4 of us flying into San Fran from all over the country to meet up in Petaluma for the show. We added a few extra days this year so that we didn't lose time due to full days of travel. Plus, some of us are working the show, so we will need all the time we can get!

We have rented a sweet lil cottage that sleeps 5. It will be really nice to stay in a small house versus a hotel. I am in love with this yard already!

I imagine this amazing opportunity of rooming with friends, giving us many laughs and memories to reminisce on for many years.

I can see me now asking my roomie...are you asleep yet or can I keep talking? HA!

I am excited to be among such dear friends and new ones, whom I know will be dearie's too in no time flat (a girl just knows these things).

~click above to go to the Facebook event page or paste the link below~

After the big show day of the Halloween & Vine artistry, is an after party at the Adobe Pumpkin Farm in their exquisite Halloween Barn! I LOVE this farm and I cannot imagine a better location for friends, new and old to gather, enjoy a lovely dinner and dessert served with local wines.

If you are attending this years Halloween and Vine, please do stop by! We would love to see you! Details below:

You can also get information about this Event at: Creating TheHive

Monday, September 6, 2010

Confession: Chronic Pain, Ambition & Living well

Wowza, is every one else feeling the pressure of the season? I was speaking to a dear artisan friend the other day who mentioned that over the past few years they were unable to enjoy Halloween, do to the hectic work schedule this time of year brings. Shows, online markets, social networking, marketing not to mention family and everyday life.

It really hit a cord with me. I know for a fact if I am honest with myself, I can say the same about Halloween last year. Now, Halloween and Vine and even Ghoultide later undoubtedly made it quite fun (I soo enjoy shopping Halloween art ;) but when I got home and back to the real world of hectic schedules and expectations, the razzle dazzle of my beloved holiday was tarnished. There was no time left for fun it seemed.

This is such a sad and embarrassing thing for me to reveal. I work hard to be a machine as far a my body will allow me. I feel like it is a failure to not be enjoying the best time of year. I know that if my health was up to par that the heavy work schedule wouldn't mean a thing. You see, I have always enjoyed being an innovator even before I knew really what that meant. When I am smitten with my work it feels like fun, which means I end up devoting all time to that "work" and everything else gets neglected to some degree and I make no apologies-I just love it too much. I have never been good at balancing my home, work and social life and it is a character flaw that I wish was different for my loved ones but is not nor ever will be and I made peace with that long ago.

What I cannot make peace with is this bloody chronic pain. I think it is the chronic pain ruining my MoJo. It was just 1.5 years ago that I got the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia (aka: FM, Fibro). Leave it to me to get some disease-disorder that the medical community for over a 100 years believed was a falsehood and was simply made up in the imagination of needy women.
I told every specialist I saw over 12 weeks that they were wrong if they thought it was FM. You don't just wake up one day with "hospital pains" (the type of pain that the minute you feel it you know you are going to the hospital ER) always so fun, those are.

I later learned that the FM was brought on from a serious head trauma I had just suffered 2 years prior (10 foot steel pipe was dropped on my head (frontal lobe: memory, concentration, ect.. at a home improvement store). The gift that keeps on giving.

So, I now fully understand the depths of chronic pain (thought I understood before.. ha!) and how it through and through changes you as a person. It even changed a chunk of my belief system. There are things I would have never considered before that I surely would now if it made the pain go away. In truth, the pain has been in a harsh flair up for many weeks now. When it is bad, the pain brings me to an ugly place that should not exist--despair. During these time I cannot help but think about how I should be enjoying the upcoming sweet & spooky season and enjoying all of the good fortune and recognition that has been coming my way. I mean this is what I work for, to reach these goals and I cannot even enjoy it but for moments at a time.

Over the next 6 or so weeks I will be challenging myself by far the most I ever have since this illness took hold.
Even in great health, I believe the schedule I have made for myself would challenge Lance Armstrong. But I must secretly believe I can pull it all off because I NEVER give up.

So, in the next 6 weeks: I shall begin dismantling my current studio all together, painting the new one and moving all of the stuff back in. Staging the new studio for a photo shoot in TWO WEEKS for my biggest interview yet(eeep), Fully Decorate the house (we have approx 40 bins of Halloween decor), a coast to coast trip for Halloween and Vine which this year is 90% work related, Our first ever SpookyTimeJingles Holiday Soiree Art Show (HU-MUNGO undertaking), our 3rd annual Nelson's Manor Halloween adult Party (this is a very large undertaking), Multiple house guests at one time which will be a blast but the house has got to look good- fat chance in hell ;), Plus all of the normal stuff that goes on day to day...woo wee! I am wiped just from typing it out ;)
Yet, I am not sure I would change a single solitary thing! Yet, here I sit and vent, uh I am a frustration to myself!

So, as I prepare myself and try to align my health issues with my ambitions and learning to live well I ask for any positive thoughts and suggestions you can send my way as I try to find my way into the happy medium~

Love & hugs~
dingy dani~

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Stampington Holiday & Celebrations Annual Issue is out and SpookyTime Jingles looks great!

I am so pleased with the Stampington Holiday and Celebrations annual issue-2010! It is their best issue yet. I am SOO happy we decided to kick up our ad campaign with them this year.

The issue has not even officially hit the stands yet (tomorrow 9/1) and it already seems to be their best selling issue. This issue will be featured in EVERY Barnes and Nobles, nationwide through October 2010 on end caps to showcase it!

We are on the first page in..

And the back cover!

I know that there are VERY FEW left to order. No exaggeration. So if you plan on ordering one, I suggest you hustle up! link below to order

Plus a big congrats to my STJ artists and friends Iva Wilcox, Jenn McGlon, Tracy Nuskey-Dodson and Melissa Valeriote for their wonderful features inside this amazing issue!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Wonderful wake up call

Today was a first...I slept in a bit after a late night and was woken up in the late morn by a friendly gentlman who is the Editor in chief of a large magazine. Kinda went like this:

Hmmm..yes, I am Dani.
Yes, I would love to do a two part interview with you about
Your calling from where? Really....your kind of far, how did you hear about STJ?

You are doing a story on Halloween Collectibles and the fast growing industry that it has become for original folk art and my name keeps coming up to interview?
(heart and tummy are doing the mambo at this point).

blah, blah, Halloween, Blah, Worlds finest artists, blah blah.
(I blathered on like a tween crushing on Justin Beiber)

40 minutes later.......
yes we can finish this in our next conversation when you have the rest of the questions ready.
(he actually wants to hear more from me...holy hell!)

Get you pictures of Halloween pieces and 3 artist referrals for additional interviews...ah sure... (who the hell do I choose?)

Yes, I look forward to hearing from you too. Thank you~ hung up.


What a way to start the day! I love my job!!!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

My Story is featured on CRESCENDOh this week!

Those of you who follow my seemingly never ending shenanigans, may know that I have had some fun features done about moi, moi art and SpookyTimeJingles. Well, the excitement continues with an upcoming photo shoot in September for a nationwide magazine that just blows my ever lovin mind (happy dance here)..but more about that later before I jinx it right out of the picture!
But also, today starts my week of being featured on the uber amazing site, CRESCENDoh in their Art Saves Series!

My story shared, is the short version (someday I will share the whole enchilada) of how art saved my life (sanity) after a severe head trauma 3 years ago, rehabilitation and subsequent diagnosis of Fibromyalgia (head traumas-the gift that keeps on giving).
Now, Crescendoh is not uber amazing simply because they are featuring moi as one of their they were way cool in my eyes before that. You see the creative Jenny Doh, former editor of MANY a Stampington Mag, created CrescenDOH (see last name;) to show that ART SAVES!
Her goal is a dreamy recipe of: Creative Passion, Authentic Community and Focused Compassion! Now, stop and reread those lovelies and marinate in them..they are good for the soul, indeedy!
Is she just genius to verbalize those elements so perfectly, or what!?

For those who do know me, know just how much effort I put into building up the artist community. It is so important to me and I am somewhat unsure why I am soo driven but I am and I love it. So, when I was told I would be featured on Crescendoh, I was so pleased as Miss Doh and I seemingly have the same mindset about an art-filled community full of genuine good souls helping lift one another up! I say Hoo-rah! Thank you Jenny and the Crescendo team for sharing my story and pictures of SpookyTime Jingles artisan pieces, ads and even a fan photo!

Hugs and Happy Creating!


Sunday, August 22, 2010

SpookyTimeJingles New Group that is Open to all "creatives" on the Hive ONLY!

SpookyTimeJingles New Group that is Open to all "creatives" on the Hive ONLY!

I have wanted to start a group for a long time now, that combines STJ artists and STJ fans who also like to share in creativity and the process..whatever that may be for you (sketching, painting, scrap booking, poetry, etc...).

This type of group makes sense to me since, I often would like to add more artists to SpookyTimeJingles but cannot due to size constraints. When a marketplace gets too large in size it causes the viewer to lose interest because their is too much content to take in. Hence the reason for our 6+month wait list to join us plus we just do not have a lot of turnover.

So in creating this open group, I would so love a place where other creatives with the same interests (holidays) and goals (kindness and inspiration) as STJ could commingle and share in this holiday goodness together! I believe the HIVE has given us the perfect venue to make this happen.

So please come join in the HIVE:

And then join our STJ group on The Hive:

~Hugs & Happy Creating my friends~

Monday, August 9, 2010

When Ghosts Haunt Your Studio - In the Studio with Cate - Cloth Paper Scissors

Fun Surprise to see my storage ideas featured by editor, Cate Prato of Cloth, Paper, Scissors today! thanks Cate, I REALLY enjoyed working with you and appreciate all of the coverage you have given myself and

When Ghosts Haunt Your Studio - In the Studio with Cate - Cloth Paper Scissors

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Studio Photo Shoot Pictures that didn't make the STUDIOS magaine issue

So the day finally arrived when the Fall Studio's Issue came out. It was so fun to see myself in print and those pieces of who I have collected over the years.

Below are a bunches of the pictures that I enjoyed from the photo shoot but did not make it into the magazine. The issue would have been all me if they all made
I hope you enjoy, I have been lucky enough to collect some amazing pieces over the years. See if you can pick out your favs ~

My Halloween Art Studio Photo Shoot 2010

My Studio

My Halloween Art Studio Photo Shoot 2010

My Halloween Art Studio Photo Shoot 2010

My Studio Wide Angle Shot

My Halloween Art Studio Photo Shoot 2010

My Halloween Art Studio Photo Shoot 2010

My Halloween Art Studio Photo Shoot 2010

My Studio

My Halloween Art Studio Photo Shoot 2010

My Halloween Art Studio Photo Shoot 2010

My Studio

My Halloween Art Studio Photo Shoot 2010

My Halloween Art Studio Photo Shoot 2010

My Halloween Art Studio Photo Shoot 2010

My Halloween Art Studio Photo Shoot 2010

My Studio

My Halloween Art Studio Photo Shoot 2010

My Halloween Art Studio Photo Shoot 2010

My Halloween Art Studio Photo Shoot 2010

My Halloween Art Studio Photo Shoot 2010

My Halloween Art Studio Photo Shoot 2010

My Halloween Art Studio Photo Shoot 2010

My Halloween Art Studio Photo Shoot 2010

My Halloween Art Studio Photo Shoot 2010

My Halloween Art Studio Photo Shoot 2010

Getting started: Accepting Credit Cards at Shows and Everyday

Yesterday, I sent an email to friends in the biz about how to get started accepting credit cards. So many thanked me that I realized I needed to share this info even further. So....

It is a very intimidating process until someone shows you the way and suddenly you go....AH that is easy!!!!!!!!!!

So a special shout out to Iva Wilcox for her sharing of information that helped me get started 2 years ago.

This info is for any artist selling at shows. You will make more money if you take credit cards..people buy more from you when they can charge some of it. Here is the info just in case.


sign up, VERY EASY application, no credit check. instant approval. ONE TIME Fee each year (not monthly) is $55.00 for up to $3000.00 of charges accepted per month!!!
you will get a ATM card to withdraw your money from the credit card transactions within 24HOURS or have it transferred to your bank acct!!!

You can do the entire thing via their online website when running a credit card but just in case you do not have wifi/internet connection available at your location, just order the below supplies and run the cards after the show back at home or hotel!
*I personally ALWAYS take a imprint of the card so I can prove I had the card in my hand and that the owner did authorize it.

Order Supplies
1) Credit Card Imprinter
1) pack of Slips (long ones I prefer to the shorter ones-you can always use the extra space to write on the slip)
1) sign saying you accept MasterCard and Visa

I bought my supplies from here:

Total investment: is under $75.00 to accept credit cards for an ENTIRE year!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is AMAZING!

*Side note: You can also optionally order a name plate for your business that attaches to the imprinter so that every time you swipe a credit card transaction your business name will also imprint on the sales/copy/receipt slip.

In my opinion there is no better service for taking credit cards at this level.

Happy selling!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My 1st Magazine feature!

this is my best Halloween pose ;)

I am soo pleased to announce that I will have a SIX page feature in the upcoming Fall issue of Studios! Studio's magazine is an extension of Cloth, Paper, Scissors and will feature my Halloween Studio. My studio is part work space and part Halloween Gallery. I worked with a wonderful photographer named Andrew Wilkinson, owner of

He was wonderful and guided me through the entire process. He was even excited to shoot my studio space and liked looking at all of my collected works and especially my cabinet of curiosities. We actually live in the same town and have since attended some of the same art shows. He was kind enough to drop off a goodie bag filled with doll parts for me to alter! Amazing how things work, you just never know who you will meet and if you will make a new friend. The entire experience has been magical and I am grateful for these Happy Days!

I really adore the fact that my favorite artists that I have collected Halloween pieces from will be seen in print in my article!! I hope it brings them some extra exposure and maybe even sales! How cool would that be?!

Table of Contents Preview of my feature in Studios Fall 2010

page 102 -A Visual Treat! Yeah, I made it to the Table of Contents too! ;)

Studios by Cloth, Paper, Scissors can be purchased at many Barnes & Noble, Joann's, Michaels, Hobby Lobby and AC Moore's. They tend to sell out quickly so you may find ordering easier.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shared Randomness

In an effort to get back to blogging I thought, why not share some randomness with you?? Here are some pictures I found on my phone, from the last few weeks. I thought it might be fun to share and perhaps even a touch cathartic.

Our new favorite garden center (Ash's) had this wonderfully whimsical n clever gate. I say Dreamy!!! I will copy this and know exactly where I want it ;)

The hubster mulched all around our front yard trees. We found these vibrant Zinnia's and also grabbed some of my all time favs-Lavender, in white n purple flowers! They make me happy. I just adore the way they sway in the breeze.

I found our hightsy sleeping in her favorite hot spot. She is a sunbather at heart.

Bored one night I put my face on a bunch of different photo props. I love these iPhone apps.

Mr. Nelson was strangely fond of this one :)

A pic I snapped for no apparent reason waitong in the ER for Gavin to be seen. I have an iPhone app that creates wonderfully strange environments around the shot.

ER waiting room.

Notice the balloons way up high.

Once at The Childrens Hospital of Philly, I would roam around at times looking for beautiful things to lift my spirits.

Wonderful common area for children and loved ones to share a smile. Lots to touch and feel and play with.

the elevator ceiling was lit up with a vibrant starry moon lit night.

Renee Brittenbucher prints were a soothing sight for my eyes.

Just lovely spirited pieces. These reminded me that the most simplistic things can have a big impact.

Smitten as a kitten with this floor at CHOP.

A sweet girl dressed up as a lemon to celebrate the life and legacy of Alex of Alex's Lemonade Stand.

Art All Night in Trenton each year is such a great event. Watching art created live is dreamy.

Plus the 1000's of pieces on display from every skill level and medium is a delight!

A fun lamp I wanted to bring home.

Oooh this piece too!! I was head over heals for this photgraph of which I could not grab a decent shot of due to the glare. That is why you need to frame these things in glareless glass. You'll never even see it in your own home as normal lighting will glare it up too.

Rory Mahon and crew heat iron and other metals until it is molten. The poured this molten iron right in front of us into the molds and created Art All Night 2010 medallions for collectors. Amazing artistry.

Finally, I leave you with a pic of Lisa and myself. I met Lisa through the world of STJ many months ago. We met up this week as she had oodles of goodies to gift me for use in display and marketing of our STJ Soiree this October 16th, 2010. How cool right??!!
Lisa was also awesome enough to help us sell raffle tickets at the convention. You just never know when you will meet a new friend!
Thank you Lisa for your generosity towards STJ and your friendship to me. Hugs abound!!

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