Monday, April 28, 2008

Sleepy Weepy lil baby Creepy!

So, here is a peek of my newest sculpture.
Go to my FLICKR page to see more details.

I started to make some clay bodies for some fun and funky heads and noticed that the two bodies stacked looked like a baby Frankenstein. I think I was influenced by Chris of CK Designs Blog after cracking up at his FrankenBush post! Thanks for the inspiration to Chris and ABSOLUTELY to Janell Berryman who may be the only person who loves Halloween more than me (I will never admit this again).

Oh, and don't forget to sign up by commenting or convo-ing me for my first (hopefully annual) Halloween ATC Swap. Each artist will make two original art cards and then receive two from 2 different artists!
Go to the bottom of my blog for the details.

Atc Halloween Swap 2008

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Time for another, Your Art Rocks Award!!!

Your Art Rocks  Award!

So this award goes to an AMAZINGLY Super creative multi media artist who's oil work simply stuns me! The artist is Patricia Anders of Triciajoy & Art Propensity. I found her on Flickr and feel like a lottery winner for having stumbled upon her work.

The work is very vibrant and piercing yet quite polished in the details. The women she paints are fantastical and so lively and among my absolute favorites but truthfully all of her work is quite inspiring. Here is yet another artist I strive to own an original of one day! Her originals rightfully sell for $400+ but she does offer prints/giclees available on Etsy at Triciajoy.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

~Title goes here~

Hello my sweet blogger friends. Hope all of you are well. I just am so touched by all of the wonderful comments and emails I received about my Aftermath Angel sculpture, thanx BUNCHES! I did not set out to create her, she just came to be and I am so glad. She is now my personal favorite and I am unsure that I can ever part with her. I just love that she carries "your pain".

Bedtime Boogey Boy detail

Now on a different note, here is a new piece that I created for Michelle from DarkSideDolls. If you do not know her work, please peek.
I found her 2 years ago on Myspace and have followed her since. Her creativity is inspiring to say the least. I cannot wait to see what she creates for me. We surprised each other and luckily she really likes Boogey Boy in his Skelly nite cap and his bedtime kitty! Feels like Christmas!! Woo hoo..Michelle You ROCK, sista!!!

Bedtime Boogey Boy and kitty 1

Also, I will be away for a few days visiting Mom again and helping her a bit. I should be back by Thursday but Friday at the latest, for those of you wondering why I won't be responding, there is NO INTERNET there!! ARGH, UGH, CRAP!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Newest Sculpture

Aftermath Angel
Papier Mache Clay Sculpture
I have not decided what to do with this piece yet (Keep, Sell, Donate)

In recognition of all the sexual assault survivors out there (1 in 6 people) & anyone who needs an angel to carry their pain~

She wears your wounds and scars, so you don't have to. All the broken bits, cracks and pieces, all the ugliness you have endured, she takes. When you feel trapped and twisted, dead inside with a heavy & hollow heart she will carry it all for you. When you can only see darkness, she looks to the sun for you, to remind you of the light ahead. She knows your struggles and prays for you a never ending prayer.


I am skewered, spliced and splintered.

Strewn all over like inconsequential matter.

My insides ache like they have been kicked.

My skin crawls with angst.

My appendages are thin and weak, dead air.

My digits barely holding this pen.

I have been attacked,..

I am crushed

I am afraid

No stitches or staples can cure what ails me.

I am afraid, there is no cure for what you have done to me.

All rights retained by Dani-Danielle Nelson of Ambitions Design

As some of you know I am a first responder for victims of Sexual Assault and Domestic Abuse. I have had some very difficult SA call-outs lately that have clearly left me wondering how people can do what they do to each other.


~Let us help END the unspoken Worldwide Epidemic of Sexual Assault, simply by speaking about it~

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Back from Aruba and We have a Winn-ah!

For some odd reason I started taking pics of my "happy feet" when I am on vacation. I started this last year and love to see where I am at that moment when it hits me, I am so relaxed and happy!


~ View from our private Cabana!!! We felt sooo spoiled~

So, Mikey and I had a ball as you would imagine. Aruba is a very small island (6 miles wide x 19 miles long) and not much to do for more than a week. The best part is the weather as it is always approx. 85 degrees with a constant breeze from the trade winds. The water is thee most amazing aqua blue I have seen in many years, if ever (pics do not do it justice). We took an 8 hour day tour where we spent the first half of the day driving Land Rover Jeeps all over the island to see some amazing sights.

The 2nd half of the day was spent on Depalm Island which is a private island where you snorkel with HUGE Blue Parrot fish that surround you 30+ at a time! They have big white bugs bunny teeth! Wish you could see in pic! Some are the size of a standard size bed pillow!!! eek!


~Here are a few pics of our week away, Thank you Lord for our blessings~

~View from our Bedroom Balcony~

~Natural bridges and coves are cut away into Coral rocks from the the rough waves created by the trade winds on the West side of the island~


Oh, so did I mention that I picked a BLOG Giveaway winner tonight?

Victorian Lady is our WINNER!!!

and I chose to pick a runner up who is Tootieu from Honey Girl Studio! Tootie will be receiving a surprise gift!

Thank you everyone for commenting and for helping propel blogging into a fun and wonderful way to meet and market ourselves!

~Happy Creating~

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Goodie Box Giveaway!!!

To Travel is to Live ACEO by AmbitionsDesign

Yes, it is time for the Goodie Box Giveaway!!!

~I am doing this big giveaway as, I am going away~
My husband is taking me away to Aruba this week for my birthday, can you believe it?
This is a big deal for us, we don't do things like this often, so I am giddy with excitement!!

I have some wonderful lovelies to giveaway today my friends, enjoy!!

*The RULES are you must tell me your favorite place you have Traveled in your comment and anyone with a blog is allowed to enter* I will announce the winner when I return after April 14th~ Good Luck all and be sure to check out all of these wonderful artists!

~Angel of Tranquility~
5x5 mixed media canvas by AmbitionsDesign


Shabby Chic Passport Cover by StarlitNest


2 Collage sheets from Lisa Kettel of Faerie Enchantment


Paperbag Victorian Art Book by SalvageNation

~Just a peek at the album!


Paper Piecings and Tags by Pacokeco

Finally, I have to give a shout out to BarkingDogsBoutique who made the below album for me through Alchemy and did a TRULY OUSTANDING job, hitting upon each and every detail I was looking for! This was a paperbag album made for our guest room & I LOVE it (and so do our guests)! Check out her great shop!
~This is not in the giveaway~

Blog Giveaway ALERT on standby as the blog giveaway is coming (very soon) and it will be a Biggie!!! Hint... I will be giving away a Goodie Box of items from multiple artists!!!
Tell everyone you know to stay tuned because the more readers I get = the more giveaways I will do!

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