Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May Giveaway Winner!

Congrat's to Michelle of Gingham World who has won 4 Art Cards!! May they bring you many years of smiles and enjoyment~

Tagged A-Z

So, I was tagged by Annette of Huckleberry Arts!! Here is my response.

A -Attached or single: Attached

B- Best Friend: My Hubby

C- Cautious or Crazy: A blend of both

D-Day: Sundays when we are all together with no computers, games, tv's..just us hiking, picnicking, day-tripping as a family.

E- Essential Item: A close call between PaperClay and My Computer.

F- Favorite Color: Black because it makes everything so graphic. I love the way black makes everything pop!

G-Gummi Bears or Worms: Gummi Bears are the perfect size. Plus it doesn't remind me of something crawling in my mouth.

H-Home town: I would have to say Hopewell Twsp, NJ as this is where I have spent more time than anywhere else.

I- Indulgences: Homemade chocolate chocolate chip ice cream from a local shop.

J- January or July?:.... Definitely July!!! January is too bitter cold here.

K-Kids:.... 2 teenage boys...eek!!

L-Life is incomplete without: My family and art.

M- Marriage Date: September 5th

N- Number of Siblings: zero

O- Oranges or Apples: Apples ..Cortland to be exact

P- Phobias or Fears: Centipedes or any variation. I hate their 1000's of legs and they move too darn quick to kill 'em.

Q- Quote: Be kind, EVERYONE has a battle

R- Reason To Smile: My Family

S- Season: Fall, I love the smell of Fall air here. Plus HALLOWEEN baby!

T- Tag Three:

Only if they want to do it, I would choose:

1. Chris of Designs by CK

2. Lance of Crescent Hill

3. Tracy of The Vintage Sister

U- Unknown fact about me: I still occasionally see a grief counselor since the loss of my Grandmother in March of 2007.

V- Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals: Carnivore for sure.

W- Worst Habit: Procrastination

Y-Your favorite food: Chocolate or 12 grain bread toasted with butter...mmmmmmm

Z: Zodiac Sign: Aries

Saturday, May 24, 2008

May's Artist who ROCKS!!!!

Your Art Rocks  Award!

This month I am featuring an artist that has been working in the folk art world for over a decade. Her work has been featured in many magazines,galleries, HGTV and has multiple lines with Enesco and lets not forget the obscene amount in private collections. A self taught artist who sculpts in paper mache clay and creates mixed media paintings. When I first found this artist I actually gasped out loud. I was stunned at the one of a kind personality each piece had. I remember saying-Oh, I HAVE GOT TO GET ONE!!

All of her work features amazingly one of a kind - unique characters but that is only part of the appeal. Her eye for detail is astounding. If you have ever had the privilege of owning or seeing a Janell Berryman original you know what I mean. She can paint the absolute tiniest details that make each piece so special. Her craftwomanship is always flawless and yet her work always feels attainable and real. Not store bought but truly one of a kind.
I wanted to feature her since day one of my Artist's who Rock award but decided that since we are friends that it might lose its value on people.

I was lucky enough to find a friend in Janell just last year. She has selflessly guided me and been the driving force behind my sculpture work (whether she knows it or not). What I have learned in the last year would have taken me MANY MANY years to learn on my own and I am so grateful as I feel my work has grown considerably. We folk artists do it because we have to. Something inside us tells us that even though we have no formal training that we do have value in our art. Personal-from the heart, true blue, home grown, genuine value.

Which is what folk art is all about isn't it? Doing it on your own, from your heart and your mind with Lil or no regard for mainstream success. It is not her successes that make her my choice for May. Her success just proves that her artistic vision and ability transcend all backgrounds. Nor, is it her "schooling" me. It is simply her wonderful imagination, attention to detail, and first class craftwomanship that makes her my choice for May.

You may find one of a kind Janell Berryman pieces at PumpkinSeeds Folk Art on Etsy and on her website PumpkinSeeds Originals.

Below you will find my personal Janell Berryman collection to date (I have 2 more paintings on the way as I write this)! Most are originals but a few are hand painted Enesco reproductions that are amazing in quality and detail. Come peek for a smile and some inspiration!

My Janell Berryman collection

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

~May Giveaway~

May 2008 Blog Giveaway Badge

So this month's giveaway will be all about ACEO's! I am giving away 3 cards shown below, plus 1 surprise card! Woo hoo~fun~!! To enter please comment on any post telling me how you many art cards you think you have collected and how you store them.

I would guess I have about 70 and I kept them in a album until I filled it. Now I am storing them in a metal lunch box.

The Unfinished Dream ACEO ATC

The Unfinished Dream"

You're a Star ACEO

"You Are A Star"

Loves Bouquet ACEO

"Loves Bouquet"

Winner Announced Monday, May the 26th!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Ambitions Design has a new venue!!!

Spooky Time Clay Set _ Angel

A Halloween Angel Tree Topper with a Pumpkin Boo Box that holds a Skelly Ornie!! What A set!! The Angel can also be used on a table top display. How Fun!

Such exciting news here in my folky lil art world...
I just joined Glitter and Grunge!!

My goal for Glitter and Grunge is to each month bring you one highly detailed Halloween piece and whatever else comes to be..Angels, birds, surprises for sure!!

Here is a peek at the Halloween set that I have created (so far) exclusively for G&G.

(click the photo to go to Flickr for more pics)

"Spooky Time Set"

Spooky Time Clay Set for Glitter and Grunge

Please be sure to come visit me on June 1st at my Glitter and Grunge debut!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

~Frida in Philly~

Phila Frida Kahlo Exhibit 014

On Thursday, Michael and I surprised the boys and took them out of school early to go with us to the Frida Kahlo exhibit at The Philadelphia Museum Of Art. Not that two teenage boys are overjoyed to go look at art but certainly pleased to be sprung from school early! I knew once they got there their natural curiosities would prevail..and they did!


I of course took the longest to go through the 7 rooms filled with her works and photographs throughout her life. Although, I truly found pleasure in almost every single piece, there were two that stood out for me and I knew the minute I saw them
that there was that instant OMG, I want it!!

I had never before seen the "Girl with Death Mask" and maybe that was part of the allure. But this smaller painting just gripped me in its beautifully hand carved frame and sheer fun perfection.


My other favorite was said to be one of her first self portraits. I loved the simplicity and naivety of it. The creamy blends of warm pink in the background left me wondering how I had never seen that shade before. Her soft yet hard stare speaks volumes and yet leaves you dying to know, What? She does a wonderful job of showing what the balance in her life consists of... I love that internal conflict.

A final thought on Frida's work. I noticed that in the many photos of her that her eyebrows were never nearly as pronounced as she depicted them in her paintings. Curious~


The boys even wanted to stay after the Frida exhibit--woohoo. So we went to the Armory wing- Gavin's choice and the Japanese Tea House - Austin's Choice. Amazing that inside the Museum is an actual small city in the Asian Arts wing..very cool!

We ended the day by heading to Geno's Philly cheese steaks, which really were amazing! I now know why they are famous for their cheese steaks.

Phila Frida Kahlo Exhibit 119

Dining outside at Geno's Steaks~

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Peony Pink Angel

Peony Pink Angel 7" X 4.5" On Wood @ Etsy

As you can see, I am having a ball creating these sweet and sassy angels. So colorful and vibrant, I hope they bring you a smile!
Happy Creating~

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bleu Angel

~Bleu Angel Mixed Media on Etsy~ 5x5 on wood

with distressed frame/edging, alcohol inks, papers, acrylics and crackle medium. OOAK folk art angel by ~dani~

Monday, May 12, 2008

This is what I do when I am not sure what to do...

Hello my creative blogger friends! I have been a bit MIA lately in the creating new art department. My shop is looking bleak! Must make more art, soon!

I have been working LOTS on decorating a brand new office that will open in approx. 2 weeks. I have been decorating, designing and staging for a long time now but this is the biggest job I have had in the shortest period of time to complete. Ever try to find nice furnishings on a cash and carry basis? Not fun. When the project is done I will post before and after pics for all to see...eek! Now, because my time has been so fragmented I have worked on only ACEO'S. These art cards are such a wonderful format to create on. So, fun and much easier to complete.

So, this is what I have been doing when I wasn't sure what to do...Halloween of course!

Here is a card I sent to Lance of Crescent Hill Designs..his first ATC!! Of course it had to be a Halloween one!

Happy Creating, y'all~

Thursday, May 8, 2008

If this doesn't bring you inspiration....eek!

View of Delaware River and New Hope, PA from Lambertville, NJ side

So, today Marie and I (Marie Patterson Studio)had an art group field trip to the Michener Art Museum in New Hope, Pennsylvania (Very artsy-antiquey town). The museum generally features local artists of the Bucks County region. Always, nice to see local artists work!

Although I live in NJ, I am in rural NJ and I am less than 2 miles from the Delaware River which borders Pennsylvania so it is a quick trip for me to the Bucks County area.

I was so hoping to see a painting by Fern Coppedge I remembered from an earlier visit to the Michener but alas it is no longer on loan ;(

Fern Isabel Coppedge "Hillside Village
" 1932

The current exhibit was not what I expected but a wonderful surprise to say the least, so it was certainly a worthy trip. Isn't art always though?

Wood Console Table by Robert Whitley

We walked New Hope after a great lunch and talked about what to work on at the next art group. We decided to work on a mosaic piece as it is a great time of year to work on an outdoor piece. Plus, I have a 3 season room(screened in porch)that overlooks the backyard (ducks, chickens and many occupied bird houses!)So, it should prove to be inspirational surroundings. I am excited to start and remembered this great NJ artist about an hour away from me who makes his life creating his home a giant mosaic of art, "Luna Parc". You must see this to believe it! Take the online tour by clicking the above link and following this icon throughout his site.

Luna Parc has been featured on HGTV, The New York Times and many other media outlets. I love his determination and wild visions!

Luna Parc

Monday, May 5, 2008

Is this art?...oh yeah!

How weird would this be to happen suddenly? I just love how clever us artist types are! We Rock!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Take it or leave it kind of day?

Outline of my day~

Slept in, had coffee and toast with mom who is visiting, worked on back porch and yard in a tank top!!! Ah life is good. Gorgeous breeze, fed the birds new seeds and suet, hung all birdhouses, Clean out forgotten birdhouse and find 4 dead-skeletal baby birdie remains-UGH! ooh, life is so fragile.

Wash Hands 10-no 20X, Marinade steak for dinner, Play with visiting dog Heidi the Dachsund while others look on jealously. Vacuum screened in porch and find I have too many things yet somehow not quite enough for the look I am "going for". Moving on.

While wiping every surface of sneezy dusty green pollen I hear preteen (6 weeks old) Ducks squawlk like they are being bothered by the "big kids" in the flock. Remove big kids to big pen/pond and leave "lil kids" to play alone. Back to work...... Soak & Clean potatoes for dinner (yes, I washed my hands). Clean, peel, chop asparagus for dinner and throw all scraps outside for the menagerie to eat.
Oh so many daily chores....

Work on an ATC card and realize I forgot to feed the dogs, ugh. Take 2 allergy pills as my nose is running like a faucet and "I don't even have allergies" (Until 2 days ago-UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Still moving on....

Snap at hubby for no apparent reason other than he called me and I mention he can't come home late as it is a family dinner night. Austin home from 8th grade trip to Great Adventure with very rosy red cheeks from too much sun (damn-it I forgot the sunscreen AGAIN). Gavin comes home with hair that looks 2 inches longer than when he left this morning and now have to work in an emergency haircut. Answer emails, upload pics, blah blah blah....

Michael home and fires up the grill, I sautee the asparagus and he busts in & says that Bam Bam the lil kid male duck DROWNED in his water bucket!

He could reach the bottom to stand but must have freaked out so badly that he collapsed from the shock and drowned. Now his mate "Pebbles" (btw..they mate for life) is making distress sounds from sadness. Life SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

If I had left the "big kids" in, it most likely never would have happened. ~Sigh~

We opened a bottle of Blackberry dessert wine after dinner and toasted our lil friend Bam Bam who was a good little friend to us and an amazing mate to Pebbles. ~Double Sigh~

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