Monday, September 29, 2008

In grief came determination

I have spent the day crying and creating, lying down, crying and creating. It is a very rare occasion that I have zero appetite or become physically ill from grief. Anyone who thinks the loss of a pet is no biggie, clearly never had the right one or even a pet at all. Or simply they are narcissistic-sociopaths who have no real feelings to speak of. Whatever the case, luckily I have not been faced with that here in blogland.
The time it took you all to leave your comments left me feeling blessed. Somewhere, there you were thinking of me and my beloved family for whom you have never "really met". That is a very powerful thing & I am grateful for your time & support.

Somehow, I managed to finish 2 sculptures today and do a small painting. I just could not sit still. I needed to work. This happened when I found out my Gram had terminal cancer on Valentines Day 2 years ago. I finished 2 ambitious pieces that had been sitting unfinished for months. They are some of my absolute best work ever.
Something about grief can bring out the determination in me. Below is what I was determined to work on today. I do wonder if the circumstances of the day were different how would have the art differed?
Pumpkin Juggler
Pumpkin Boo Makedo

~Happy Creating~

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Scoobs, Doobs, Scoober, Doobies, The Piddler

I cannot describe the sadness I am feeling right now. Our Dog Scoober died today and we are crushed as a family. He got loose and went to chase the runners in the State park across the street and was hit by a car. He died instantly. My husband feels horrible guilt and we have not told one of the boys yet as it will be very tough. Finally, to make it all worse, Scoobs and our mini dachsund Gucci were mates, love bugs, partners, husband & wife.

DAMNITScoobs, Doobs, Scoober, Doobies, The piddler

Friday, September 26, 2008

Spooky 31 Time Halloween Angel

SpookyTime Halloween Angel 009
~I now have a wonderful new home~

Paperclay/papermache sculpted skelly angel for your Halloween Tree or Table Top. Three layer crackled finish on body. Sculpted wings are embellished with jet black flocking (velvety soft), chalks, embossing, maraboo feathers, Bethany Lowe tinsel garland, blended vintage and new German glass glitter, acrylic bead, hand sculpted polymer skull bead, chenille, bottle cap, paper, premium fabric trim at base.

SpookyTime Halloween Angel 005

** Sculpted skull hands have intense glow in the dark eyes & glow in the dark spider webs scattered around.

Back features a hand sculpted skull from Mexico made from dental plaster.SpookyTime Halloween Angel 010

12" x 6"


~Email me for purchase or additional information~

Look what I got!!

Tombstone Trade 2008 001
Thank you Kim, I LOVE my tombstone and will treasure it forever and a day~

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Emotional Rollercoaster describes Septembers Artist of the month~

"Saturday Night, Sunday Morning", oil on board, 16x20

Mirror Mirror, oil on linen 2008. Magda Galerie, Paris France

Sas Christian is a self taught artist for whom I have felt an instant connection of sisterhood since the day I discovered her 3 years ago. Her paintings are almost always of young edgy women who are in some sort of turmoil. She is disturbingly able to portray moods & feelings that you feel like you know what the subject is thinking! The subject being a fictional character.

"Home Again", oil on canvas, 32x26

"Hacker" Oil on Linen 2006

She is almost brutally honest on her bio page and it makes me adore her even more. In her closing statement she sums up her work perfectly by saying " I hope that my work can connect with people on different levels. I'm trying to harness a single moment in time, an emotional response, seemingly insignificant gesture that can mean so much".

"Furore", acrylic on canvas, 18x24

"National Health", oil on canvas, 30x32

For those of us who do connect it does mean so much. Many of us can identify with her subjects and therefor feel that sisterhood connection instantly. Sas and her husband Colin are both artists and you can clearly see the influence they have on each other when visiting their site but also the anime influence comes through strong, especially in the eyes. She somehow has harnessed a realistic anime look which is so uniquely emotional. That is why She is my Artist of the month who rocks!

"La Nina", oil on linen, 40x30

" Green Hour", Oil on Linen 2007

"We Are The People", oil on canvas, 36x46

I leave you with this image which gave me such a giggle.....

"Busted!", acrylic on canvas, 14x11

Monday, September 22, 2008

Interview tomorrow on BlogTalkRadio

So, tomorrow at 1pm(EST) is the Block Head Rod show which features Indie artists & Etsyians and I will be the guest speaker tomorrow, discussing SpookyTime Jingles!! How exciting!

I do hope you will all come listen and even call in to ask questions or to make comments.

Listen to The Blockhead Rod Show on internet talk radio

You do not need special software. Just go to the site and create an account (1 minute or less & free too) and you can be involved. Otherwise, just go to his blog and listen via the link along the right hand column of his blog.

A random caller will receive a gift certificate to SpookyTime Jingles to use in 2008!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

My 1st Halloween Tree

So, yes...I am still alive! 1 blog post in over a week...E-gads!!!

Lot's going on here at the ole homestead..but all really good stuff! So.. here are a few pics from my first ever full size Halloween tree! I cannot tell you how happy I am looking at this. So corny but I just LOVE it!!

Halloween Tree 2008 005

So, here is how this tree came to be...
I bought an outdoor lighted tree ($60.00 at Michaels) with purple and orange lights.
I attached it to a heavy, already painted black base with gobs of epoxy I found at Goodwill ($5.00). I then added glow in the dark spider webs ($2.99 at Target), blk & orange vintage festooning (thanx Janell), & black and orange tinsel garland (Bethany Lowe, already had in the house).

Not bad for a Full Size Hallo Tree for those of who know how much those suckers go for. Talk about scary! EEK~

Halloween Tree 2008 036

I don't have many ornies but what I do have I really REALLY really love! I hope to add a piece from each of the SpookyTime Jingles artists (wallet/trades permitting ;) Here are some pics of my lil ole collection (to find out the artist behind the ornament click the photo)

Halloween Tree 2008 007
Halloween Tree 2008 008

Halloween Tree 2008 010

Halloween Tree 2008 018

Halloween Tree 2008 030

Halloween Tree 2008 032

Friday, September 12, 2008

Come for a visit with the Glitzy Glammy Snow Family!

Glitzy Glammy Snow Family

a little glimpse for SpookyTime Jingles update!

For some reason I am really pleased with my goofy offerings this month. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I have. And believe it or not this is only 1/2!! Somehow I had a more productive month than I usually do!

Spookster Snowman detail

mr skelly burton 003

NEW Ode to Tim Burton #2 Detail

Hallo funnies 009

Come by SpookyTimeJingles on the 13th to see the rest!! I have some over the top snowmen coming!!!


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Could you use a laugh?

My son Gavin just found this political pleaser on You Tube. Regardless to who you will vote for, if you cannot get a giggle from this, you are wound a wee bit too tight my friend!

~video quality is not the best but it won't matter~


btw...who has this much time?

Friday, September 5, 2008

Winner & Pfatt Offering!!!

Ok, so our winner for the ad space giveaway is Rachel from One Pretty Thing !!

Congrat's Rachel, email me with your avatar or let me know if you need help with this and I will get your ad up for you right away!!
Btw...was checking out your is chock full of DAILY, DIY goodies and I will definitely be visiting more often!

And your HALLOWEEN ROUND Up Section is Awesome!!!

And finally here is my Pfatt offering for September!!

"The Garish Ghoulsters"

Click photo to go to Flickr for more photos of this set_
Garish Ghoulsters  PFATT Sept 08

"Pretentious Penelope Pumpkin " just loved high style and never left her villa without being in the perfect ensemble.

"Eclectic Elton" Never afraid of a fashion Faux Pas, Elton always had to be different, just like his idol....take a guess?

"Gregarious Goob" always has an inappropriate smile but that is why he is such a goob.

I used premium hand crafted glass beads mainly on these pieces and wow they shine like diamonds!! Found a killer bead store while on vacation and splurged because they were so sharp! So, you will see a higher price tag on this set this time around reflecting the premium beading.

Sorry, I just couldn't say no to these beads!

email me to purchase or for questions.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Trying something new & quick giveaway surprise!!

doll class

So, I have wondered now for awhile how does one attach Paperclay to cloth?

Eek-egads, oh-my!

Spooky Stuff I am taking Gritty Arts Studios first online class!

Look at this!!! Doesn't it just warm your heart?

I have admired her from ebay and see she has great video skills so I am jazzed. Exciting to learn some new techniques. She still has room and her fees are very affordable if you are interested.


Finally, I realized I did not have my giveaway in August!! I totally forgot so as a quick and easy yet fun and valuable (I think) giveaway. I will give the winner a big ole honking ad space of 200x200 on my blog for free for 2 weeks with a link to your ART related site/page/blog whatever you have!!

Now if you use my girl Annette (yes, she is all mine now ;) at Huckleberry Arts to create a paid avatar/ad/badge for you I will give you 1 entire month free of ad space in a prime Geez it all sounds so shifty! Btw she has zero idea I am doing this...he he he

No, but seriously, we could all use some extra marketing and I would love to help you all out-well one of you. So, what do you have to do to win..... he he he

You need to tell me your favorite part of the Christmas season and be a lil specific if you can and what word(s) jumps to mind to you, that describe Christmas for you?

I need some inspiration to finish my Christmas pieces for a store out west and I am just sooo in Halloween mode it is hard to switch gears. So help me a bit will ya?

Winner Announced Soon!! By Friday for sure!



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