Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Time to pay tribute

I am sitting here listening to Colbie Caillait's new song, "brighter than the sun". It is a song with a great hook, very catchy. She is singing about a love that is brighter than the sun.

It is funny how the words can be applied to each of us in our own lives in various ways to something or someone we admire greatly.

It is these lyrics especially that have me paying tribute today:

I swear you hit me like a vision
I, I, I wasn’t expecting
But who am I to tell fate where it’s supposed to go with it?

Oh, this is how it starts, lighting strikes the heart
It goes off like a gun, brighter than the sun

Today is the very day 3 years ago that my silly dream became a real living thing. SpookyTime Jingles. STJ was my vision and lightening to the heart.
Bittersweet in some ways, I suppose. I love the growth and am really humbled by all we have grown but also misty of the good days behind us that I would love to relive and how fun an early dream can be. I guess kinda before the reality of " hey, you really have something here, so get your butt back to work"!

Such a wonderful place to be, and I know it.
I have made some of the truest friends I have ever known in my life. I have met such genuinely sweet people who are so beautifully talented that "inspiring" seems to not be a big enough word to describe the feelings I have. I have experienced some amazing experiences that would not have been in my life without my silly little dream
come true.

Looking back today, I want to say....

Thank you to every artist who has ever been part of SpookyTime Jingles. Thank you to every person who has ever purchased a piece of our art or helped us spread the word in anyway. It really all helps tremendously! Sometimes people can forget or not realize that artists' create not just for love but also money. These are not occasional crafters nor hobbyists but tried and true artisans. Souls need to be nourished and the bills need to be paid...mortgages covered, doctor's visited, school supplies gathered, clothing worn and food in the tummy's of our lil pumpkins.

The success of SpookyTime Jingles helps insure that, for everyone affiliated with STJ. I thank you from the bottom of my soul for allowing my silly little dream to flourish so that I could help other artist's follow their own "silly" little dreams.

With much Love and gratitude, thank you~
*Please consider visiting our "giving page" where we are accepting donations for The Make a Wish Foundation of America! Each Anniversary we choose a new charity to benefit. The Make A wish Foundation, grants wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses. You can donate directly or purchase a piece of art from us that shows a portion of the sale going to this charity in YOUR NAME! Starts tonight at midnight~

This year we chose this charity in honor of our surprise guest artist, whose son had 4 years of fighting for his life from a blood cancer. The foundation granted his wish in the dark days when nothing was guaranteed in this sweet young boys future. The wonderful news is he MADE IT and is now a grown young man and doing wonderfully considering the harsh side effects that chemo leaves in ones body. So please consider donating in honor of someone you love. You may just grant a child their last wish.

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