Monday, June 30, 2008

~Glitter and Grunge Goodies for July 1st~

So, here is a peek at one of my goodies to be updated on Glitter and Grunge tomorrow! Please come by to see my other offerings (hint...Halloween ornies). July G&G 2008 Americana Angel
"All That Glitters Americana Angel" she has hand cut sheet metal wings that I distressed with my Dremel and softened the edges. Vintage garland, a blend of 4 grains and types of German Glass Glitters and Embossed wooden blocks read "Freedom".

Also, my friend Tracy (us Jersey goils rock the Glitter and Grunge) will be debuting on Glitter and Grunge this month!!! Tracy's shop is The Vintage Sister, so please go and show her some love!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The big Reveal...LMAO

Ok guy's and gals... I took inspiration from Marie Pattersons recent video made for Janell Berryman. Now, my video does not come with sound effects or even a steady hand but it does reveal my new studio space and where all of my creations are made and where all the SpookyTime Jingles work is done until the weee hours of the morning. Be kind and happy viewing ;)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Blog Winner!

This will be a hit and run-posting! SpookyTime Jingles, looming deadlines and new studio space have me hopping. All good things, though!!

Our Blog winner is the super talented LuLu of my Pink Turtle -I just adore her Frida angel/devil painting on ebay-A MUST SEE!

This time I used a random number generator to pick the winner so I didn't have to write everyone out, cut and pick. I only included the number of people that actually followed the directions (in case you were wondering).

Thank you all for you participating and making Frankie feel so wanted!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

~Art packed weekend~

This weekend was so great, I just have to share....

Sunday I spent the day in Montaque, NJ at the fantastical Luna Parc. I actually got to finally see the famous Luna Parc bathroom and almost as famous, Ricky! Luna Parc besides being Ricky's home and not open to the public (very often) is a visual feast of mosaics but also of all things repurposed. I just adore how everyday trash to one person becomes beautiful, thought provoking art to another.

But it goes beyond that, Ricky is more than talented, he is so driven, almost by a higher power it would seem, yet so very approachable. Traditionally, artists this driven and maniacal about creating are hard to be around, understand, even like. Interestingly enough he is none of those things.

Now I will not lead you to believe that we spent hours discussing art and the world but in the brief 10 minutes I spent with him, he looked me in the eyes while talking ( one does this anymore)and was genuinely open to talking shop. I could feel how at ease he is with his life's work. No second guessing, no will it be good? His home in a constant state of change and growth and he is just calm as can be. I envy this man! He has a natural vision to his work that just flows. I do not think that he ever has a dry spell in the creativity department, at least not in 20 years.

Ricky is truly the epitome of what my Ambitions Design name stands for. The design of someones Ambition is not always understood or welcomed but to the person who's designs are set on is magical.

I have always been driven and Ambitious since I came into this world wreaking my havec. My husband asked during our early years of marriage, why can't you be like everyone else and just get a nice desk job? You could have a big 401(k) by now or you could have a good pension in the works! Ah, sorry love, I am not wired that way nor do I suspect that I will ever be! Luckily, he gave up on his notions of me being "like everyone else" and now gets it!

So, for me Ricky and his crazy mixed up Luna Parc was a slice of creative heaven. I implore you to visit his website and take his virtual tour. Please peruse my additional photo's on Flickr. You may not be able to live in this manner but you certainly have to be able to appreciate his drive, his vision, his passion for what makes HIM happy.

Because of all of these things, Ricky of Luna Parc is my choice for June's Artist of the month!!
Your Art Rocks  Award!

Finally, I leave you with photos from Art all Night in Trenton!

Trenton Art Works "Art all Night" show was where they were open for 24 hours straight for people to come through and view hundreds of pieces of art in every medium and every skill level.

I showed my Aftermath Angel sculpture and she looked beautiful on her pedestal by the window.

Live Music, Live Demos by wicked artists, Food, Beverages, they even had a mobile glass blowing artist that was giving how to's! Below are the pieces I was most drawn to for whatever reason.
Definitely, a diverse mix! Enjoy~

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Catching up on a overdo posting!

I am so far behind on posting this lil piece of loveliness that came from The Polka Dot Pixie. I had asked Jenny if she would make me a Liberty Girl at some point in her schedule, knowing she is a busy girl and that I better get in there! Well, she is SOO worth the wait!! Her work is one of thee most inspiring for me. I love how sweet and whimsical her pieces are.
Each piece is so nicely finished and will undoubtedly last many lifetimes not only in construction but in appeal. I was tickled pink when she said she would like one of my Halloween pieces if I was up for it. What an honor!

So please be sure to check her out as she is among my all time favorite artists!

Also, I will be away visiting Luna Parc, for the next few days..OMG!!!!!!!! I will return Monday the the 23rd. I will be sure to post pics about this unique artist playground when I return.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


So, the spookiness continues!! Due to my amazing good fortune on Pfatt and the wonderful success of my ornaments....I am giving away one of my mini sculptures- a Frankie ornament with hand beaded arms and legs!! Fun for all! BOO~

All you have to do to enter is comment on this post by telling me your favorite monster or Halloween creature and why? Also, You must have a blog to enter.

~Winner announced June 24th, 2008~

Oooh, be sure to stop by the SpookyTime Jingles blog to see the growing list of Extraordinary Artists that have joined and get all the latest updates!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Lil Devil Trick or Treater & Ornies

Trick or Treat lil devil (3)

My newest sculpture is this adorable 'lil devil boy that so reminds me of my Austin when he was little. I am working on a few more sets of ornies too, so stay tuned! I should have 1 set up on my blog today!!!Fingers crossed! If you want this 'lil trick or treatster ($55.00+ $6.00 shipping), email me,otherwise I will put on etsy for a bit more money because of the fees. Click photo for more pics of this piece.

Here is the SpookyTime Clowning Around Trio set of Halloween Ornies! Contact me for further details @
Clown ornies

Happy Sweet and Spooky Creating~

xoxo's dani~

Saturday, June 14, 2008

~Very Exciting~

Spooky Time Jingles Badge

So, I have a new venture to announce!! Weee! In the coming weeks I will have an online marketplace for Halloween and Christmas art all year long!! Woo Hoo! SpookyTime Jingles was created simply out of my love of my two favorite holidays.

Please stop by the SpookyTime Jingles blog for a few details and be sure to check back for more info on our Grand Opening in the coming weeks!

Oh and for you sculptors out there, we have a few more openings for the Halloween Tombstone Trade. See below post for more details!

~Happy Creating~

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

~Swap for Sculptors~


Ok, so most of you have guessed by now that I am a wee bit addicted to anything Halloween. I would like to combine that addiction with my love of sculpting for the 1st Annual TOMBSTONE TRADE!

Here is the gist of it...

Sculpt 1 original tombstones-headstones out of any sculpting medium you prefer (papier mache, paperclay, polymer, celluclay, Das Clay, etc...)

Make each one the approximate size of an art card (2.5x3.5)and any width you like.

They must stand on their own and may or may not have a base.

They may be designed & embellished in any way you like.

Each artist will send and receive 1 tombstone to/from 1 other artist.

My goal is to make this an annual swap so that in a few years we will each have a wonderful collection of one of a kind tombstones from the artists we know and love!

Please take pictures of your spooky creations for all to see (I may start a Flickr group to share these photos if we have enough interest/participants).

I will limit the participants to approximately 10 artists who have sculptures in some online marketplace (Etsy,Ebay,Pfatt,Glitter&Grunge,Personal Website,etc.) that I can view and confirm.

Your pieces should be sent out in the 2nd week of September.

I know we can make this amazing, fun and definitely memorable!!!

Oh, and did I mention that each artist who joins this trade will receive a free Halloween gift(s)from me?!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Halloween Pieces on Pfatt!!

Pfatt Halloween June 2008 *

So, tomorrow is my debut on PFATT. This month has been very busy for me in the folk art arena and I have loved every minute of it. I can never fully explain how exciting it is for me to join Pfatt and my fellow Pfatt artists. I have admired many of them for sometime now and am just tickled pink over the whole thing. I consider it fate that I am to start in June for their Halloween Themed month.

What could possibly be better than sculpting Halloween pieces?

NOTHING, I say...Nothing!

Pfatt halloween June 2008

So, please pop by to see my new page on Pfatt, as well as all of the other artists who work so hard for their lil corner of the folk art world~

Have a Spooky Good Time~

Pfatt halloween June 2008 050

Friday, June 6, 2008

Never Happened Before SALE!!!

Come visit my Etsy shop this weekend for Make an Offer Sale Weekend!!! I will be adding a few more pieces too, so check back often!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tagged twice in one week

I was recently tagged by the talented Melissa Valeriote's of Holiday Queen. I was asked to join in some blog fun where the rules are to share 5 completely unimportant things about myself. Now, I have to agree with Melissa that what may seem unimportant to others that it is quite important to me. It affects my life, therefor my family and even my art. So, I shall share 5 things about my lil corner of the world that have some sort of significance.

1) I am a sucker for animals and dream of one day living in a 'lil cabin-cottage with my beloved Michael in our "golden years" with a pond and a little row boat (mojito and ipod in hand)and every little critter we can afford to have running around!

2)I cry over commercials and heartfelt stories. I wish I was a multi-millionaire so I could help every child and struggling family in America find their way to a better life.

3)I drive an old hooptie, 1994 Jeep with 140k miles on it because, I Love it.

4) I had my very first date in Paris (saw the movie Cocoon) at the age of 14 with a boy I met at Club Med Camp in Colorado during the summer. My Grandma took me to visit friends and to Christmas shop all over Europe. It was amazing~

5) I have multiple tattoos from my wild teen years and although I went through a period of despising them...I no longer do. They are part of my history and show my artistic side.

So that is it... I will not tag other people as I already have this week but please feel free to do one and let me know. I would love to know more about all of you. Our lives are ALL very interesting whether we know it or not.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Who doesn't want to do this to a telemarketer?

My son Gavin just shared this with me and I LMAO!!

What a day!

Jolly Jingles Santa

New on Etsy.."Jolly Jingles" Santa! I finished him today and had a BALL making him. I hate to sell him..he is soo stinking cute!
So, it was a productive day and then....

I found out that I was accepted into the PFATT marketplace!! I didn't think they liked my work as it had been almost 2 weeks. But as my 1st day on Glitter and Grunge closed, I found out I will be joining Pfatt for June as well. Luckily, I have been sculpting Halloween pieces because it turns out that June is a Halloween theme on Pfatt. So, please come by for some spooky good times on June 10th!


Thank you to everyone who has supported me. Being accepted into these juried marketplaces is an accomplishment I never thought I could try for, let alone be welcomed~

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Come see me at my Glitter and Grunge Debut!!

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