Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Time to pay tribute

I am sitting here listening to Colbie Caillait's new song, "brighter than the sun". It is a song with a great hook, very catchy. She is singing about a love that is brighter than the sun.

It is funny how the words can be applied to each of us in our own lives in various ways to something or someone we admire greatly.

It is these lyrics especially that have me paying tribute today:

I swear you hit me like a vision
I, I, I wasn’t expecting
But who am I to tell fate where it’s supposed to go with it?

Oh, this is how it starts, lighting strikes the heart
It goes off like a gun, brighter than the sun

Today is the very day 3 years ago that my silly dream became a real living thing. SpookyTime Jingles. STJ was my vision and lightening to the heart.
Bittersweet in some ways, I suppose. I love the growth and am really humbled by all we have grown but also misty of the good days behind us that I would love to relive and how fun an early dream can be. I guess kinda before the reality of " hey, you really have something here, so get your butt back to work"!

Such a wonderful place to be, and I know it.
I have made some of the truest friends I have ever known in my life. I have met such genuinely sweet people who are so beautifully talented that "inspiring" seems to not be a big enough word to describe the feelings I have. I have experienced some amazing experiences that would not have been in my life without my silly little dream
come true.

Looking back today, I want to say....

Thank you to every artist who has ever been part of SpookyTime Jingles. Thank you to every person who has ever purchased a piece of our art or helped us spread the word in anyway. It really all helps tremendously! Sometimes people can forget or not realize that artists' create not just for love but also money. These are not occasional crafters nor hobbyists but tried and true artisans. Souls need to be nourished and the bills need to be paid...mortgages covered, doctor's visited, school supplies gathered, clothing worn and food in the tummy's of our lil pumpkins.

The success of SpookyTime Jingles helps insure that, for everyone affiliated with STJ. I thank you from the bottom of my soul for allowing my silly little dream to flourish so that I could help other artist's follow their own "silly" little dreams.

With much Love and gratitude, thank you~
*Please consider visiting our "giving page" where we are accepting donations for The Make a Wish Foundation of America! Each Anniversary we choose a new charity to benefit. The Make A wish Foundation, grants wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses. You can donate directly or purchase a piece of art from us that shows a portion of the sale going to this charity in YOUR NAME! Starts tonight at midnight~

This year we chose this charity in honor of our surprise guest artist, whose son had 4 years of fighting for his life from a blood cancer. The foundation granted his wish in the dark days when nothing was guaranteed in this sweet young boys future. The wonderful news is he MADE IT and is now a grown young man and doing wonderfully considering the harsh side effects that chemo leaves in ones body. So please consider donating in honor of someone you love. You may just grant a child their last wish.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The curveballs keep coming

So what an unusual post this will be but none the less I feel like it's what I want to do. So, some of you know me and some know of me. I suppose I have made a small name for myself in certain circles. Of course I do plaster myself and my work in the arts online enough. But, I don't think any of you know that I have had had a "missing" brother named Scott for over 20 years.

When he was 19, he just vanished. Now, you should understand we share the same Dad only. I was 15 and we were best buddies. Although we grew up separate with no contact until we were teens, it was like two long lost besties found each other. He would drive me to Ithaca, NY to his college on the weekends, all the way from Seaside Heights, NJ. He would visit me when he could and call me. And when I was a lil older he would take me to parties and do fun stuff all the while being the protective brother whom I knew, loved & cared for me very much, or so I thought.

My relationship that my brother and I had with our father was iffy at best on most occasions. But my brother Scott had the distinction of dealing with Dad for much longer than I did.

The short is, to the best I have been told: some prize winning fight ensued between Dad and Scott. Scott took his stuff and left everything. These were days before Facebook and Cell phones so short of driving to Ithaca (wasn't old enough), he could not be found.
I tried everything a teenager could to locate him. I tried calling all of the usual suspects with never an answer or a returned message. For a long time I imagined the worst and would just keep checking what little was on the internet at that time.

Eventually, my Dad got word from cousins in Florida that he was OK and living in the Sunshine state! Such a gift to know!! But then I realized he never called me. Not once in all those years to say hello, I'm OK, I'm sorry, - NOTHING!

I can tell you that I put so many work hours into finding him and shed so many tears that I could just scream bloody murder.
Long story into short, he finally answered the phone one day 7 years ago. I said like a lil school girl..
it's Danielle, omg!!! Can you Talk!!!???
Scotts response:
uh..........um.......Why Not?
because I have a dinner party, I have to go.
Can I call you back or ......ah...should I not?
Don't call back............

I still cannot fathom what I could have done as a young girl that would cause him to act this way towards me. Especially, after how close we had become. Confused is an understatement.

Why, do I bring this up now..20 + years later? Well, while searching my family tree online, I bumped into Scott (whom I have since tried desperately to pull from my memory bank) it seems my brother who has been hiding electronically speaking since the day he left, finally put something in his name...A FACEBOOK PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A picture of him, his wife and two beautiful boys.

I would've been such a great Auntie.

Hate to tell ya Scott, but you look just like Dad.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

SpookyTime Jingles Grows up

Yes, STJ is growing in so many ways. In just a few days STJ will attend its 3rd National Halloween Convention in King of Prussia/Philadelphia. Each year we are one of the most highly anticipated vendors at this show. It is so heart warming to receive such a warm and exciting response from attendees, fans and collectors alike.

So,this year we decided to completely revamp our booth displays to keep it fresh and to keep you all on your toes! You will NOT be disappointed, I promise!
Think Neo-Victorian haunted house meets SpookyTime Jingles!

Also look for our LIVE feed to be shared on our Facebook Fan Page!

If you see a piece you like when we post pictures and videos leave a comment on our Facebook page and we will contact you. Last year we sold Dozens of pieces from pictures posted on our page!

This year we are doubly honored to be considered by 2 television networks for interviews and filming for upcoming features about Halloween!
Fingers, toes and eyes crossed ;)

SHOWROOM FLOOR SALES DAYS ARE ONLY Friday, May 6th-Sunday the 8th!
The other days are for vendors only

*if you would like to attend the NHC and need any assistance, please let us know we would love to help!
contact us at: spookytimejingles@yahoo.com

We are nearing our 3 year anniversary-July 13th, since we opened our internet doors and beyond!
No small feat in the tough climate we have all weathered these last few years.

Our growth and success has shown that so many of you love our concept and our goals and believe in what we do. Thanks, seems too little of a word for the tremendous gratitude Wendy and Myself have for all of you. And an especially big hug of thanks to the artists who work so hard to bring you the best they can do every month and at every show.

Finally, last year we held our 1st annual STJ Holiday Soiree and it was a remarkable success for a 1st year show. The Soiree excitement continues for us this year as Wendy Leaumont (STJ new Co-owner) is aboard full time! The talent Wendy brings to STJ is nothing short of magical.

Together we have planned an ambitious event for the 2nd annual STJ Soiree and intend to make it even better for artist and collector alike!

To start we have a new Webpage for the Soiree
that will allow us to not only give you the important details but also display it all attractively.

We have a new venue this year that is warm and inviting in gorgeous historic New Hope, Pa. (I always dreamed of having an art show in New Hope-yippee!!)
Plus, it is only 10 minutes away from last years venue.

This venue should hold us for many many years to come and we hope will prove to be the yearly home of the STJ Holiday Soiree!

Imagine Warm woods, glistening chandeliers, cozy carpeting underfoot and Victorian furnishings among some of the finest holiday collectibles to be had!

It is hard to believe all we have accomplished as a group of dedicated artists in such a short amount of time.

I am honored and humbled and happy.

artfully yours,
dani nelson
founding owner of SpookyTimeJingles.com

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Finding me

As most know, I am a chronic pain sufferer. It will be 3 years this May I was diagnosed with FF (F----- Fibromyalgia) I will let you determine what the 1st F stands for.
The worst part of chronic pain is not always the pain itself. Instead it is what it steals from you, your self, your soul.
One of the first things to take the biggest hit was self care. I had nothing to give and I wore that on my face like an opening night marquee. Basic care was a strong struggle that left me in some very dark places.

But by the grace of God, family, friends and a few lovely Facebook strangers, I have slowly (snails crawl) gained function back into my life.
Currently, I am focusing on the Glam! I am all about taking the time to put makeup on everyday even if I have nothing social to do. It is quite amazing how much better you feel taking that time for yourself. My favorite inspiration is YouTube tutorials by the Make Up Geek.

Those who also struggle with pain and/or depressive episodes, I hope you can also find some strength to do something nice for yourself because you are so worth it.
Here are my recent efforts for a work related photo shoot, it turns out I am still a woman, yippee!

Photos by Sas photo imaging.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Good Times

Recently my good friend and SpookyTimeJingles business partner Wendy Leaumont and I had a fun photoshoot.

Being new partners in STJ and wanting to market it, we hired Sas photoimaging. As you can see we had a blast!
We made our hats from a YouTube tutorial, gotta love YouTube!
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

and fun was had by all!

This last week was fun and exciting. Great friends, Amelia from Arizona & Wendy from Louisiana flew in for a few days of fun! We found fun, beautiful & inspiring things along the way that are sure to please the artistically minded~

~wendy, dani, marie, amelia~
Along our travels we stopped into to see the lovely Marie Patterson. Luckily, Marie and I only live 15 minutes from each other!


We also stopped to meet Doreen Kassel of Uncommon Creatures and her hubster's photography studio! Very sweet that these two work together each day in their large studio space.

We headed to New Hope, Pa and...

~We found the giant nutcracker and it drew us in like a beacon~




These sugary sweet nutcrackers are reminiscent of the old Glitterville pieces. These are produced by Kurt Adler.

sorry for low res

While in there I saw these cuties by Janell Berryman of Pumpkinseeds Folk Art! I always get so excited whenever I see Janell's work in stores. Maybe because, I know what goes behind getting pieces into reproduction and I always find it so fun to see a dear friends work in a store!


~We noshed @ Marsha Browns in New Hope & enjoyed the gorgeous scenery inside as well as about town~



Mannequin/doll display beside Love Saves the Day

Next we
Spent the day in NYC!!!



I love that I was with Amelia for her first trip into NYC!


Time Square was UBER busy which included this guy who wanted a $1.00 per picture so he could buy weed...lol



It was funny because Amelia was just saying how she recently caught an episode of Jerseylicious and then I spotted Alexa (Glam fairy) from the show!




Amelia (Amy) of SweetB Folk Art has a serious candy addiction.
She was a total blur in Dylans Candy Bar! I finally caught this shot of her in what I think maybe a slap happy candy coma!?



~I tried on fun hats in the Fashion District and can't wait to wear them at this years events~


Happily Shopping in NYC!!


We found amazing displays throughout the city. This is the Louis Vuitton display, featuring handbags created in the shape of various wildlife!
snake, cat, owl, raccoon, forg, crab and more! INCREDIBLE!!


~notice the tiny heart necklace in the roots~

~notice the sweet lock on the doorknob~

Both available at www.Tiffanys.com

These tiny lil scenes (approx. 6 inches tall) made my heart flutter..so sweet and scarily well done!


Next we.....

Sunday we had to take Amelia to the airport ;(

On the way back from the airport, Wendy and I decided to drown our sorrow's in two world famous Philly cheese steaks!


Really nice guy's at Pat's!
(Wiz wit)



the street at Geno's
(Provo Wit)



Finally, Wendy and I headed home to Casa Nelson to prepare for the next days duties which included costume changes!

Here is a hint of what we were up to and hope to share very soon!


~Sas Photos~

So, now I am coming down from my friendship high ;) They have left and I must get back to reality ;(
Hope you enjoyed!!

Stoopidgerl necklace Signature for blog

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Unique Display ideas

Monday, January 17, 2011

Magazine Photo Shoot

Quick little video of my new studio space in which Andrew of Wilkinson Media is shooting my studio for the magazine "Where Women Create"!

Truly a Magical day it was!

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