Thursday, March 17, 2011

Finding me

As most know, I am a chronic pain sufferer. It will be 3 years this May I was diagnosed with FF (F----- Fibromyalgia) I will let you determine what the 1st F stands for.
The worst part of chronic pain is not always the pain itself. Instead it is what it steals from you, your self, your soul.
One of the first things to take the biggest hit was self care. I had nothing to give and I wore that on my face like an opening night marquee. Basic care was a strong struggle that left me in some very dark places.

But by the grace of God, family, friends and a few lovely Facebook strangers, I have slowly (snails crawl) gained function back into my life.
Currently, I am focusing on the Glam! I am all about taking the time to put makeup on everyday even if I have nothing social to do. It is quite amazing how much better you feel taking that time for yourself. My favorite inspiration is YouTube tutorials by the Make Up Geek.

Those who also struggle with pain and/or depressive episodes, I hope you can also find some strength to do something nice for yourself because you are so worth it.
Here are my recent efforts for a work related photo shoot, it turns out I am still a woman, yippee!

Photos by Sas photo imaging.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Good Times

Recently my good friend and SpookyTimeJingles business partner Wendy Leaumont and I had a fun photoshoot.

Being new partners in STJ and wanting to market it, we hired Sas photoimaging. As you can see we had a blast!
We made our hats from a YouTube tutorial, gotta love YouTube!
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

and fun was had by all!

This last week was fun and exciting. Great friends, Amelia from Arizona & Wendy from Louisiana flew in for a few days of fun! We found fun, beautiful & inspiring things along the way that are sure to please the artistically minded~

~wendy, dani, marie, amelia~
Along our travels we stopped into to see the lovely Marie Patterson. Luckily, Marie and I only live 15 minutes from each other!


We also stopped to meet Doreen Kassel of Uncommon Creatures and her hubster's photography studio! Very sweet that these two work together each day in their large studio space.

We headed to New Hope, Pa and...

~We found the giant nutcracker and it drew us in like a beacon~




These sugary sweet nutcrackers are reminiscent of the old Glitterville pieces. These are produced by Kurt Adler.

sorry for low res

While in there I saw these cuties by Janell Berryman of Pumpkinseeds Folk Art! I always get so excited whenever I see Janell's work in stores. Maybe because, I know what goes behind getting pieces into reproduction and I always find it so fun to see a dear friends work in a store!


~We noshed @ Marsha Browns in New Hope & enjoyed the gorgeous scenery inside as well as about town~



Mannequin/doll display beside Love Saves the Day

Next we
Spent the day in NYC!!!



I love that I was with Amelia for her first trip into NYC!


Time Square was UBER busy which included this guy who wanted a $1.00 per picture so he could buy



It was funny because Amelia was just saying how she recently caught an episode of Jerseylicious and then I spotted Alexa (Glam fairy) from the show!




Amelia (Amy) of SweetB Folk Art has a serious candy addiction.
She was a total blur in Dylans Candy Bar! I finally caught this shot of her in what I think maybe a slap happy candy coma!?



~I tried on fun hats in the Fashion District and can't wait to wear them at this years events~


Happily Shopping in NYC!!


We found amazing displays throughout the city. This is the Louis Vuitton display, featuring handbags created in the shape of various wildlife!
snake, cat, owl, raccoon, forg, crab and more! INCREDIBLE!!


~notice the tiny heart necklace in the roots~

~notice the sweet lock on the doorknob~

Both available at

These tiny lil scenes (approx. 6 inches tall) made my heart sweet and scarily well done!


Next we.....

Sunday we had to take Amelia to the airport ;(

On the way back from the airport, Wendy and I decided to drown our sorrow's in two world famous Philly cheese steaks!


Really nice guy's at Pat's!
(Wiz wit)



the street at Geno's
(Provo Wit)



Finally, Wendy and I headed home to Casa Nelson to prepare for the next days duties which included costume changes!

Here is a hint of what we were up to and hope to share very soon!


~Sas Photos~

So, now I am coming down from my friendship high ;) They have left and I must get back to reality ;(
Hope you enjoyed!!

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