Sunday, December 23, 2007

My girls

I came downstairs the other day to find the kittens basking in the warm sun on our couch. They looked so stinking cute and I was amazed at how long their whiskers really are. So I broke out the camera to capture their beauty. Such a simple thing but a very sweet moment.

This is Cami aka known as Cam-Cam, Kitten Face, Cami-kins

and my favourite...Cam-Cam a-licious!

We found her at a motorhome campground as a kitten. She greets me every morning when I open my bedroom door by running up the stairs as fast as she can to come jump on my bed! We spend a few minutes butting noses and cuddling up. She is thee sweetest cat I have ever met and purrs like a tiger. We almost lost her over the summer when she had a very hard time after being spayed. I hope she never has to have another surgery ( Lord hear my prayer). Cami is always on a some surface she should not be on. She sees me coming and bounds clearly she is aware this is a no-no. lol while I type this.

She will not even try to leave the house...she knows what is out there and would rather stay right where she is.

However...Coco is a different story,


This is Coco aka (deep breath)...Coco-kitty, Keeker, The Keekster, Kiki, Coco Kitten, Furbie, Fluffer-Nutter, The Babey. Yes, I swear she will respond to each and everyone of those ridiculous nicknames. My favourite is Keeker...we are not sure how it started but it is a name that is here to stay. We came to have Coco from our local feed store. We went to by duck chow and chicken feed and found Coco as a very young lil ball of fur. My son went koo-koo-katchoo over her and when we were told she was free with all the fixins, well we were in.
She was our first cat. I always considered myself a dog person. Mainly b/c I like to play and rough house with my animals. Yes, even the ducks and chickens (story for another day). But alas, I love my furry lil friends.

Coco will go to the pantry or fridge and meow when she wants a treat.. usually 2x a day!

She knows she is Austins kitty, it is so sweet. She sleeps beside him every night and knows when he is not feeling well b/c she will sleep on or around his head/neck. They are best friends and she will let Austin handle her in a way that no one else can. She also follows most of his commands.

Coco and Cami rough house everyday on almost every surface. They will steal the occassional, cutlet or steak off the kitchen counter or out of the garbage. YES, I feed them Very well. I have to keep an actual log in the living room so they can sharpen their nails as they do not care for the traditional scratching post.

Coco needs a newspaper to roll on or lay on...for the love of God, I have no idea why? And finally she is an escape artist. She has clawed the screening off the door from our 3 season room to get outside. I then have to take a can of tuna and open it outside and then she comes running like her tail is on fire. We have done this at least 6x. In the warmer months we now walk her outside on a leash as she likes it so much.
I cannot leave her out there as we have bear, fox, weasel, racoon, hawks and whatever else.

So I leave you with more pics of my kittens. I hope you find them as heart warming as I do.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Art.......blah, blah, blah

This pic is a year old ..... I actually look different now but alas I am too lazy to pose for a new one. I have a love hate relationship with my digi-cam.

Hello I am Dani and I am an art addict! Buy or sell it doesn't matter as long as I am knee deep in it.

Now that being said, how am I going to get my art out there more? I just want to create and not deal with the marketing end of it. Can't I just click my heels 3 x and wish for it to happen? Must find my ruby slippers......
I must say I am loving! It is so easy (compared to poo-bay, pay-bay, oh that is right it is called e-bay). Etsy fees are great and I can list so quick. My shop has had a dry spell over the last 8 days. Tis a bit depressing as I think I have listed some of my best Aceo's but these things go in cycles and I shall have to be patient and continue to create.
I LOVE any and all feedback. I never get upset over an honest opinion. Art is a very personal thing and I do not get upset over such things. So feel free to comment, suggest, critque, etc... as it can only help me see the full picture.
Come pay me a visit at or
on myspace and click pics to see some of my older pieces

~happy creating~


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