Monday, March 29, 2010

Halloween & Inspiration abound at a Tattoo Convention?

So Mr. Mikey and I (at my prodding) headed over to the 2010 Tattoo Convention in Phila this past weekend.

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 001

I personally have a love hate relationship with tattoos. I have many from my young adult life of lessons learned (many of which I now dislike). I very much enjoy tattooing as an art form and even apprenticed right out of High School but alas my attention span was not up to the amount of work it takes to be a worthy tattooist.

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 042

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 016

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 033

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 036

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 020

This was our 3rd Tattoo Convention (last one was a decade ago or longer) and my how things have changed. Halloween art is everywhere! Original and print art for sale as home decor is everywhere! It was a true feast for the artful eyes.

I had to buy this is beyond awesome and the fact that it is done by a women tattooist makes it even sweeter!
Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 026

another piece by the same artist, Lara
soo moody, haunting and beautiful in an odd manner.

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 025

The diversity of creativity astounds me continuously and it is for this reason I adore tattooing. Such a personal expression (when not a drunk frat boy and getting a Tasmanian Devil) of someones inner thoughts, fears, dreams and really soul. The need to have a one of a kind piece of art permanently inked on your body is really understandable is it not? We all collect things we must have, things we covet and adore. Beloved trinkets we feel the need to keep close to us. Are tattoos really any different? Such a very personal art form, tattooing is and I can see I am even more understanding to why beautiful young women "sleeve" themselves with ink. So my point..? I say congrats on your courage of diverse creativity and may you enjoy it with no regrets forever more.

Such wonderful examples of intriguing art for inspiration!

~Think out of the box and challenge your thoughts~
Tattoo Conventions offer dozens of affordable booklets of art (line drawings, flash, originals, etc) which make for great inspirational reference!

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 023

Mixed Media
what do you like about it, what don't you like. Don't just dismiss it b/c you wouldn't necessarily buy it...look at it, discover it and see if anything surprises you?

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 039

Artful business banners that are just so expressive!

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 019

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 027

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 030

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 035

Finally, I leave you with the jewelry genius of Francene of MARTHA ROTTEN!
I was lucky enough to meet her at last years National Halloween Convention and am delighted to report she is returning to the 2010 NHC in a few weeks!!

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 053
All her pieces are non tarnishing or turning..they are solid polished pewter!

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 044

Baby Head Bracelets!

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 045

I got this one!!!

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 047

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 049

Baby head Belt buckles, yes!
~Molded from Vintage Doll heads~

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 048

Molded from real crows feet, chicken bones and various bonery!

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 051

Let your Halloween Party guests see your attention to every spooky detail with these wicked salt and pepper shakers!

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 050

Stoopidgerl necklace Signature for blog

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tinsel Trading &Tim Burton Exhibit with friends

This past weekend, we were lucky enough to spend the weekend with Kristen Beason and family as well as Marie Patterson and hubster. The Beason's drove here from Ohio so we could all see the Tim Burton exhibit in NYC at the MOMA. It was a great weekend with great friends. One I won't soon forget.

~Dinner all together Friday night~

Tinsel Trading Company

~Vintage Glittered, Wendy Addison Delights for sale~
Tinsel Trading Company in NYC!

~Beautiful Spring Display~

~Lil Miss Sassy Pants herself, Kristen Beason~

~Simply Drool Worthy~

~Have you ever seen so many trims? HEAVEN!~
Tinsel Trading Company NYC wall

~Tim Burton Exhibit~
Tim Burton Exhibit at MOMA in NYC

~Entrance to exhibit~
Tim Burton Exhibit at MOMA in NYC

Tim Burton Exhibit at MOMA in NYC

Just spooky good stuff!
Tim Burton Exhibit at MOMA in NYC

~Awe inspiring~

Who doesn't love a totem of TB monsters?

Divine to see his design sketches

Clowns, Aliens, Monsters..oh my!? LOVE IT!

I can't wait to go back again in a few short weeks to take it all in again.

If any of you are in the area and want to meet up in the city just say the word.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Tribute to the most magnificent woman who ever lived

I cannot start my day without recognizing my beloved "Grammy" Florence. 3 years ago today she passed. She was given 3 weeks to live after a stage 4 diagnosis of lung and liver cancer. I moved in with her and provided day and night hospice care along with meds every 2 hours until I found here at 6 am-3 years ago today. She died 3 weeks to the day of her diagnosis..that doctor was right on target, unfortunately.

I could have gone on caring for her for the rest of my life. I have NO doubt in my mind about this.

My Gram who undoubtedly saved me from a life not worth living & who supported me 110%.

Who flew me to Paris to have my first date with Ettione, a young man I met the summer before at Club Med Camp.

Gram drinking a virgin Margarita (yet she is holding onto the fridge?)

Who flew all the way to see me at camp in Copper Mountain, Colorado for 2 days because she missed me.

Gram and Popsy at their vacation house on Discovery Bay in Jamaica

Who took me to all of the best Broadway shows and restaurants and shopping and.....
EVERYTHING NYC has to offer-all of my life.

Gram and her beloved Pookie (who is now SPOILED & living it up in Juno Beach Florida chasing seagulls with my Uncle)

Who taught me the serenity prayer that reminds me to accept the things I cannot change,

Holding a pic of my mom ;)

Who taught me to always dress to impress when traveling in flight or in any major city,

Gram and Popsy leaving the island

Who taught me how to cook like a well seasoned chef and how to throw amazing parties with every detail attended to,

Gram threw herself, her 80th birthday bash at the club and invited everyone she ever held close to her heart

Who gave Michael and I Hot Fudge and a Paint Brush for our 10th wedding anniversary so "us kids" could go have some fun!

Gram and Popsy cuddling

Who nurtured my artistic side at every turn and showed me why diversity is such a wonderful thing in this life.

Who kept me grounded when my early ambitions were too flighty,

Who helped guide me in raising two amazing young men,

~MY Gram with My Mom~

Who SERIOUSLY served English tea from a carafe with china teacups & saucers AND SCONES (she brought all of this in a Gucci Tote) in my hospital room while I was in labor with Austin to everyone in the room! (and I heard her whisper I was being a baby with my moaning..lmao)

Who was the most unlikely comedian everyday of her life!

4th from the right-look for the chicken legs ;)

Who I discovered after she passed away, had kept this picture (laminated) of her holding me in her wallet since 1973 when this photo was taken.

and the list goes on......

Dispersing Grams ashes along the river as she wished

She and I used to walk the towpath along this river once a week and each bring a gourmet lunch.
We would try to out do each other. She went first and packed fine GUCCI china to eat on, silverware and a candelabra!
For my turn I sewed a small square tablecloth with hand beaded edging and handmade matching napkins! Waterford goblets and my mismatched yet matching china and silver. I made a turkey Waldorf sandwich (cranberry's, grapes and walnuts) on bread I baked, as well as a chocolate torte for dessert!

I loved to impress her. She taught me well.

I love and adore you beyond words Gram and although I know this post would cause you to say "oh get over it already" (lol), I cannot.
I will miss you until I meet you again.

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