Saturday, October 2, 2010

So inspired by a Michael DeMeng Project

The current issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors has a Michael DeMeng instructional project for creating Day of The Dead Skeletal assemblage.

demeng dolls

Seeing this was the most inspired I have felt in months!!! I knew when I saw it, that I would do it! That felt like I struck gold because I have been in a dry spell.
Luckily, I had been collecting "DeMeng like" materials since the Spring. I have all the materials to start a BIG ole honkin DeMeng styled project but kept chickening out b/c I knew it would take me time to do it justice. But seeing this one in CPS, I knew it was perfect for my current focusing ability.

I started it today and finished in approx 4 hours. I did not rush it, it just came together like it was meant to be. I love it! The only thing I did differently besides the finishing accessories is that I used 2 different skeletal heads to donate the sexes even more and found it added some extra interest.

My finished Demeng project

When I purchased the Bride and Groom from AC Moore last week, I saw they were $8 a piece and refused! But I did find more ethnic bride and grooms in their clearance section for only $2 each. Luckily, I had every other material needed so it was easy to start. I used a wooden box lid for the background so that I would have that extra detail of the inset for the vintage text.

I really dremeled the edges of the wood with various bits to take away the strong sharp lines of the wood.
I went with the text "The Familiar" because it rang true with my intent for the subjects. I think of my Michael and I and how we just know each other so well after 19 years...we are The Familiar.

"The Familiar" Day of the Dead Project

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