Sunday, February 3, 2008

So here I sit when life comes into focus...

~Monica & Xavier from Buckcherry~

Here I sit, rearranging my "studio" and cleaning up. I have the radio playing, hubby on the couch fast asleep with all 3 puppers asleep next to him. One cat MIA for now and the other chasing a stink bug-hope she gets it. Both boys playing Xbox 360 Live (I hate it).

While I am fretting over where to put what and what to keep for the my next "masterpiece" on comes "I'm Sorry" by Buckcherry" on the radio. I instantly hit the wall, realizing I need to stay focused on what is really important in life. You see many moons ago while in high school I had a friend Monica Massaro. Monica, our friend Kris and me were always getting into some trouble or another. We were Rock-n-Roll chicks and lived that way. Monica used to pretend to be my friends Mom (Monica was a few years older) so we could all hang out and spend the night watching horror movies and staying up til the wee hours . Truth is we were pretty tame but we felt will and all.
Kris and I even ranaway together and stayed with Monica until she had enough of us and turned us in!! I laugh like hell now. I could never blame her..we were pests. I haven't seen Monica since then and I never will again. I later found out that Monica LOVED Buckcherry and of course Aerosmith (who doesn't), she saw every show she could, met everyone she could. Monica actually got out there and lived life. How many of us can actually say that? Turns out we lived 20 minutes away from each other for all these years. Wish I found her on Myspace before.....

The song playing on the radio reminded me that she was murdered this past summer. I cannot get past what terror she must have felt in her last moments as a stranger entered her home as she slept. The killer was later found to be a suspected serial killer, killing since at least 1996. He killed her it seems before he could do what he intended because she fought him so hard. Doesn't surprise me one bit, You go GIRL!

~Tell the people you love what they mean to you~

~Tell the people that give you agita it is time to move on, no hard feelings~

~Life is too short, enjoy it, live it-LOVE IT~


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