Sunday, January 27, 2008

How lucky can one girl be?

~My newest Art Card"Love Dove"~

Back in August of 07 I had signed up for a Paperclay class with my friend Kate. We were so jazzed but alas it was cancelled do to lack of interest. I decided just to go out and buy some and see what I could do with it. Well now I am an addict and Paperclay is my drug of choice. Das or Polymer clays will work in a pinch but there is nothing like Paperclay.

I have to thank 2 people for my introduction and success in sculpting. I found an artist early on in my Etsy career that made my heart skip a beat with excitement. Not only is she a very accomplished artist but a very sweet person who I am lucky enough to call a friend. Janell Berryman of Pumpkin Seeds Folk Art!

I contacted her back in August and asked for some guidance in Paperclay sculpting. She has been a true angel. Truth is we hit it off quickly and have been chatting daily ever since. Now, I did not know at the time that she was a famous folk art artist and I surely would never have bothered her if I had. Marie in my art group told me one day at group who she was after I mentioned that a girl from Pumpkin Seeds Folk Art was critiquing my work and how helpful it was. She looked at me like I had ten heads and quickly told me, Exactly who was helping me. It is not everyday that an Enesco artist helps you with your craft!
What would have taken me YEARS to discover was given as a gift of knowledge and experience from Janell. I will always hold her dear to my heart for her genuine nature and gentle but always truthful guidance. Enesco has been so smitten with her that they recently gave her a few more lines to create! I am so happy and proud of her as I know how hard she really works. May I suggest that you scoop up her pieces while you can still afford to do so.

Also visit for additional art works


Secondly, is Marie of Marie Patterson Studio. I found Marie and Amy of Kitten Cottage on Etsy's geolocator-Love that! I asked if they would be interested in starting an Etsy art Group of local artists. They agreed and we met for coffee at Starbucks (where else?). I instantly felt at ease with these Etsy girls! Marie is a true talent with a thoughtful soul and very creative mind. Marie has been working in primitive folkart since the 1980's and is a wealth of knowledge and talent. Not only is she kind enough to host art group each week but really makes me feel part of the family. Without her help I would surely be in trouble and frankly I would not have as much fun as I do in life. I collect her pieces often and I believe she will one day be discovered!

Like me, Marie has worked many mediums. But it is her clay work and sweet nature that took a lot of the fright out of trying something new ( like a Santa skating on one foot). I am so grateful to count Marie as a dear friend and know that I am without a doubt a better artist for having worked with her.

Our friend Amy has had to take a break from Art Group as dang work has messed up her schedule (how dare they!). But I sooo look forward to the day when she returns. I could send Amy an email with pics of a piece in progress and say it is missing something, what is it? She would know instantly and even give me more ideas to work with. Come back Amy!

Please look at these shops, say hello, mark favorites..even buy if the mood strikes you. Support Handmade!
And thank you my very talented friends. Not only am I a better artist for knowing you but most certainly a better person too. xoxo's dani~


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