Tuesday, February 12, 2008

~Artfully Eventful~

~Queen of Her Nest~

Wow, what a creative week this has been for me. It all started on Flickr when I found an amazing artist who got me so jazzed about the upcoming Spring/Easter months.

Her pieces are as sweet as spun sugar and she has a personality to match. When I discovered she was selling items on Pfatt, I dove in! Pfatt is an online folk art marketplace with outstanding artisans that create TDF (To die for) one of a kind treasures.

I stayed up until 2am (midnight their time) to make sure I got in on time to purchase the sweetest lil chick EVER!

Take a peek at Polka Dot Pixies work... I bought "Lil Party Peep in blue"


I was so inspired buy her use of color and the instant sweet gentle -MAKE YOU SMILE-subjects, that I was compelled to create the above bluebird for almost 16 hours, non-stop!!

Sculpting + Folkart = My slice of heaven!


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