Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Spring is coming, oh and an intervention perhaps..

I am at it again.

Finished this 4:00 am this morning...and no I don't have a choice! My body and mind will not allow me to rest when I am this creative...ARGH!

I seem to be a full blown PC addict. PaperClay addict, that is.

I cannot put the stuff down. It calls me in my sleep. Not even the good ole telee gives me relief (of course the writers strike doesn't help much).

If I am out, all I want to do is go home and sculpt. I am constantly thinking about the next piece to start after I just finished a 16 hour jag on one!! Oh, treatment centers of America-help a sister out!! Betty Ford, please hear my call and start a program for addicted artists who cannot walk away from the call of the clay!! LMAO

How do these things happen? Did I find my bliss this past August when I cautiously tried it for the first time..? I think so!

Here are the in Process pics.. enjoy~


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