Saturday, January 5, 2008

Just feel like sharing~

Here I sit, very tired for no apparent reason but I thought I would share "Wus up"with me and what is on me mind!

My husband surprised me today with a trip to Aruba for my birthday in April! He knew if he bought 100k in parts in 2007 he could win a 4 star all inclusive trip to Aruba. Well he did it and he won! Or should I say WE won..wee wee....! So, needless to say I am super excited although I do feel badly about not taking the boys. But Mikey and I sure could use some time together to just relax. I fully plan on taking advantage of their spa and hope Mikey will join me (you know manly men).

This trip should bring out lots of creative inspiration!

This unexpected trip makes me super glad that I have lost a fair amount of weight. Two+ months of a Kidney infection and stones have been very good for my waistline! Somehow by the grace of God, my appetite did not return. I think in part because I create all day long now and don't sit around at a desk snacking in an office that has constant goodies. Getting back my creativity and zest for life has been good all the way around. None of which would be possible without my Mikey, he is such a doll. I adore him and cannot believe I ever took this man for granted. He makes me laugh because he says I treat him like a king and I think he treats me like a queen.
Finally my next few days will consist of de-Christmasing the house........

Still have to take our 8 Christmas trees down...oh lordy what was I thinking? I do this for Mikey as I swear he was born an elf in another life. He loves Christmas. So 8 trees and 100's of Christmas decor thingy's throughout the house should be a hoot trying to pack it all back up. Here is only 3 of the tree's I need to deconstruct~ uh.....


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