Friday, January 18, 2008

Cannot Sleep

Fair Warning-This post is a bit disturbing and I do not want to upset anyone.

Usually, I am up til the wee hours creating the next great work of art. But tonight, I cannot create a thing. Tonight I need to vent.
Some of you know that I volunteer with an organization that helps women who are victims of Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault. I am an advocate, responder, get the picture and if not, think Law and Order and the person who sits with the victim during the interview or rape exam.
I have been doing this about 8 months now and have already been on many calls in my county. I sign up almost daily for all shifts because I love helping others, it has really become a passion of mine and a very important part of my daily life. Now, sometimes I have a callout a few times a week and other times maybe 1 or 2 in a month. There is never a reason for why an abuser abuses or a rapist rapes when they do.

Well each one proves to be an eye opener. I responded to a hospital tonight for a sexual assault victim in her teens. She had been at a Target,Walmart,Kmart type of store with her mother who was a few aisles away, when she was approached by an employee and told how pretty & special she was and that he was only 1 year older than her. They both exchanged numbers and everyone went about their business. Later that night the "guy" called and said hey can I come over and hang out? This jerk was in the house less than 15 minutes when he took what he wanted from her, even knowing that her mother was upstairs and would be down any minute! AND please do not ask why she didn't scream or yell for help! He then went on his way after telling her he loved her and that they should have babies together.

Fast Forward to my discussion with the detectives after a 2+ hour exam & 2 hour interview to find out this young looking "guy" is a grown man of 30+ years!

The moral of this story...where to begin? But, I will have to think twice before I leave my teenagers in the next aisle over at a store and before I let the kids hang in a friends living room.

Thanx 4 listening~


Emily said...

Oh my gosh! That is so scary! I have teenage daughters. How do you keep them safe and let them have their freedom at the same time? I would prefer to never let them leave the house but they will be off to college in a couple of years so they need to learn how to protect themselves.

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