Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Now for the Puppers!

I share my lifes happenings as I think it all lends itself to my work. If I am writing about it, it must be of some importance to me...therefor it affects my art, right?

Ok...so I must give a shout out to my puppers and introduce these silly dogs that we adore.

SCOOBER aka..... Scoober Pants, Scoobs, The Doob, Doobie, Doober,Tubs, Cranky Pants &

The Piddler! I am pretty sure there are more but they elude me at the moment.

We gave him the name Scoober after Scooby Doo, our very favorite cartoon! Scoobs is a Chihuaua & Pug mix. Yep, that's right...he is a lil fiesty-snorty sausage. He was the most beautiful puppy I have ever seen and super sweet. Then at some point his fiesty Chihuaua side took over. He is super sweet and lovable and funny as hell with people he knows **BUT** if he doesn't know you..you may lose a digit. As he has aged (9years) his temper has risen and he even has taken it out on us or the other dogs...So technically he should be put down **BUT** not gonna happen. Talked about it many times but cannot do it. If I have to I may consider tranquilizers to help him stay calm-A loopy Scoobs may be to funny to pass up ;)
Now for Gucci (AKC registered as Gucci Bear-Claw as her paws look like lil bear paws)

aka....The Gooch, Goocha-Muffin, The Muffin, The Muff-Muff, The Halibut (terrible halitosis breath since day one-doc's say she is fine).

She got the name Gucci because on the car ride home we were tickling her lil puppy belly and saying..Goochie-Goochie-Goo...laughing our azzez off. She is a Miniature Dachsund.

She got the nickname Muff which became Muffin because she LOVES to lay around your neck and face to get heat... She reminds us of a neck muffler. She is 8 years old and just such a sweet-pea. She is lightning fast and was once mistake by a neighbor for a rat b/c she was so lil and fast.

She is Scoobs life mate. However, SHE humps him. He growls and groans while she thumps away at his backside. To see it will having you piddling your pants.
Now for Colby! Aka..Colbalina, leener, Colba-leenie, & Moose.

Colby (approx 5 yrs) came to us from an area shelter after I volunteered (go figure). We have no clue what mix she is but she is beautiful. She was thee meanest scariest sounding dog I have ever heard. She hated men and it took her over a year to really trust Michael. She was kicked harshly & repeatedly in her rear end by her previous male owner when he got mad at her. So when I brought her home she walked sideways with her butt turned sideways as she was trying to hide it/keep it from getting hit. She is scary smart and reminds us of a frisbie dog. She has an arrow shape on her forehead that is very cool and thee softest fur ever!
She is a great guard dog and listens to commands very well. I always feel safe with her around.

What is great is that the Dogs and Cats all get along and even sleep next to each other. Wasn't easy as the cats came after the dogs and they were not pleased at first (hence Scoobs being nicknamed the piddler). But I finally said one day-that they all had to figure it out and get along. It took about 4 weeks of finesse but they all "hang/eat" together all day. Now having 3 dogs and 2 cats roaming the house all day means (besides a lot of vacuuming/cleaning) that we can all be together as a family all day-everyday and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Thanx 4 listening~


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