Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hey, y'all!!

Thanks for all the funny comments based on my "lotion" fiasco. I am still thoroughly annoyed with that seller and really would like to lay my Jersey "tude" on her! But in the interest of being a kinder gentler and more understanding person I have decided to send a small note of mention along with my message that the candles arrived while secretly cursing her sheer stupidity under my breath (oops, I did it again ;). I will let you all know if any new developments should rear their ugly lubed-up lil head.

...just now decided to google it! It is tanning lotion! Shwew~ LMAO!! Still not happy with it on the outside of the box but sooo much better than where my mind went! Now, I am annoyed with this company who produces it. Look at what they name all of their products!! They either have a sexually charged name or a controlled dangerous substance name!!!

Is it really any wonder we have so many young girls/women with self esteem/image issues (anorexia, bulimia, cutting). They can't even buy tanning lotion without a big neon reminder to be sexy no matter what or stoned to have fun. ARGH!!! Much of the media and marketing SUCK for a young persons self esteem. Ok, I am off my soap box...... ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to thank Kim of Folk Art From The Heart for featuring my Spring Bunny Sculpture as a favorite on her site. She also featured FIVE other SpookyTime Jingles artists as fav's, saying how inspirational she finds our pieces!! How cool is that? Besides the fact that I am the owner of SpookyTime Jingles, I really TRULY believe we have some of the very best artisans from across the US and Canada. That is why I do not hesitate to put that statement on all of our marketing materials. I think that by Kim choosing 5 other STJ artists as inspirational favs shows just how wonderful they all really are and how does have the best artists!!

Thank you Kim, especially since you are a wonderful artist yourself!!


Kim Hardt Originals said...

What a nice thing.

Hey I am sending you an award my dear. You are one of my favorite blogs that I like to stop by and visit. Go to my blog for details.


*Kristal* said...

Dani, I a so sorry for don't making sure you got my confirmation. I did still want to do the swap, but I know it's been awhile since we last emailed each other. If you could still use me, I would love to still be in the swap. If you have found someone else, I completely understand. Thank you either way for the opportunity. Please email me or leave a note on my blog & let me know what I need to do. Thanks :0)

Jackie said...

Congrats on the mention ;) I feel very humbled to be apart of such great and NICE artists. You have made this experience just awesome Dani...thank you isn't even the right words to express, but none the less thank YOU!! Smiles, Jackie

~Tonya said...

How neat is that Dani. Spooky Time is just a neat site all the way around! You should be proud.

Glad the lotion was not what everyone was thinking...but the name, could be different.

I left an award for you on my blog.

Have a great day.

HopHopJingleBoo said...

Sorry to read about your crazy pkg.!! Ihad a similar thing happen to me..argh!some people...Anyways..I posted on my blog my Halloween ATCS plus a set for you, so email me your adress!!Thanks..Your work is delightful spooky..

Designs by CK said...

Tickled you were happy with all your goodies Dani! Enjoy :)

Spooky CK

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