Sunday, August 24, 2008

Family Time!!

I saw this cartoon and had to giggle. This is soooo us!

Although, they left out one additional semi-cranky teen, 3 more dogs, 1 chicken coop for our lil flock of hens & ducks, and a window sill big enough for two cats to lounge on for ungodly long hours.

This brings me is family vacation time! We are leaving in the morning for the week
to a really nice beach house that is in Michael's Family! How nice is that? The best part besides it is free is that it is only 40 minutes from our house (gas prices..ugh) and it is a NJ beach that is the nicest I have ever seen. It is almost like it is undiscovered.
I will have Internet access (OH thank you JESUS) so never fear my SpookyTime Jingly friends, I will be checking in, in the evenings.

It will be so nice to spend quiet un-rushed time with Michael and the boys. Michael's partner is awesome and will handle all the business worries so Mike can really actually relax (wonder if he forgot how to? know I have a bit). I always need to be doing something so besides brainstorming about SpookyTime Jingles on the beach, I do need to fill an order for 30 ornaments. So at night I will be designing some new ornies and I am excited to see what inspiration will come from our week away. I will try and channel Tim Burton while on the beach ;)



Marie Patterson Studio said...

Don't work soooo hard....enjoy your time with the fam!!!! See you when you get back!!!

My Vintage Studio said...

Have fun! Enjoy the beach!
Hugs, Sharon

Rod G. said...

Have fun and don't work too much on your vacation

LuLu said...

Bonjour Dani! I LOOOOOVE your Silly Skelly! He is wonderful!!! Have a GRRRRREAT well-deserved beachy vacation in Nu Joyzee! Take care! LuLu

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