Monday, March 31, 2008

I finally finished some paintings!!!

Woo hoo I actually finished some pieces!

~Sweet Songbirds~

"Flight of Fancy"

So, I have been on a bird kick for the last few months and have been loving these sweet birds. So cheery, happy and Springy! I put a suet feeder outsider and within one day got all kinds of gorgeous birds. I am hoping our bluebirds comeback to nest for the 3rd year in a row-fingers crossed.

Still tweeking my blog with patterns now, so you will continue to see changes over the next few days, bare with me.
Finally I will announce the April Blog giveaway early this month as Michael and I are leaving for Aruba in the 2nd week of April. So, expect a giveaway announcement also in the next few days after the blog tweaking is done.

Finally, if you are an artist you need to be on Flickr. I have bought from a number of Etsy shops from things I have found on Flickr and I know it is helped my shop as well. Flickr is free and easy. What is better than free marketing?

Happy Creating ~dani~


Dadadreams Curious Collage Creations said...

Lovely work! Such sweet birds :)

Marie Patterson Studio said...

Dani - I love your new pieces...beautiful and delicate! Great idea on the finished sides.

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Really Cute ones Dani!


Jenn said...

Oh Dani! Your blog looks great! I wanted to figure out the 3 column deal too...but it hurts my head to think about it;) Love your sweet birdies painting!!!
And are going to Aruba!!?? Have FUN! I'm so excited for you!! xoxo...jenn

faerie enchantment said...

These are absolutely gorgeous pieces, so talented!

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