Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Your Art Rocks Award

Your Art Rocks  Award!

I created this Blingee award from the Swanky Lady Liberty Painting I recently completed.

I have found so many Brilliant artists through Etsy, Myspace, Ebay, Flickr & Blogs that I wanted a way to recognize these creative souls for their outstanding ability to create TRULY one of a kind-diverse art.

I will periodically hand out this award to help bring attention to these WONDERFUL OOAK artists. Who am I? Just someone who wants to live art everyday and tell artists why I think, their ART ROCKS!

My first award goes out to Lori Earley.

I originally found Lori on Myspace and have since counted her as my all time favorite artist. I am lucky enough to have seen her works in person at the Opera Gallery in NYC. I encourage you to visit her pages to soak in her work. Very Edgy and Very Polished . I truly believe she is destined for worldwide recognition and I cannot wait to see what she has in store for us in the future.

I leave you with my personal favorite



Marie Patterson Studio said...

Dani----Love your new blog!! A fresh look for spring!

janell berryman artist-owner said...

Love your new blog look! Background is really great :)
Love your artist pic too. I will go check out her link!

Little Lovables said...

What a pretty award!

Jenn said...

Dani...the award is so fabulous! What a great job you did!! And thank you for introducing me to this incredible artist! Really beautiful!!! xoxo...jenn

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