Friday, March 21, 2008

What's new or not so new...

I am sitting a my work table trying to decide what to create, when these 2 cuties pop up!

Hi my sweet lil friends. Sorry, I have been MIA as of late. The last 10 days have been a busy doozie! Here are the Gorey

My mom called in the evening last week asking me to pick her up and bring her to our house as she wasn't feeling well (Mom NEVER admits such things), so I knew it was bad. When I got there (1.5 hours away) it was clear she needed the emergency room.

So, I packed her up and put her in the car and drove. I called 2 nurse friends along the way and asked where do you think Mom should go. We ended up at a hospital only a 1/2 hour from my house which was great in itself. I realized soon enough that mom was having a hard time breathing due to fluid in her lungs from a pneumonia that would not die.

I called the ER along the way so they knew to expect us. From the moment we arrived they realized she needed immediate care and they went into action. They were everything you hope you will get when you need such care.

They admitted mom and she stayed for 5 days. During those 5 days they were always happy (never happens in health care) and happy to help with everything. They truly cared about her and the family. We joked each day as to what "meds" the staff was on! A nurse named Jessica was especially kind to mom and helped her to forget why she was really there. Sending virtual xoxo's to Jessica for her care and kindness and for yelling at my mother for sneaking to the vending machine to get raisinettes after a 410 on her blood sugar!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!

During her 5 days...the hospital handed out green carnations to each patient on Saint Patty's Day! They had 2 volunteers come around with a herbal tea cart to each room that had enough flavors to keep you happy for a month! They had a therapy dog come around to visit if the patient wanted. My mom smiled from ear to ear...she loved this sweet Irish setter named Carey. The final straw was that they had a violinist and singer walk around the floor playing music and singing!

HAVE YOU EVER? I have stayed at some outstanding hotels all over the world and never felt so wanted or welcomed!!

So, took mom home and spent a day with her and now I am wiped out. I need to focus again on some art as my shop is a lil light these days. So, I think I will work on some paintings and list them when they are all completed vs. just one or two here and there, So stay tuned for some newbies!
Feel free to send me some ideas and suggestions for inspiration as I seem to be a lil dry at the moment.
Happy Creating~ xoxo's ~dani~


janell berryman artist-owner said...

wow Dani, it was much more than I thought. Good for you for being the wonderful daughter that I know you are and good for the hospital for such extra special care. I am impressed. You don't hear that too often.
Glad your back and now its time get rolling :) Get them doggies roll'in! xoxo

Marie Patterson Studio said...

I WAS wondering what you were up to because it's not like you to not post something on your blog regularly. I'm sure your mom truly appreciates your attention and I'm glad to hear that she's doing better and is back home.
Enjoy your Easter with the family and let me know if you can do art group next week sometime.

Jenn said...

I'm so glad your Mom is okay! What an amazing story about the hospital...that is what it should always be like!! Happy Easter Dani!

p.s.your dogs are cuuuuuties!!!

janell berryman artist-owner said...

Happy Easter to you too Dani~ xoxo

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Hi DAni, I'm glad your mom is on the mend. What a great duaghter you are!
I'm kind of into flowers for inspiration these days...and old photos. Talk to you soon.

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