Friday, June 18, 2010

Our Family

Hello all sweet readers. Michael and I want to thank you all for your unbelievable sweet comments, emails, texts and posts in support of our Gavin. Our Gavin is home for 3 days now. He has a long road ahead and quite possibly more bumps to come but he is in good spirits and such a level headed young man, so it has not proven to be too difficult for him to handle.

The short version is he had contracted the common teenage virus: EBV aka Mono. The large majority never know they get mono or are only mildly affected. Needless to say Gavin got hit by the Mack truck of Mono viruses.
While in hospital (CHOP) they discovered some other concerns; strong possiblity of Crohns disease and a remote chance of a cancer (not blood). This harsh case of Mono may have turned out to be a blessing in disguise.
Gavins White blood cells are very high and his platelets are pretty low. His Spleen is still enlarged (common for harsh virus cases).
Blood results today revealed his platelets have barely risen in numbers so more retesting on Monday.

He is undoubtedly better compared to those super scary first days. Until his body recovers from this Mono the other specialists cannot do further testing to deny or confirm the other concerns.
So, it will be a few months before we have more answers. Gavin will finish his schooling at home and make up exams hopefully this summer.
We have been told it can be up to 6 months just to recover from the Mononucleosis. Who knew? Not me!

Surprisingly this is seemingly ok with all of us. I think because we believe all will be ok. So for now we are going about each day as normal. The only difference is helping care for Gavin which I could do for the rest of life x a gazillion years. He is our love (Austin too ; ) and we will make it all work so he has everything he needs.

I know a number of you have children with disorders, diseases and some of them had to pay the ultimate price. My heart breaks for each and everyone of. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you, Always.

Much love & joy-
Dani, Mike, Gavin & Austin

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Zan Asha said...

Oh, my sweet friend, I am sorry to hear about your son, but it looks like he is making good strides. PLEASE let me know if there is anything you need!

Tess said...

Oh my, I am so sorry for Gavin and pleased to know he is feeling better. My youngest had Mono when she was 16. It took what seemed like forever to get her back to her normal self. She was sleeping all of the time and missed so much school. Final results they took her tonsils out at age 17. By then she was much better and once the tonsils were gone and she recovered from that surgery it was smooth sailing. I hope all of Gavins other possible ailments turn out to be false alarms. Blessings to you all.

Jorge de Rojas said...

Your determination and strength always amaze me Dani. I know you will all face whatever comes as a family and that is 90% of the battle. Blessings to you all.

LuLu Kellogg said...

I am SO happy that you have Gavin back home with you and he's doing better. I will continue to keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.


Dustin Pearson Harlan said...

I am so relieved to hear it is Mono. The other stuff is still scary, I know. Life is so precious and family is so beloved.
Congrats on these blessings!

Brandi McKenna said...

Beautiful post! So glad he is home and on the way to recovered health! I am thankful for my children every day, aren't we truly rich where it counts!? What a true miracle life is.

Leah's Art Magic said...

Glad to hear Gavin is doing better. My son 21, was ill with a virus as well. Then it turned into infected tonsils. He had surgery last Monday to remove them. He's bouncing back. Hope Gavin does the same. I'm sending positive thoughts to him and blessings to you all.


Scrappy Jessi said...

hey doll
aaahhh im glad he is feeling better.
im so sorry you are all going through this. i will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Penny said...

Dani, I will keep Gavin in my prayers. He sounds like a tough guy. Penny

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