Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tinsel Trading &Tim Burton Exhibit with friends

This past weekend, we were lucky enough to spend the weekend with Kristen Beason and family as well as Marie Patterson and hubster. The Beason's drove here from Ohio so we could all see the Tim Burton exhibit in NYC at the MOMA. It was a great weekend with great friends. One I won't soon forget.

~Dinner all together Friday night~

Tinsel Trading Company

~Vintage Glittered, Wendy Addison Delights for sale~
Tinsel Trading Company in NYC!

~Beautiful Spring Display~

~Lil Miss Sassy Pants herself, Kristen Beason~

~Simply Drool Worthy~

~Have you ever seen so many trims? HEAVEN!~
Tinsel Trading Company NYC wall

~Tim Burton Exhibit~
Tim Burton Exhibit at MOMA in NYC

~Entrance to exhibit~
Tim Burton Exhibit at MOMA in NYC

Tim Burton Exhibit at MOMA in NYC

Just spooky good stuff!
Tim Burton Exhibit at MOMA in NYC

~Awe inspiring~

Who doesn't love a totem of TB monsters?

Divine to see his design sketches

Clowns, Aliens, Monsters..oh my!? LOVE IT!

I can't wait to go back again in a few short weeks to take it all in again.

If any of you are in the area and want to meet up in the city just say the word.



Creepy_Creations said...

Wow, how fun! Looks like an awesome time!!


Dustin Pearson Harlan said...

AAAGGGGHHHHH!!!!! Dani I'm so JEALOUS of you seeing the TB exhibit more than once, or at all. And my sister is soon to be on her way to see it with you? I could just curse you both-I mean...enjoy! Y'all have fun!

MarZel said...

Ok...I am so jealous too!!! What a fabulous time you are having and the pictures were fabulous. I am so glad you shared them.


Kathy said...

Wow...lucky lady! I wish I could see Tim Burton's exhibit. Be sure to take more pics next time you go...:D Thanks for sharing!

Bright blessings,

yoborobo said...

What fun, Dani! I would love to see that exhibit. I adore Tim Burton's art...well, we all do, I guess. LOL! xox Pam

Lance said...

I'm sick with envy. You must have left very inspired!

magikalseasons said...

Very Cool! Thanks for sharing!

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