Saturday, March 6, 2010

My sweet jetsetting escapades !

Hey gang! Wow...3+ weeks since I planted some deets on this bad boy..EEP! Well here is the quickie version of my escapades!

I flew to North Carolina and spent a dreamy week with Miss Brandi (She's Off her Rocker) and family. We had a fantastic time of it. Seriously, Miss Brandi made me laugh until I hurt. I didn't know it until recently that I have been in serious need of good 'ole gut busting laughter. Brandi is so much fun and has such a carefree fun nature to her. It is pure joy just being in the same room as Brandi. Her sister Dusti (makes HOT jewelry) is the same way. Both are true blue with a beautiful moral compass for everything around them. They are WAY fun and creative and find value in all styles of art-Love that! Two, well rounded beautiful souls that I am lucky to count among my friends and I know it! Cannot wait to see them again ;)

My recent travels have afforded me this joy and I feel rejuvenated in so many ways. I actually felt SOLID joy. Now, I know that sounds sad and all but truth is for a long time it has been difficult for me to have that actual feeling of true joy. The type that encompasses your entire mind and body. You know it when it comes and it is nothing short of beautiful.

Missing that feeling, I have chalked up to the aging process combined with a busy schedule and the stupid *%&*#%@! health issues of the last few years (FU-Home Depot..thanks for the 10 foot steel pole to the head which doctors believe is the reason the Fibromyalgia came on (head injury)..the gift that keeps on giving). So, a big thank you to the Harlan sisters for bringing a big smile that is still stuck on my face ;)

Do to the short flight to NC of only 1.5 hours and usually pretty darn cheap, Miss Brandi and I will jetsetting back and forth a lot more often to work together!

Now, while there we visiting Robert Brawley aka Halloween Fanatic! Mr. Brawley is a kick azz collector who recently went back to his own artistic roots and is creating some fun holiday pieces of his own! Mr Fanatic opened his home to us and showed us his wonderful collection of original holiday collectibles. We had a ball with Robert and family and are smitten with him. He is a true delight and I hope to see him again in the future!

Brandi, Rober and I

I was so rejuvenated when I came home that I actually tore the azz out of my studio space and cleaned and organized it! I am so happy, I made the time to do it. Perfect time for Spring cleaning and enjoying our home. Please take the 2 min. tour of my studio and see some of my sweet & spooky collected pieces from many artists' you will recognize.


Iva Wilcox of Iva's Creations said...

So glad you had a wonderful time! Your studio looks fantastic!! Oh how I need some straightening! Maybe I can convince you to do the same to my creative space when you jetset to my neck of the woods?! ;)
~ Iva

Sue said...

Love your studio - so much fun seeing all the goodies in their spooky splendor!

Glad you had a great time.


Dustin Pearson Harlan said...

Dani, you are THE SWEETEST! I love your studio tour and errything in it. Thanks for the shout out!
I'll be counting the days to our next visit!

Shes Off Her Rocker said...

Oh Dani you have a way with words! I felt the same was joyous. I am so thrilled we can actually see each other and next time we will create MORE than antibiotic doses and smoothies!! Ha ha ha.... going to give that travel agent of yours a work out! Love the awesome I ever saw!! Xoxox

rhinestonearmadillo said...

Hi there-
I'm Brandi and Dusti's friend Laura from Texas. I do all kids of schtuff, but my absolute favorite is Halloween art. I'm over at Rhinestone Armadillo if you ever want to say hello. Brandi just RAVES about you, by the way. Good to be loved, huh?

Hey---I really enjoyed the studio tour. That was a cool idea. I was curious---who did the great portrait hanging above your desk? Desk? The dark shadowy figure with a sort of mask-like face? It reminds me so much of a friend's art, and I was wondering if it was one of his pieces.

Great site! I love to lurk. Oh, and your tribute to your grandmother was so sweet and fun to read. I'm glad I found it on Mother's Day. Bye!!

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