Monday, March 29, 2010

Halloween & Inspiration abound at a Tattoo Convention?

So Mr. Mikey and I (at my prodding) headed over to the 2010 Tattoo Convention in Phila this past weekend.

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 001

I personally have a love hate relationship with tattoos. I have many from my young adult life of lessons learned (many of which I now dislike). I very much enjoy tattooing as an art form and even apprenticed right out of High School but alas my attention span was not up to the amount of work it takes to be a worthy tattooist.

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 042

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 016

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 033

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 036

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 020

This was our 3rd Tattoo Convention (last one was a decade ago or longer) and my how things have changed. Halloween art is everywhere! Original and print art for sale as home decor is everywhere! It was a true feast for the artful eyes.

I had to buy this is beyond awesome and the fact that it is done by a women tattooist makes it even sweeter!
Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 026

another piece by the same artist, Lara
soo moody, haunting and beautiful in an odd manner.

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 025

The diversity of creativity astounds me continuously and it is for this reason I adore tattooing. Such a personal expression (when not a drunk frat boy and getting a Tasmanian Devil) of someones inner thoughts, fears, dreams and really soul. The need to have a one of a kind piece of art permanently inked on your body is really understandable is it not? We all collect things we must have, things we covet and adore. Beloved trinkets we feel the need to keep close to us. Are tattoos really any different? Such a very personal art form, tattooing is and I can see I am even more understanding to why beautiful young women "sleeve" themselves with ink. So my point..? I say congrats on your courage of diverse creativity and may you enjoy it with no regrets forever more.

Such wonderful examples of intriguing art for inspiration!

~Think out of the box and challenge your thoughts~
Tattoo Conventions offer dozens of affordable booklets of art (line drawings, flash, originals, etc) which make for great inspirational reference!

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 023

Mixed Media
what do you like about it, what don't you like. Don't just dismiss it b/c you wouldn't necessarily buy it...look at it, discover it and see if anything surprises you?

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 039

Artful business banners that are just so expressive!

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 019

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 027

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 030

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 035

Finally, I leave you with the jewelry genius of Francene of MARTHA ROTTEN!
I was lucky enough to meet her at last years National Halloween Convention and am delighted to report she is returning to the 2010 NHC in a few weeks!!

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 053
All her pieces are non tarnishing or turning..they are solid polished pewter!

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 044

Baby Head Bracelets!

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 045

I got this one!!!

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 047

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 049

Baby head Belt buckles, yes!
~Molded from Vintage Doll heads~

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 048

Molded from real crows feet, chicken bones and various bonery!

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 051

Let your Halloween Party guests see your attention to every spooky detail with these wicked salt and pepper shakers!

Tattoo Convention Philadelphia 2010 050

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Jorge de Rojas said...

Oh what fun Dani! I'm sure your mind is going a thousand miles a minute with ideas. Thanks for sharing.

Zan Asha said...

The tattoos are amazing--gotta give props to the guy getting his HEAD tattooed...though now that I think about it, that's probably not the most sensitive body part to get tattooed? Haha! The art is great...

And the jewelry! I think you might be a closet goth, there Dani--though maybe you're just a doll fanatic with the baby head jewelry--gee who knew? Good stuff!

by Wendy Leaumont said...

Great photos and so much inspiration! I have 3 tattoos and my husband just about had a heart attack when I got the last one b/c it involves a skull...Oh well...!!! Fun post, Dani!

Southern Fried Art said...

What a blast it looks like you had and lots of inspiration I love tats as an art but must admit don't think I could ever get one, What great print you found love it!!! Thanks for sharing all the awesome pics!!!

Dustin Pearson Harlan said...

I think I don't have the tattoo gene. I like them...on other people. I don't have the courage to stick myself with an image that is forever. Love the art though! Looks like you had a blast, I'd love to have some of those reference books! Martha Rotten must be my jewelry soul mate!!!! Reminds me of my own fabulous taste, love it LOVE IT!!!!!

Brandi McKenna said...

LOVE THIS POST! So fun...I lOVE the Jewlry girl and do remember her! Gosh she does have Dusti's taste! Doll heads and bones...all the way!! RAWK!!!!

Designs By CK said...

Happy Easter weekend to you!

Chris :-)


Leah's Art Magic said...

Happy Easter Dani!
Wow love all the ink art!
The jewelry is, For the Soul too!

Have a great day lady!


Valeriote Design said...

OUCH... Looks like a painfully fun day! LOVE those baby heads.

cal said...

Hi Dani , I love all your post, but read the one about your Gram twice. Oh what an amazing woman. I felt you really captured who she was. I would have loved her. She seemed to really know how to see and bring out the best in life and people. What would the world do without people like her and I am sure she has passed those traits on to you to carry the torch of seeing and living a life of passion of beauty. Hugs Julie

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