Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tickle Me Smitten

Look at these darkly wondrous lil goodies that totally tickled my Fatuitous fanny this week! Feels SOOo good to find things that make me smile, laugh and pine away for one!!

~Exquisite Corpse Doll~

Look at the cover of the newest ADQ- Art Doll Quarterly, February 2010. I am so kRaZy over this cover doll.

This doll was designed by two different artists' each making a different component in separate work spaces! They had general guidelines set before they started but how amazing is this doll that they constructed. I AM SUCH A SMITTEN, KITTEN~ ( besides the fact that my dear friend Marie Patterson (Studio) has her doll pictured 4x inside! Go Marie (hope she autographs it for me;)!!

Ok, Next on my Tickled Smitten list is: Tim Burton's Tragic Toys for Girls & Boys Series.. Sweetly Spook-a-licious!

I just collected my first set from my free ebay bucks certificate and they arrived today!!! Miss Janell turned me onto these sweet & spooky lil characters with lil sourly sweet stories in the book, written by Tim Burton. I will leave you to learn more about the sweet & silly characters but the one in the middle is "Stain Boy"- What's not to love I ask!??

~I excitedly look forward to adding the rest of the crew over time~

Filmmaker Tim Burton is known for his unique ability to mix intelligent wit with highly original visual intrigue.
In this wonderful little volume, Burton gives birth to a cast of gruesomely sympathetic children--misunderstood outcasts who struggle to find love and belonging in their cruel, cruel worlds, where destruction and misery lurk in every corner....Burton's lovingly lurid illustrations convey both the sweetness and tragedy of his macabre, partly human creations.

My final Tickled Smitten is this darkely divinely designed Kookshi doll original made by Janell Berryman.
While visiting Janell in Oregon, I snapped this up and snuck it in my suitcase. Yep, I STOLE it. I knew if I told her I wanted to buy it she would just give it to me (she is too nice to me, I tell you). So, I stole it and just paypal'd her the money. he he he~

Now, go google-a-away my sweet and spooky friends and gets yours!


Sue said...

Oh boy, do I need me some Smittens!

Love the Tim Burton to google!


Chicken Lips said...

Those Tim Burton figures are totally awesome! I have GOT to get me some!!!!

Zan Asha said...

Isn't the cover page one of ADO artist, Sheri DeBow and her partner? It looks amazing! Hmmm...I dunno, I swear I've seen some of Tim's toys over at a place called Forbidden Planet--a big Comics emporium on Broadway, here for months! Love his stuff!

Dustin Pearson Harlan said...

Holy crap, what a cool bunch of doll stuff! I heart everything Tim Burton, he reminds me so of Edward Gorey; black and white creepy delightful animated Heaven!

Designs By CK said...

FUN Burton goodies! '-)

Popping in 4 a belated howdy. :-)

SpOOky CK (-:


Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Tim Burton's figures are have I missed them? Did you go to his exhibition in NY? So wish I could have gone! Poop!

Thanks for sharing and great "steal" from Janell!!! giggle!!!!

Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing all of the work!!

Jackie said...

your too funny.....and i love the tb guys!!!

Iva Wilcox of Iva's Creations said...

Those Burton figures are the cutest!! And the latest ADQ magazine is wonderful! Yay Marie for being in it all over!! One of my friends (Gina) is in it too, and I did have her sign it. I'd love to have Marie sign mine too! *Sigh* one day I'll see everyone...maybe soon!?

Tinsell and Whimsy said...

Oh my......I must visit more often.....the time missed from here is my loss. Finding someone else who thinks figurative creations should be delightfully demented is a treat. I want to come back in the next life and be related to Tim Burton......thanks for the scoop!

Colleen said...

That cover is quite fantastic. Really fun and unique.

Odddollz by Jacqui said...

You have every right to be smitten with all of this wonderfully spooky stuff!! Yes the cover of ADQ is an amazing doll!! I love her:0 and the Tim Burton toys.....I have them all I think and they ARE a wicked little set!! Where ever dod you find the book though?? I have to get me one of those!! Off to the comic book store across the street tomorrow!!
Janell's dolls are amazing, lucky you for being able to steal one!! lol


JafaBrit's Art said...

I am loving all these dolls and the creativity.

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Flor Larios Art said...

Fantastic Burton!
I enjoyed your posts...became a follower.

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