Saturday, January 9, 2010

forged friendships & ass bombs

Wow, my head is spinning right now! I am packing up to head for the Pacific Northwest!! OMG is this a dream come true or what, right? I am an excitedly nervous nelly (soo much to do)!

I am off to spend a week with Janell Berryman on the Oregon coast in 2 days!!! I am excited to finally throw a big hug around her. It has been a number of years since we forged a friendship, all due to the wonders of Etsy. We have spent lots of time emailing and chatting on the phone but due to distance (me NJ) and obligations this is the first time we will actually meet in person.

How bazaar/crazy/somewhat outlandish is it that we are all part of this artful online community and that so many of us genuinely care bunches for each other yet have never met in person? It truly astounds me that someone I count as my dearest friend in the world is someone I have never laid eyes on in real time.

Oh, and guess who we get to "lunch" with on Thursday? Giggle, Giggle....Joy & Glee... Jo & Dylan of Cart Before the Horse! OMG... squeel!

Now, I am not particularly pleased about the long flights involved nor the fact that people have been shoving explosive materials up their keester.
Nor the fact that both of my nearby airports have had substantial security issues very recently. But a quick visit to my doc the other day secured me a script for xanax. She gave me enough for all four flights and I plan on partaking in the marvels of pharmaceuticals so that if someone does decide to bring down the plane I won't give a rats ass.

Most of my concern is with my Fibromyalgia issues. Fm is a crap shoot. You just do not know when the pain will hit and how strong. I am only approx. 6 months into my diagnosis and I still have not learned exactly how to manage this strange affliction.
So, I basically carry a diaper bag worth of chit with me to insure my comfort.
My flight plan strategy/must haves:
Earplugs or Earbuds/ipod
my perfect lil pillow tucked under head (I always rock a window seat or I refuse to fly ;)
eye mask on (that's right..I am one of those peeps..I want to forget where I am)
a lil travel blankie that I bring
2 bottles of water
My favorite health bars/snacks
lip balm
Shoes come off & Fuzzy Slipper Socks go on

I basically go into hibernation. It is near impossible for someone like me to sit still that long without doing some sort of task. With no internet based resources or cell phone use I am like a dope sick junkie in the throws of withdrawls. And being that I cannot use these usual tools to distract me from the fact that I am in a tin can with wings 30k up in the air and that at that altitude I will almost certainly have FM muscle pains I must do the next best thing....SLEEP!

Now, I do bring my sketchbook, a book & game/movie on ipod in case my hibernation strategy goes south but by in large I try and sleep my way through the whole event. That is why I try like hell to get flights with no layovers. Seriously, can we REALLY put men on the moon and we cannot get ONE FRIGGIN non stop flight to Eugene, Oregon airport?

I digress...

I will settle for NOT having this guy as my seat mate....

The point is it is ALL worth it to meet the sweet J.B. in person and to get to work & play with her is something I will soon be able to scratch off of my "if dreams come true" wish list!

BTW..did I mention....

Janell Berryman announcement

Yeah J!!!


Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

Fun Post!



Maija said...

Have so much fun, and be safe!!!

yoborobo said...

Oh my GWAD Dani I am LMAO! I am exactly the same way about flying. Good move on the xanax. It will help oodles and oodles. :) And if it doesn't, just start drinking! (Kidding!!!!!). All will be well, and I am so happy you are getting to meet Janell in person. I know you two are going to have a blast, AND you get to meet Jo & Dylan (I am green with envy!!!). Have fun, my friend. I swear it is going to be fine. xoxoxoxo Pam

Skelly Addict said...

AWESOME post...miss your blog posts!!

Safe trip to you and hope you have a BLAST with Janell and Dylan & Jo (so jealous you get to meet some of my most treasured Artists)...must post some pics for all of us! ;o)

Shes Off Her Rocker said...

y! Your blogging again! This post was hilarious and wonderful...I am laughing at all the humor...enjoy your xanaxed ride and you go Jestsetter!! Have as much fun as you possible can and you and Janell do as you please the whole darn time! And celebrate!! I Know you will!! Peace!

~dani~ said...

Awe, you all are seriously too sweet and gave me smiles galore. I missed blogging and sharing. It was FUN! I have many wonderful blessings in my life between work and family but I have very lil fun anymore.
2010 is the year that I take my life back from too many commitments. It is time I started to live life again and experience it and just do some things that I enjoy. No more giving to much energy to others and leaving nothing for me. I will find a healthy balance damnit ;) Hello, I am Dani and I am a folk art work addict ;)

Anonymous said...

HAve Fun Dani! Give Janell and big hug and hello for me please.

Janell Berryman artist-owner said...

Just now am back home and read this. OK you got me all teared up! Sweet sweet dani girl. I am so excited to finally "meet" you. Its only a day and a half away!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am counting the hours. Hopefully we can post some silly photo's of us together and share. xoxo Janell

~dani~ said...

Hellz yah! :o

Anita Van Hal said...

Sounds like such fun! I'm so jealous too...your lunch date sounds fascinating! I was diagnosed with fm ten years ago, and have suffered with a constant (I'd say chronic, but that would give the impression that it actually goes away) headache for a little over five years...if you ever need a shoulder to cry on or just need to dump your frustrations on someone, please contact me...

I just found your blog BTW!

Hope you had a great time!

Anita Van Hal

Marie Patterson Studio said...

My thoughts and spirit are with you all the way!
You better use that "fancy phone" and keep me up to date...I expect lots of pictures!
Dani, Janell, Jo and Dylan !!!
Have loads of fun and give Janell a BIG HUG from me!!!!

Georgina said...

OMG, I know that dude on the terlet!!! JUst kidding. I recall a long trip from Albuquerque to Phillie and I was sitting with the "Scooter Twins" way in the back by the potty...NEVER AGAIN!! You might want to consider taking nose plugs too if you are as unfortunate as I was!! LOL Have a wonderful time...I'm so jealous!!


The Vintage Sister said...

Suck it up Girlfriend, you're going to have an awesome time! Keep your eyes on the prize;)Can't wait to hear (and see) all about your trip upon your return.

Be safe and just don't get on a plane with someone that looks like they're wearing a diaper..or clown shoes:)

Sue said...

What a fabulous time you are going to have! Isn't it amazing how some of our closest friends now are people that we have never met in person? The wonder of the internet.

Good luck on your flights - take those meds and close your eyes. (I'm SO with you on the flying!!!)

Take lots of pics and when you get back - blog, blog, blog about your vacation!

Doreen said...

What a great are hysterical :) How wonderful to be meeting Janelle!!!

My mom has Fibromyalgia..I feel for you as I know the pain she struggles with...she has found though that swimming helps amazingly...she was also able to have a script written to cover the cost of the gym membership :)

Have a fun time :)

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Great post Dani and I have know doubt this will be a dream come true. Sorry about the flights making you feel worse, but your strategy is amazing!!!


Leah's Art Magic said...

You gals have fun!!!
Dani you sound just like me about flying! LOL!

Take care,


Jo James said...

I'm SO glad you braved the trip! It was wonderful meeting you and Janell. I wish we all lived on the same block! Maybe not, we'd never get any work done. :) BIG hugs- Jo

Eulalia Cornejo said...

beautiful blog!!

Sharon Stevens said...

How wonderful to meet Janell and Jo and Dylan! Lucky U,
btw I have fibro as well..was diagnosed about 4 years ago. Found a great doctor who keeps it under control for me. You will eventually get the hang of what the triggers are. Of course, a big one is STRESS can we avoid it?

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