Thursday, August 5, 2010

Getting started: Accepting Credit Cards at Shows and Everyday

Yesterday, I sent an email to friends in the biz about how to get started accepting credit cards. So many thanked me that I realized I needed to share this info even further. So....

It is a very intimidating process until someone shows you the way and suddenly you go....AH that is easy!!!!!!!!!!

So a special shout out to Iva Wilcox for her sharing of information that helped me get started 2 years ago.

This info is for any artist selling at shows. You will make more money if you take credit cards..people buy more from you when they can charge some of it. Here is the info just in case.


sign up, VERY EASY application, no credit check. instant approval. ONE TIME Fee each year (not monthly) is $55.00 for up to $3000.00 of charges accepted per month!!!
you will get a ATM card to withdraw your money from the credit card transactions within 24HOURS or have it transferred to your bank acct!!!

You can do the entire thing via their online website when running a credit card but just in case you do not have wifi/internet connection available at your location, just order the below supplies and run the cards after the show back at home or hotel!
*I personally ALWAYS take a imprint of the card so I can prove I had the card in my hand and that the owner did authorize it.

Order Supplies
1) Credit Card Imprinter
1) pack of Slips (long ones I prefer to the shorter ones-you can always use the extra space to write on the slip)
1) sign saying you accept MasterCard and Visa

I bought my supplies from here:

Total investment: is under $75.00 to accept credit cards for an ENTIRE year!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is AMAZING!

*Side note: You can also optionally order a name plate for your business that attaches to the imprinter so that every time you swipe a credit card transaction your business name will also imprint on the sales/copy/receipt slip.

In my opinion there is no better service for taking credit cards at this level.

Happy selling!!


Creepy_Creations said...

That is great information! Thank you so much for sharing!!


by Wendy Leaumont said...

Holy cow, you are my HERO! Doing my second show in October and have been meaning to do some research on this so that I can take CCs!! You're the best! Thank you thank you thank you for posting this info. and saving me some time!

Judy said...

Thanks for the information!
This is a great share,how thoughtful.

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