Sunday, August 22, 2010

SpookyTimeJingles New Group that is Open to all "creatives" on the Hive ONLY!

SpookyTimeJingles New Group that is Open to all "creatives" on the Hive ONLY!

I have wanted to start a group for a long time now, that combines STJ artists and STJ fans who also like to share in creativity and the process..whatever that may be for you (sketching, painting, scrap booking, poetry, etc...).

This type of group makes sense to me since, I often would like to add more artists to SpookyTimeJingles but cannot due to size constraints. When a marketplace gets too large in size it causes the viewer to lose interest because their is too much content to take in. Hence the reason for our 6+month wait list to join us plus we just do not have a lot of turnover.

So in creating this open group, I would so love a place where other creatives with the same interests (holidays) and goals (kindness and inspiration) as STJ could commingle and share in this holiday goodness together! I believe the HIVE has given us the perfect venue to make this happen.

So please come join in the HIVE:

And then join our STJ group on The Hive:

~Hugs & Happy Creating my friends~


Sharon S. said...


I tried to create an account, but on the page there are just blank boxes with no instruction as to what to enter in the boxes. Help!

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