Saturday, July 5, 2008

And the Devil-Drama Plot Thickens / Original post is below this one

OMG...OMG...OMG!!!!! This is almost too unbelievable for words. I cannot share all the message that started this nonsense (as I am not at liberty) but I have to share this part of it as I cannot stop myself. It is just too good to pass over.

My site, SpookyTime Jingles WAS accused of promoting Satanism as "it has the devil, A Skeleton and everything!!!!!!!!!!!! What?

I am just stunned stupid. What is this? I have "the devil and everything" on my site, SpookyTime Jingles???????????????

Did you know this? Because NOBODY told me that I have the devil on my site.
And what is everything? The snowman?...EEK NOT THE SNOWMAN...... otherwise known as Satan's henchman! Maybe the JOL of Jack Skellington from a CARTOON??? Somebody help me here...please anyone...someone...throw me bone, would ya?

Is this person a meth addict (I hear they can become delusional) or just mentally unstable? Both? I digress....

Yes, clearly with the name SpookyTime Jingles (sends shivers of terror throughout all the land) I am promoting the devil and evil doings. This person called it a Halloween site. Why, oh why do these crazy ass people insist on only choosing the word(s) that work for their agenda? Why not bring up the fact that we also sell CHRISTMAS art? I left the Christ in Christmas. I could have said Xmas. Ok, now I am blathering on but I just don't get these twisted people.

Now correct me if I am wrong but the last time I checked (think I learned this in oh KINDERGARTEN) the skeleton had nothing to do with anything evil but held two very important jobs, like holding the body up and protecting delicate organs of the body? Just a thought...

Yes, evil doing at its finest!

This is so comical. This poor person is clearly in her/his own very small shallow world. I actually feel kind of sorry for this person, as they have no idea how very foolish they are and how she/he could be using their energies to help others that really are in need vs. spreading BS propaganda throughout online communities.

Ok, in closing I would like to point out that in almost every horror movie plot with a homicidal maniac and every Serial Killer's history, was a bible thumping crazy ass fanatical parent who drove there children to absolute insanity. Who's the devil now?

Oh, and by the way...STILL *KISS MY ASS* Then go join the Taliban if you so strongly feel the need to be fanatical, I hear they are recruiting~


Anonymous said...
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Annie said...

wow...I am amazed...I tell ya...this is whacked! Dani I thought I have seen everything but this takes the cake....Some people have NOTHING better to do then run around creating drama..
I for one, plan on doing as I want...creating halloween pieces and enjoying every minute of it..
Try to ignore the loons...and they will go elsewhere to bother someone else..
Hugs Annie

Reverend Rod said...

AMEN SISTER................ROFLOL

Huckleberry Arts said...

ROFL oh my goodness Perfect I am letting you write all my post now lol............I am Rolling her Dani well said! ........Now lets take all this enregy this "gal" has given us and create the best Halloween and Chrsitmas Creations !!!
All I have to say is STJ is full of some the best mnost beautiful people I know!

You Rock Dani!!!


~dani~ said...

For anyone wondering...

I did delete a comment above that said STJ IS promoting satanism but in a good way. Ok..well whatever.
But I deleted it because they put a link to their site and I won't no part of their agenda.

studiorose said...

Wow - my first visit to your site and I land in the middle of drama! :) I must tell you, I know exactly what you're dealing with here. My former boss was one of those fanatics who look for "evil" everywhere, the type who needs to identify a tangible enemy so they feel like they're "fighting the good fight." Once she found out I'm agnostic - oh, the horror! - my work life became a living hell. In my case, the crazy person in the equation had a certain modicum of power over me, being my boss, but in your case, this person has nothing to hurt you with but nasty words. Consider the source - he/she is not worthy of your valuable time. And unfortunately, any response or reaction in your defense will only strengthen their conviction that you're Enemy No. 1.

So - moving on. :) I found you through the wonderful My Vintage Studio blog; she mentioned a Halloween ATC swap here and I'm thrilled to find out there is still time to sign up, if I may. Unlike those who have not moved past the 12th century, I have wonderful memories of Halloweeen, my favorite holiday of all time.

Okay, I must get back to perusing your lovely blog now! Your artwork is wonderful and I'm anxious to see more.

My Story said...

So sorry this is happening to you girls..but glad you're standing strong..some people!...donna

My Story said...

LOL..Dani if that was my post you deleted..its just because I don't know how to do this post thingy yet..and it came sorry..don't want you to think it was someone causing trouble...eeeps!..:).donna

~dani~ said...

NO it was someone with a satanistic above comment. They were being stupid. Thanx though ;)

Debb said...

When we were little Halloween was a good thing going trick treating and now this people just want to take Halloween andsay it bad.I think this people had no love from a parent and never had Halloween. Halloween is what you make it.Making our dollsdoesn't mean we evil.I like makingmy HAlloweeen dolls .And if someone doesn't like them .They don't have to stop at my store Halloween JingleBells BOO .Soon to be here in the blog land.Think that to evil of a name?? I love your work keep it up.Did you get my email on the swap?
From another Halloween doll artist
love Debb

~dani~ said...

Please people do not market your stuff on my site with names and and what is coming. I know we all help each other and I love that but ask me first and I would be happy to help a fellow artist. BUT DO NOT just think my blog is a billboard for your agenda.

Especially when we barely know each other. Your art is your art... it is your life's work..not mine!
So do not choose to use me as your forum to get the word out as you will never see me do such a thing on your site(s). It is opportunistic and just icky.

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Oh the DRAMA! I'm sure this won't be the last Dani:) Some people are unbelieveably ignorant and can't fit any more information in their very, very small brains. Too bad for them, they don't know what fun they are missing!

~Tonya said...

Wow Dani! I was floored when I read this post! Some have nothing better to do, then to look for the negativity in EVERYTHING!

Has anyone ever heard of being able to create, until your heart is content...(no matter what holiday it may be for). Some try to depict everything until there is nothing left!

I agree with all of the other comments on here and for some of them, I could not have said it and better.

I also wanted to let you know, I loved your post about the whole situation. You have spunk! And that is a GOOD quality, Dani.

Your website will be Amazing and I for one can not wait until it opens.


~dani~ said...

I want to thank everyone for your supportive comments. These things go in waves for me. Disbelief, Laughter, Annoyance, Anger and Sadness. Luckily, I get over these things quickly but I know that is in part b/c of you all.

xoxo's Dani~

The Smiling Goat said...

OMG I am rolling on the floor! Some people just don't have anything nice to say! I for one KNOW that this site is going to do well!

Rock on with your bad self!!


Creepy Margaret said...

Rock on sister, it takes all ones like you and more "interesting" ones to keep us cool people fired up to create more good stuff. Hopefully their stupidity will end here. Keep up the good work -- your fan who wants a great site like yours -- Margaret

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