Friday, July 3, 2009

A little extra to share today

This is our local Firehouse tanker truck, isn't it beautiful! It is painted with the scene of George Washington and troops crossing the icy cold Delaware River. We live next to the Delaware right where George Crossed. History and Heritage is so cool!

So I was sitting here and working on the SpookyTimeJingles site, listening to Michael Jackson and remembering the old days and how I truly believed I was going to marry MJ when I was in Middle School! Ya..I know...
When I get a picture in my email of my son, Gavin in uniform. Gavin is a volunteer fire fighter in trainer as well as training to be an EMT. He is a proud member of our local fire dept.
He recently participated in an event to help families with special needs children.
There is nothing more handsome than seeing your son in a uniform. I am so proud of my boys. For now here is Mr. Gavin in the middle. Blonde and Blue...look!

Our ambulance and crew recently represented Union at Pennington's first annual Special Needs Event Open House. This event allowed special needs children and their families to understand how emergency operations work and what will happen if an emergency situation is to arise.

~Proud Momma~


yoborobo said...

Oh, Dani - what a handsome boy. What a great pic of all 3 of them. Ah, youth, and looks! Look out world! :) Congrats! You have every reason to be proud. Happy 4th!!!! xox Pam

icandy... said...

Hi! :) If you live right on the Delaware by Washington's Crossing... have you ever been to or heard of DILLY'S?? Only THE best ice cream place in the world! Right at the base of the bridge on the Pa. side. We make the trip to Dilly's each time we go home-ever since I was a little girl! My parents were both born and raised in Pa. We love that part of the world! :) Happy 4th!!! That firetruck is amazing, what a familiar image to us! It's always nice to find someone who has something in common!

Sue said...

Dani, I can see why you are so proud - your son sounds like a wonderful young man (and is handsome too!)

Love the painting on the firetruck!

Happy July 4th!

Designs By CK said...

FUNNY that you wanted to marry MJ! LOL '-)


Tracy M. said...

That is so awesome about your son! My husband is a Denver Firefighter, and our oldest boy and Nephew hope to follow in his footsteps. Good luck to Gavin! Love that name.
Take care!
Tracy M.

Brandi McKenna said...

He is handsome like his daddy, must be that Jersey boys rock thing!! ALL your men are wonderful...LOVE this! I know you have a LOT to be proud of, Dani.

Lisa Nelson's Art, Bucks County Designs said...

What a cutie!!! You must be soooo proud!!!

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