Friday, July 10, 2009

Have I lost my marbles?

Spent sometime today with the kiddo's at a big fair today. I was dropping them off to hang with friends. So, after I was quickly discarded by the spawn. I snapped a few pics for fun. It was daylight which certainly makes it all look very different.

mixed media hallo ornies & Spooky Crew  CArnival pics 003

The colors are like candy!

Everything looked like something I wanted to put in my house for some reason. I do not know what is happening to me but my "tastes" have definitely taken a turn towards the odd end of things.

My home is eclectically decorated & quite colorfully compared to most folks but is, I think pretty mainstream. A few oddities & unusuals here and there. But this takes the Carnival Cake!

All I wanted to do today was run off with this Clown Mouth GARBAGE can lid of all things!

Enough so I contemplated bribing a staff member with a $100 bucks for it! As, I wondered if that was enough to get the job done, I wondered if one might be arrested for Clown Can Bribing?

CLEARLY, I have lost my ever-lovin marbles!


I could see Michael now! Not sure he would say anything to me other than shoot me a look of WTF?

I could hear me telling him how surely the kids would be so very excited to throw away their garbage now versus leaving things lying all over the house all the time! It was an investment in the cleanliness of our homes future, I could hear me saying aloud in my head.

After additional thought I remembered I am not really "slammer" material and decided to opt out of a trip to the pokey.

Then, I spotted this!

Which I instantly imagined hanging over my fireplace!

mixed media hallo ornies & Spooky Crew  CArnival pics 001

Now, all that being said I promptly grabbed a funnel cake and got my butt home!


Denise said...

This is too funny Dani. You crack me up!!! I am laughing my butt off. You should have bought the clown garbage can. Id come visit just to bring over some good trash to toss in!! :-) sounds like a good day. wish i was there. Love the colors in the photos and boy the sunny day we had today, it was awesome! Cheers to ya for getting out and having a good time! I bet when you go to sleep tonight you will still be thinking about the clown garbage can! HA!

~dani~ said...

I am think I am going to start searching for one online! Lordy help me!

Sue said...

Too funny.....and I can definitely see your attraction to the clown garbage pail lid. It would be so cool in a house! Odd? yes, but what fun!

Love your pics!

Shes Off Her Rocker said...

This first of all, you are so cool, not crazy at all. I think you could make a smaller version of the clown in a certain style that know what I mean! Your alter ego could really go to town on that clown head, ok??? And the whole thing about carnivals is the amazing bright and crazy inspired you didn't it? I think you NEED that clown trash can!!! Find out what it would takE You only live once, woman!!!!!

yoborobo said...

Come on, Dani - ninja over there and bribe the guard. I think it would look fabulous as a laundry hamper! :)

icandy... said...

Love these carnival pics... one of my favorite sights! You know, I once found one of those plastic, prism colored light bulb covers from one of the rides~ laying on the ground!!!! Guess where THAT ended up?!!?? Yep, you got it... in MY POCKET!!! :) Keep your eyes on the ground! (hehe) It's actually in one of my "favorite things" box collages. Hope you have a great time! We have a fair coming up this week... you can bet that I'll be keeping my eyes peeled! :)

Christina! :)

Lisa Nelson's Art, Bucks County Designs said...

Love the clown - I think I'd use him as a laundry basket. He's just too cute for trash. Carnivals appeal to MANY collectors - you're not at all odd. Yikes, Pam would use him for laundry too. We must have the same taste in decor.

PJ's talking... said...

I'm with you! I want some of that cool stuff in my yard, front porch... living room. Great photos. PJ

Tracy M. said...

I don't know, That clown looks like he could be kinda creepy in the dark. LOL.

Tinsell and Whimsy said...

I totally get the carnival and possible circus addiction.......because I should be going to the Clowns Anonymous meetings too! I love anything carnival and circus.......and actually do have some items from both places displayed in my home. What better fun than toss the bean bag at carnival knockdowns while cooking dinner. Here is a great website for original, antique circus/carnival if you seriously start collecting.

disa said...

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