Sunday, October 19, 2008

Good Friends +Beach, Cemeteries, Antiquing & Seafood= Great Time!

Marie and I are showing off our happy feet!

So, here are a few quick highlights of the day trip that Marie and I took, that turned into 3 days!!!

We got up at 6 am (after a late night of wine and scrabble-ugh!) to see the sunrise over the ocean. It was a foggy morning but the temp and breeze were great and it turned out to be lovely watching the orange sun peeking through the clouds as it rose.

During our trip we visited some of the area cemeteries and found some beautiful masoleums.

Here is a photo looking through the copper door at the beautiful stained glass.

While we were taking pics, Marie realized we could see each others reflection through the glass. Can you see Marie?

We shopped in Manasquan and Pt. Pleasant Beach and found some wonderful shops with lots of ooh's and ahh's! Finally on the ride home we passed this farmers market and I just had to take a quick video. It so makes me laugh.

I needed this break and am so glad Marie was right along with me!!


Ginny Diezel said...

Looks as though you had the perfect combination: good friend, good fun!

Designs by CK said...

Wishing you a magickal & Happy Halloween!!! :-D)


Marie Patterson Studio said...

That video of the blow ups is soooo funny....glad I was able to pull over!

Krissysart said...

How wonderful that you have such a good friend to do fun and rejuvenating things with. Looks like you had a fantastic 3 days!

Huckleberry Arts said...

Wish I was there looks like a wonderful time!!

Fantastic Figments said...

That is so awesome I am glad that you had a GREAT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is important to take a little break now and then :)

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Yay! I'm so glad you gals had such a good time. Maybe this will be an annual trip?
Thanks for sharing the sunrise video. It's hard to believe we neglect to notice that this happens almost every day! A great reminder.

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

So glad you took a break and had such a good time!!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

JafaBrit's Art said...

Oh those balloon figures are hilarious. I enjoyed your videos, the one of the seaside made me homesick. Looks like a fab little trip, glad you enjoyed yourselves.

janell berryman artist-owner said...

Ahhhhhhhhh what fun! Sure wish I lived closer. Love the ocean video. :)

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