Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Art Doll Quarterly Blog Giveaway

ADQ Winter FRONT COVER with Ad quarter sized

How would you like to win the Winter issue of Art Doll Quarterly??!! This issue is not released to the public until November 1st but as an advertiser I receive them earlier!! Just so happens I received two of this issue and I will share my good fortune with you!!!


So, to win you MUST comment on this post and tell me what/who has influenced you most in your art or love of art

I have many contemporary favorites but 2 people jump to mind instantly. I have always loved Maxfield Parish for his use of light. The way he portrays light through clouds is so dreamy it feels magical. EVERY single time I look at the clouds I think of him and wonder how he he did it.

and Alexandra Nechita (mini master-child prodigy) for reminding me to paint for me and no one else.

I was lucky enough to see her original works in person in NYC about 10 years ago. She blends so many colors in a single piece and they are all work brilliantly. Although, I am not a big cubist fan, I am when it comes to her. I actually went into the city a 2nd time to see her works again the very next week but my train derailed when it abruptly stopped due to a sudden warning of a methane gas leak in Penn Station. Alexandra is now an adult and somewhat reclusive but her art still sells for 100's of thousands of dollars since she was 7 years old!

Winner announced by October 27th but will be anytime I can fit it in or feel like it!


Anonymous said...

That young lady is certainly a wondrous talent. My biggest inspiration and source of support has been my Mom. Always

Designs by CK said...

My biggest influence on my Halloween art is Pennie Griff eBay seller ID: vintagepennie

Pennie's work is magickal and I strive to offer the same with my art.

The fact that we are now good friends is the cherry on top! '-)

Pick ME!!! Hehe


Fantastic Figments said...

WOW great question. I think every artist I meet influences me in some way, but my biggest inspiration is a what. Moreover, a feeling, the ultimate satisfaction of a project well done. The opportunity of self reflection and the ability to leave my stamp on time. I am amazed that each piece I do becomes a part of me. My imagination is my greatest influence.

Thanks for hosting a give-a-way! I hope I will. Tonight I am going to attempt my first paper mache doll :)

Crossing my fingers!


Jenn said...

yipppeeee for your giveaway!
A big influence in my love of art has always been Frida Kahlo. When I think of art+beauty+soul...I think of her.

thanks dani:)

janell berryman artist-owner said...

This is a tough one but since I would love to win this magazine I will give it a whirl. If I take the time to sketch out a piece first I can get inspired by that. Even a color can be inspiring. Say like lime green, pomegranate red... try it. Squeeze some out on paper. Swirl it. Its amazing :)

studioodd said...

great question and my answer took some thought.. first tried to think of "traditional" artist and although i appreciate the talents none got my creative spark going.. usually its an odd piece of music or a random image that inspires me.. then tim burton came along and wow his work has got INSPIRED LOL i love his sense of humor, his "morbid" look at the world..just too much fun

Bushel-and-Peck said...

I have to say My Fantastic Mom! We grew up pretty poor and in a tiny rural setting. My Mom ALWAYS made time and found the money to take us to museums,and theater, took us to the library in the "city" and always made sure the books checked out included at least one art book that she went through with us pointing out the beauty in every artist. Mom encouraged us and taught us how to sew and paint, work with our hands and create beauty where there might not have been beauty and art otherwise. Had it not been for my Mom I probably would have stayed in that tiny rural community and never gone off to the city to experience art for myself. I've been lucky enough to travel throughout the US and Europe experiencing the phenomenon of art of all kinds, but none of it will ever compare to the simple art my Mom lovingly created with 3 eager kids!

God Bless,

Kristen Beason Designs said...

COOL giveaway! I would have to say my two biggest influences would be my Grandpa, who is a self-taught artist, and the children's illustrator Lane Smith.


everydaysies said...

Thanks Dani for gathering such a wonderful group of artists together for us us to enjoy!
I must admit that my own creative drive has always been an internal thing more than an external influence, and I think that's why I enjoy seeing how other artists express their creative urges. I never know what will inspire me ... once it was a simple photo on STJ!

Anonymous said...

Well there are too many influeneces but as far as my dolls are concerned Dame Darcy is the one who influenced me to start doll making. I am also really drawn to Chris Sickles work. Eventually I'd like to go back to sculpture and make figures and photograph them in an interesting way like he does. His work is magical and so modern!
Hope I win the magazine! I have to buy some for family and they aren't theres the new "Where Women create", 'Artful Blogging",etc. to pick up soon:)

~Ms. pg 36..hehe

AwtemNymf said...

oh Wow! Gotta have that magazine!
The earliest person who influenced me the most in art would have to be Brian Froud. I was in awe of the realism & whimsical puppetry of faeries, goblins, and trolls in the movie Labrynth. Later I found out that he also had a hand in Yoda in Star Wars. I've always love faeries and fell in love with the creator of The Dark Crystal too. Other artists who are top on my faeves list are: Jessica Galbreth, Amy Brown, & Jasmine Beckett-Griffith.
But my hats off to my Mom who always told me to be ME!

Lance said...

I can be inspired by many things and many people. Henry Selick, the amazing animator for Tim Burton's Nightmare before Christmas is a big inspiration. I'm also inspired by German nutcracker maker Christian Steinbach for the many colorful characters he has created. Oh and I almost forgot to mention the Wallace and Grommit animators, Aardman.

~Tonya said...

Hi Dani,

How very sweet of you to give your extra copy away to some lucky winner. Lucky you that you get to read it before everyone else too :)

I would have to say, my inspiration for me to create and sew, was from my Foster Mom (who taught me to sew) when I was only about 9 years old.

She spent so much time with me and without her having taught me, I honestly don't think I would be sewing today.


Jackie said...

wow...what a question. I have to say my inspiration has varied, but today I have to say I am inspired by my kids and there imagination....I think that takes me places in my art that always makes me smile. Hopefully it makes others smile too! Have a great night Dani!! Jackie

Mónica Zúñiga said...

Hi Dani, thanks for this opportunity, I´m dying to get one of those magazines!! :)

One of the artists I admire the most is Remedios Varo and her amazing paintings, to me she is the best! Another artist I truly admire is Misty Mawn, she´s a girl from Australia that is teaching around the world, she canceled her visit to Mexico city for this December.
:( But I really like her work!
Have a wonderful day and thanks again! I wanna win!!! :)

Monica Zúñiga.

~dani~ said...

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Monica won!!!

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