Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Trying something new & quick giveaway surprise!!

doll class

So, I have wondered now for awhile how does one attach Paperclay to cloth?

Eek-egads, oh-my!

Spooky Stuff I am taking Gritty Arts Studios first online class!

Look at this!!! Doesn't it just warm your heart?

I have admired her from ebay and see she has great video skills so I am jazzed. Exciting to learn some new techniques. She still has room and her fees are very affordable if you are interested.


Finally, I realized I did not have my giveaway in August!! I totally forgot so as a quick and easy yet fun and valuable (I think) giveaway. I will give the winner a big ole honking ad space of 200x200 on my blog for free for 2 weeks with a link to your ART related site/page/blog whatever you have!!

Now if you use my girl Annette (yes, she is all mine now ;) at Huckleberry Arts to create a paid avatar/ad/badge for you I will give you 1 entire month free of ad space in a prime Geez it all sounds so shifty! Btw she has zero idea I am doing this...he he he

No, but seriously, we could all use some extra marketing and I would love to help you all out-well one of you. So, what do you have to do to win..... he he he

You need to tell me your favorite part of the Christmas season and be a lil specific if you can and what word(s) jumps to mind to you, that describe Christmas for you?

I need some inspiration to finish my Christmas pieces for a store out west and I am just sooo in Halloween mode it is hard to switch gears. So help me a bit will ya?

Winner Announced Soon!! By Friday for sure!



11 Comments: said...

Magic, friends, glitter, warmth... My favorite part of Christmas is having a house full of friends and family eating food I made and enjoying gifts I created by hand. I love that time of year!

I added this fun contest to my Crafty Contests page as well!

~dani~ said...

Love your description! Thanx so much.

Hey Rachel, email me at when you get a chance.

Mica said...

oh yes !! You are gonna love it. I have made many of my larger dolls in cloth and clay... You will for sure be making stuff with those mediums after you take that class. Hope you have fun.. be sure to post what you make when that time comes. Oh and sign me up for your give away too !! Hee Hee.... Hugs, Mica

~dani~ said...

LOL well I do now ROFL!!!!!

Fun fun fun..........

Well I guess I can't enter but

Silly Grins, Gleeful eyes,Joy on
Childrens faces Christmas morning....You never realize how much you miss the snow till you leave it So Snow falling is a beautiful site but not the cold!

LOL you have me laughing.....

Have a beautiful night

~dani~ said...

Now I am laughing b/c Annette you were in my blogger acct when you left the message! Does that mean I can enter myself? AT least I know you were working..LMAO. Cracking that whip!!! xoxo's 2 u my dear for all you do for me and STJ!

Anonymous said...

I don't share....

Enchantments and Giggles said...

Stockings! My favorite part.

My Vintage Studio said...

Christmas for me means family, friends, all 200+ Santas displayed in all of the gathering rooms in our home. I love having BOTH fireplaces fired up, Christmas music, cookie exchanges, our dining room table is always full of holiday treats for daily guests, and all I forgot...I even decorate our bathrooms and bedrooms with their own Christmas tree! But most important...never forget the real reason for the season...I have a vintage manger set with the MOST beautiful baby Jesus that we display in our formal living room. Sorry for the LONG post...I REALLY love Christmas and decorating!

Enchantments and Giggles said...

P.S. I love your new banner!

margit said...

Snow and snowmen. I really miss the snow, since I moved to California after college. I really used to love building snowmen with my older brother and my dad.

Huckleberry Arts said...

ROFL See working me so hard I am getting your personality ROFL lol..........See you can keep track of me now.......Well I bet we confused a few people :)



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