Friday, September 26, 2008

Spooky 31 Time Halloween Angel

SpookyTime Halloween Angel 009
~I now have a wonderful new home~

Paperclay/papermache sculpted skelly angel for your Halloween Tree or Table Top. Three layer crackled finish on body. Sculpted wings are embellished with jet black flocking (velvety soft), chalks, embossing, maraboo feathers, Bethany Lowe tinsel garland, blended vintage and new German glass glitter, acrylic bead, hand sculpted polymer skull bead, chenille, bottle cap, paper, premium fabric trim at base.

SpookyTime Halloween Angel 005

** Sculpted skull hands have intense glow in the dark eyes & glow in the dark spider webs scattered around.

Back features a hand sculpted skull from Mexico made from dental plaster.SpookyTime Halloween Angel 010

12" x 6"


~Email me for purchase or additional information~


The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Wow Dani! This one is extra special...I love your attention to detail! Awesome!!!

~Tonya said...

I too love this one. No buying for me for a while. :( I have to save my pennies (and make some more) for my property taxes YUCK!!!

Of course they raise them every year.

This one is loaded full of detail and I love that about it.


Random Thoughts said...

AWESOME peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristen Beason Designs said...

This piece is too cool!!!


Fantastic Figments said...

WOWOOWO This is soo amazing you out did yourself on this one. Worth every penny!


Marie Patterson Studio said...

Really great piece Dani!!!!

sUz said...


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