Thursday, June 19, 2008


So, the spookiness continues!! Due to my amazing good fortune on Pfatt and the wonderful success of my ornaments....I am giving away one of my mini sculptures- a Frankie ornament with hand beaded arms and legs!! Fun for all! BOO~

All you have to do to enter is comment on this post by telling me your favorite monster or Halloween creature and why? Also, You must have a blog to enter.

~Winner announced June 24th, 2008~

Oooh, be sure to stop by the SpookyTime Jingles blog to see the growing list of Extraordinary Artists that have joined and get all the latest updates!!!


~Tonya said...

oohhh Dani, let me be the first to sign up for the drawing. LOL

I was just posting about your new website on my blog and needed your Here I am!

My favorite Halloween thing is the black olde thyme cats, with the BIG GRINS (well, I like the JOL's too).

I like them becasue they are a reminder of yester-years!


~Tonya said...

I forgot! LOVE LOVE LOVE the NEW banner for your SITE!

Absolutely am amazed by it! She did an AWESOME job on it!

Michele P. said...

my favorite Halloween monster/creature is a witch...hubby just asked me last night when I was taking off on the broomstick We like all things that go bump in the night here, and we like to make Halloween lots of fun. cool giveaway!

Marie Patterson Studio said...

I love little Frankie! You know I do love all that is Halloween. If I had to pick one, it would have to be the witches!

LuLu said...

Bonjour Dani! Happy to read you were a success on PFATT! Your Halloween ornaments are so much fun, so whimsical and funky at the same time (hope I have the right terms). Will go and check your other blog right away... My favorite Halloween creature or monster is the skeleton, I guess. I have a big collection of skeletons of all sorts, plastics, porcelain, resin, paper and of course, a few real ones! Have a great weekend! LuLu

Laurie Hardin said...

My favorite Halloween character would have to be a JOL. Like pumpkin heads alone, on a body or the body carrying the head...very fun to very scary.
The traffic from SpookyTime Jingles has been tremendous and the new banner is perfect. What a great idea!!

sUz said...

hi daNi!

What a great little fRaNk!

My fav has to be JOLs and all variations and interpretations of them. They really capture the magic for me.

iN jOy,

Krissysart said...

OOOOOO....I want him, I want him!! Count me in. Found you on PFATT today. I was so excited to see you there!

Wendy Hue said...

I think your little Frankie is absolutely adorable, and I would love to be signed up for your giveaway.
My favorite Halloween creature would be a witch - toiling over her cauldron, brewing up some kind of mischief - with her black cat standing by her side.

Wendy said...

Ok, that's cute in a spooky halloweenish kinda way, which is the idea! lol

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Frank is a cutie!

I love the new banner for the Spooky Time Jingles blog. Looks great!


~dani~ said...

Thanx all!! FUn FUn FUn!

Iva's Creations said...

Frankie is adorable and I'd love for him to come live with us. favorite monster has to be the monster from the black lagoon! I remember as a kid watching it swim under a beautiful woman and it watching her. It was sooooo creepy, with fins and webbed fingers and feet and gills. I still get the chills thinking about what lives under the murky waters of those back country ponds!!

Thanks for all your spooky fun!!

~ Iva

old world primitives said...

My favorite Halloween monster of all time was my Dad in a black plastic garbage bag and a black hood. When I was a kid, my Dad decided to give us a trick instead of a treat when my little brother and little friends and I ended our trick-or-treating trip at my house. He opened the door in his get-up, yelled "BLAAAAAAHHHHH!!" and scared us so much that one of the kids wet his pants, and another backed up until she fell over backwards into our caged peony bushes. I think we all cried, too... and our friends never went trick-or-treating with us again.

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Oh, I love, love, love Frankie! It's hard to say what I love the best....maybe witches, or JOL's but I also love the vintage black cats. Hmmmmm, too tough to choose:)

Meghan said...

I am a total Halloween nut & am hoping to raise my 22 month old son to be one as well.

I am huge into pumpkins for Halloween. Ones with big smiles. Love them, love them, love them.

This Frankenstein is adorable.

Thanks for the chance to win!

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. I'd have to say Dracula would be my favorite..he's just so charming except for that biting bit..
~Christine :)

Carmen said...

How adorable!!! Hmmmm, my favorite Halloween creature would be the Mummy. I love gauze and cheesecloth!!! lol



*retro-rudolphs* said...

Dani, I love your Frankie... hope I win :)
Does a character from Rocky Horror Picture Show count? If so my fav. character would be Riff Raff. Why? because he's so creepy, cool! If not from a movie than I'd have to say skellies are my all time faves... who doesn't love a toothy grin and empty eye sockets? haha!


Creepy Margaret said...

What a great ornament! My facorite Halloween creature is Jack Skellington. I like him because he has just the right mix of spooky - weird - fun. Not too scary and not bloody.

Jenn said...

OOOOOH what a cutie!!! I love him Dani!!! Hope I'm not too late to sign up:) I know he would be so happy with all my Halloween girls:)
Congrats on SpookyTime Jingles...I'm so thrilled for you! Can't wait to see the launch...yipppeeee:) xoxo...jenn

Bee said...

I love your ornaments, so wonderful. I hope i am not too late, it is a bit early in the morning to convert the time difference and work out if I scraped in ;)

My favourite all time halloween character is the corpe bride. Something very tragic and frightenly romantic about unrequited love from the grave.


Anonymous said...

I like witches because they can cast spells and fly.


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