Monday, June 23, 2008

~Art packed weekend~

This weekend was so great, I just have to share....

Sunday I spent the day in Montaque, NJ at the fantastical Luna Parc. I actually got to finally see the famous Luna Parc bathroom and almost as famous, Ricky! Luna Parc besides being Ricky's home and not open to the public (very often) is a visual feast of mosaics but also of all things repurposed. I just adore how everyday trash to one person becomes beautiful, thought provoking art to another.

But it goes beyond that, Ricky is more than talented, he is so driven, almost by a higher power it would seem, yet so very approachable. Traditionally, artists this driven and maniacal about creating are hard to be around, understand, even like. Interestingly enough he is none of those things.

Now I will not lead you to believe that we spent hours discussing art and the world but in the brief 10 minutes I spent with him, he looked me in the eyes while talking ( one does this anymore)and was genuinely open to talking shop. I could feel how at ease he is with his life's work. No second guessing, no will it be good? His home in a constant state of change and growth and he is just calm as can be. I envy this man! He has a natural vision to his work that just flows. I do not think that he ever has a dry spell in the creativity department, at least not in 20 years.

Ricky is truly the epitome of what my Ambitions Design name stands for. The design of someones Ambition is not always understood or welcomed but to the person who's designs are set on is magical.

I have always been driven and Ambitious since I came into this world wreaking my havec. My husband asked during our early years of marriage, why can't you be like everyone else and just get a nice desk job? You could have a big 401(k) by now or you could have a good pension in the works! Ah, sorry love, I am not wired that way nor do I suspect that I will ever be! Luckily, he gave up on his notions of me being "like everyone else" and now gets it!

So, for me Ricky and his crazy mixed up Luna Parc was a slice of creative heaven. I implore you to visit his website and take his virtual tour. Please peruse my additional photo's on Flickr. You may not be able to live in this manner but you certainly have to be able to appreciate his drive, his vision, his passion for what makes HIM happy.

Because of all of these things, Ricky of Luna Parc is my choice for June's Artist of the month!!
Your Art Rocks  Award!

Finally, I leave you with photos from Art all Night in Trenton!

Trenton Art Works "Art all Night" show was where they were open for 24 hours straight for people to come through and view hundreds of pieces of art in every medium and every skill level.

I showed my Aftermath Angel sculpture and she looked beautiful on her pedestal by the window.

Live Music, Live Demos by wicked artists, Food, Beverages, they even had a mobile glass blowing artist that was giving how to's! Below are the pieces I was most drawn to for whatever reason.
Definitely, a diverse mix! Enjoy~


Laurie Hardin said...

Wow, thank you for sharing!! You did have an art packed weekend that must have sent you soaring. Love Luna Parc.

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Dani, Just breathtaking. I would of loved to been there. Such beautiful art. Places like that always inspire me. Sounds like you had fun.


Marie Patterson Studio said...

Dani....I picture that bathroom in YOUR house...renovation project!!! You did have a fabulous art filled weekend...I'm headed over to your flickr to see more. Congratulations of having your piece in the show!!!!

Designs by CK said...

Popping in to say hi! :)

Have a great & creative week Dani.


janell berryman artist-owner said...

Great photo's Dani! And congrat's on the show! Love the bathroom pic. Something to see with every sit for a spell moment. ha!

Victorian Lady said...

Great, great post! :)


Creepy Margaret said...

I love your blog. It's become the one I check daily. How do you find the time to make art and do all the blog stuff?

~dani~ said...

Creepy make me laugh. I have been averaging 12 hours a day in my studio between art and internet for awhile now. I am sure I will burn out at some point but for now I am loving every bit of it.

Janell...I had to laugh at your comment. When I was in the bathroom taking pics a friend turned to me and said, "I guess you never need a magazine in here"!, I lol~

Yes, Marie....Could you imagine? Somehow, I do not think that is what Michael had in mind when he started the reno of our bathroom. Then again, he is pretty easy..hmmm {evil laugh here}

Laurie and Kim...yes, it was just so very cool! He has saved a spot for me to spend 3 days at Luna Parc this Fall and he will teach me how to do cement sculpting!! To know that a piece I helped work on will forever be at Luna Parc just sends me to the moon!

Jenn said...

LOVE this post Dani! Thank you for sharing your magnificent trip to Luna inspiring!!

Huckleberry Arts said...

thats it I am coming to your house on the weekends LOL...........Wow amazing!! Thanks for sharing!

Have a beautiful day

sMacThoughts said...

Oooh, love, love, love that bone chair!!

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