Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tagged A-Z

So, I was tagged by Annette of Huckleberry Arts!! Here is my response.

A -Attached or single: Attached

B- Best Friend: My Hubby

C- Cautious or Crazy: A blend of both

D-Day: Sundays when we are all together with no computers, games, tv's..just us hiking, picnicking, day-tripping as a family.

E- Essential Item: A close call between PaperClay and My Computer.

F- Favorite Color: Black because it makes everything so graphic. I love the way black makes everything pop!

G-Gummi Bears or Worms: Gummi Bears are the perfect size. Plus it doesn't remind me of something crawling in my mouth.

H-Home town: I would have to say Hopewell Twsp, NJ as this is where I have spent more time than anywhere else.

I- Indulgences: Homemade chocolate chocolate chip ice cream from a local shop.

J- January or July?:.... Definitely July!!! January is too bitter cold here.

K-Kids:.... 2 teenage boys...eek!!

L-Life is incomplete without: My family and art.

M- Marriage Date: September 5th

N- Number of Siblings: zero

O- Oranges or Apples: Apples ..Cortland to be exact

P- Phobias or Fears: Centipedes or any variation. I hate their 1000's of legs and they move too darn quick to kill 'em.

Q- Quote: Be kind, EVERYONE has a battle

R- Reason To Smile: My Family

S- Season: Fall, I love the smell of Fall air here. Plus HALLOWEEN baby!

T- Tag Three:

Only if they want to do it, I would choose:

1. Chris of Designs by CK

2. Lance of Crescent Hill

3. Tracy of The Vintage Sister

U- Unknown fact about me: I still occasionally see a grief counselor since the loss of my Grandmother in March of 2007.

V- Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals: Carnivore for sure.

W- Worst Habit: Procrastination

Y-Your favorite food: Chocolate or 12 grain bread toasted with butter...mmmmmmm

Z: Zodiac Sign: Aries


Designs by CK said...

Hi Dani ~ S for sCaReD!!!

That had to take forEVER!!! LOL

FUN read tho. '-)


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