Sunday, April 6, 2008

Goodie Box Giveaway!!!

To Travel is to Live ACEO by AmbitionsDesign

Yes, it is time for the Goodie Box Giveaway!!!

~I am doing this big giveaway as, I am going away~
My husband is taking me away to Aruba this week for my birthday, can you believe it?
This is a big deal for us, we don't do things like this often, so I am giddy with excitement!!

I have some wonderful lovelies to giveaway today my friends, enjoy!!

*The RULES are you must tell me your favorite place you have Traveled in your comment and anyone with a blog is allowed to enter* I will announce the winner when I return after April 14th~ Good Luck all and be sure to check out all of these wonderful artists!

~Angel of Tranquility~
5x5 mixed media canvas by AmbitionsDesign


Shabby Chic Passport Cover by StarlitNest


2 Collage sheets from Lisa Kettel of Faerie Enchantment


Paperbag Victorian Art Book by SalvageNation

~Just a peek at the album!


Paper Piecings and Tags by Pacokeco

Finally, I have to give a shout out to BarkingDogsBoutique who made the below album for me through Alchemy and did a TRULY OUSTANDING job, hitting upon each and every detail I was looking for! This was a paperbag album made for our guest room & I LOVE it (and so do our guests)! Check out her great shop!
~This is not in the giveaway~


Divine in the Daily (& emj photos) said...

have fun in Aruba!

Lesha said...

I have been to many states, but I'd love to travel outside the country someday. My favorite place so far is South Dakota. :)

Victorian Lady said...

I would like to hit England, Ireland, and Scotland, but I had kids instead! lol So far, the best places I've actually been to are South Padre Island, Texas, and Fredricksburg, Texas. I also like Lancaster a lot! Funny, I've been to the Keys and Jamaica, but they didn't make the list. hmmm :)
Have fun in Aruba!!

janell berryman artist-owner said...

Best place I have visited... Maui of course. Wish I was there now. Another place that comes to mind is Niagara Falls. Very touristy but the magnitude of the falls was astonishing. Took my breath away. Years ago on the Canadian side there was a oddity museum. Loved that. Kind of weird and probably inappropriate now but I have never forgotten it.

Jenn said...

WOW Dani! You weren't kidding...this is HUGE and soooo fabulous! The favorite place I've traveled is was always San Francisco. We went there for our honeymoon and I adore it there. But then we went to Oahu a couple years ago and really how can Hawaii not be a favorite!? Have fun and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Marie Patterson Studio said...

First I HAVE to say enjoy your trip with your hubby and Happy Birthday!!!
My favorite "family" trip was to Canada, Montreal was great fun and Quebec City was even better.
I have some very fond memories of my "single days" traveling to Hawaii with my girlfriends.
See you when you get back !!!!! Take LOTS of pictures!!!! Relax,enjoy,have fun!!!

faerie enchantment said...

Dani, You are absolutely amazing.
I will be blogging about this later.!
Incredible my friend!

punkindoodleboo said...

Oh Dani how wonderful! Aruba on your birthday! I think I have two favorite places New Orleans and The Florida Keys :)... I am a sucker for a good rum punch, and an amazing sunset! Hope you are haiving a wonderful time!

P.S. I am a huge fan ;)


Tootie said...

You lucky girl Dani!!!! The best place I ever visited was Italy. I toured the Tuscan (northern Italy) area. I liked Assisi and Siena the best. Between the food, art and sunny weather I was in heaven!

Bunny B said...

Hope Aruba's fun! I'm sure you're having a blast! The best place I ever visited was Japan! I loved it! I've never been a fan of Japanese food, but in Japan, I fell in love with it!

windycindy said...

Hope you have a fun time in Aruba! I have never been there. Your prize package is delightful! I really love handmade goodies! Please enter me in your drawing. Many thanks,Cindi

Lost in space! said...

I've checked out your Etsy site from a link from Tracy at The Vintage Sister, I LOVVVEEEEEE your Angel of Tranquility, I came very close to buying her a few weeks ago. Are you planning on doing more Angels?
Lets see, let me start out with my favorite place that I came very close to travelling to but just didn't quite make it to. My husband and I had a family wedding to go to in southern AZ, so we planned on making it into a vaca for us, after the wedding we were going to drive up to Sedona and go on a Pink Jeep Tour of the red rock, when I booked the tour the girl asked me if I was pregnant (odd huh, when do people ask that!), I told her NO. So about two months later I had to call her back and cancel our Pink Jeep Tour because I was pregnant with my first child and the doctors considered me high risk and I wasn't allowed to fly from NJ to AZ. What a bummer! (I am currently waiting for my two kids (couldn't stop at just one!) to get big enough to I can reschedule my Pink Jeep Tour of Sedona.) I'm sure that would have been my favorite trip, but since I've never been there...hmmmmmm...going to Mexico and visiting the ruins of Tulum, very cool place.
Sorry I wrote a book.
Hope you had a great vaca! What did you think of Aruba?

Anonymous said...

Aruba! Wow! Have a WONDERFUL time! Salzburg, Austria is my favorite spot so far! How, I'd love to visit again. :)

Lovely goodies!

jessleigh said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your etsy site! Have a great time!
My favorite place to travel is either right here in my own state of NC (beautiful beaches and mountains), or the Blue Ridge and Smokey Mountains in NC/TN/VA

~dani~ said...

Ok...guys and gals...almost time for a winner to be picked!!! We had a wonderful time (pics on flickr) and feel lots of artistic inspiration flowing!! I think I will pick the winner tomorrow-last chance...get on in here people!!!
xoxo's dani~

Nancy Lee Malay said...

Aruba?! You lucky girl....have a wonderful time and Happy Birthday!!

Let's see, my favorite place I've traveled to is Emerald Isle - can't wait to go back someday!


Nene said...

How fun your blog is!! I love it, it really draws you in. I am so happy your came by. I will enter you in my "Giveaway for leaving me a comment. Thank you for your kind words.

Come back tomorrow, It will by my actual date I start a year ago.


PS Yes, add me to your "giveaway" too, I would love it;-))

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