Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Back from Aruba and We have a Winn-ah!

For some odd reason I started taking pics of my "happy feet" when I am on vacation. I started this last year and love to see where I am at that moment when it hits me, I am so relaxed and happy!


~ View from our private Cabana!!! We felt sooo spoiled~

So, Mikey and I had a ball as you would imagine. Aruba is a very small island (6 miles wide x 19 miles long) and not much to do for more than a week. The best part is the weather as it is always approx. 85 degrees with a constant breeze from the trade winds. The water is thee most amazing aqua blue I have seen in many years, if ever (pics do not do it justice). We took an 8 hour day tour where we spent the first half of the day driving Land Rover Jeeps all over the island to see some amazing sights.

The 2nd half of the day was spent on Depalm Island which is a private island where you snorkel with HUGE Blue Parrot fish that surround you 30+ at a time! They have big white bugs bunny teeth! Wish you could see in pic! Some are the size of a standard size bed pillow!!! eek!


~Here are a few pics of our week away, Thank you Lord for our blessings~

~View from our Bedroom Balcony~

~Natural bridges and coves are cut away into Coral rocks from the the rough waves created by the trade winds on the West side of the island~


Oh, so did I mention that I picked a BLOG Giveaway winner tonight?

Victorian Lady is our WINNER!!!

and I chose to pick a runner up who is Tootieu from Honey Girl Studio! Tootie will be receiving a surprise gift!

Thank you everyone for commenting and for helping propel blogging into a fun and wonderful way to meet and market ourselves!

~Happy Creating~


Nene said...


I am so excited for them and also very excited because today is my "Giveaway" for my one year blogging.
I am so happy that you came by to introduce yourself to me yesterday. Please come back and see what I have for you!! "EVERYONE WON!!!"

*Enjoy, and let me know you came by;-))


Marie Patterson Studio said...

Really enjoyed ALL your pictures of the trip that you posted on Flickr! Well, we are off to MD this afternoon, see you next week!

Victorian Lady said...

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me? Woohoo! Thank you SOOOO much Dani! :) I am blown away! That is so generous of you and I'm so happy!!! Ever since I found your blog through your bunny, I have been hooked! What lovely goodies! I am so glad that you had a great time in Aruba...your pictures are unbelievable! :)

Thank you again! :)


~dani~ said...

Yes, you Mere! Congrat's!!!!! Send me your address to my email@ and I will get your goodies on their way to you!

janell berryman artist-owner said...

Congrat's to the winners!
Pictures are fabulous Dani! I didn't see the fish one on flickr. Love those! And bunny teeth? Hmmmm do they bite?

Sandra Evertson said...

Great blog! Ad your pups down below are Adorable!
Sandra Evertson

Jenn said...

Yippppeeee for Mere! Congrats:):)

Welcome back happy you had a fabulous break:)

Happy weekend to you!

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Happy belated Birthday! I'm so jealous over those vacation photos...I need one desperately!!!!
I definitely want to still do Frida. I'll check the calendar.
I'm happy you had such a good time:)

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