Friday, April 13, 2012

Middle Aged me!

Yes, I have lavender highlights and I lurve them! My mini midlife crisis ;)

Tomorrow, I turn 40! And yes, let's be honest....That is middle aged! So, I decided that instead of making my loved ones guess or do too much to try to make me feel special on my big day, that I would just ask for what I wanted to do. Brilliant decision thus far. Everyone is relieved and I know the day will be lovely ;)
So, now I can't sleep! 11am I leave for 2 days in NYC to attend IMATS (int'l makeup artist trade show). My friend Kathleen & I have planned for 8 mos for this and it happens to fall on my birthday.
I can't even imagine what I will see & learn! For those unaware, I have been studying makeup, application and skincare like a religion for a few years now. In October I took a very pt position as a newbie makeup artist with a Macy's and I have worked at most counters on the cosmetic floor in a flex capacity.
Six weeks ago, I reached the goal I set out for when I started this. The goal was within 6 months to work hard, very hard to get as "pro" as possible without formal training and to make contacts with the cosmetic company reps that excited me most.
Six months to the day (so crazy), I brought a model to MAC and passed my interview! I am now a MAC freelance artist and I will get their famous training!
MAC challenges you to create 2 looks in 25 minutes of which they tell you when the timer starts! You run around grabbing everything but the sink and hope your model is easy! I brought my gorgeous niece, Jessica and she was the da bomb.

Before and after of Jess for our practice run. I chose to do a modern approach on
the pinup look.

Then 3 days ago, I was being watched by a rep for Dior and was offered a freelance position on my way across the street to get to my car! Freelance artists make amazing money to start and it gets even better with time, in fact I am shocked. I want to help train and encourage women in this field because you can earn a living, support yourself and even work through college! Go girls go!
So, as a freelancer, the more companies I sign with, the more jobs I get, the more contacts I make and the more photo shoots and runway work I can get. Especially when affiliated with MAC, Dior or Chanel (I am going for next)!
I am right now only working 6-17 hours a week because I still have my artful endeavors of course! So as you can see, this IMATS is right up my alley :)
I see IMATS is already sold out for Sat in case you were wondering but Sunday is still open for now.
This is the perfect 40th birthday gift to myself. And really the best part is the ending. I return in time for Sunday brunch with my family at Rat's restaurant in Hamilton, then we tour the famous sculpture garden. Art and makeup.....Yippee!.

Thanks for letting me share my friends.
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Jenny Holiday said...

Oohh ok first...LOVE the hair!! love love!

And Hapy Happy BIrthday!! Yes!! NYC bdays rule!! Me and my siblings usually do birthdays there.
I am soooo jelly!! I sooo wish I was going to IMATS!! Geeez!! Lucky girl!!

And darn amazing does your new career sound? I'm actually grinning ear to ear right now! Thinking about how awesome that all is! Hooray for you!! I'm a make up nut! Do you know of Lime Crime? Doe Deere is pretty darn amazing...she rules. Her latest...Effie Trinket....just beyond fab!!

anyways...yes...Happy Birthday!!!

xo Jenny Holiday

Tinsell and Whimsy said...

Hi Dani........first of all Happy Birthday.......and so happy you have found something you really love, and it sounds like you are going to be very successful. I can identify with this my daughter just discovered make-up is a passion of hers. In fact she will be attending the show in NYC as well........too bad you two could not meet each other. She recently started a make-up blog. Best of luck with your birthday trip!

JafaBrit's Art said...

I loved being 40,it was my rebirth(discovering i could do art) and the beginning of a new exciting journey. Sounds like you have started your 40's the same way and how exciting. Happy birthday .

by Wendy Leaumont said...

Well, "middle age" looks GREAT on you, and you keep rockin that purple hair like a BOSS. I hope you have a BLAST on your birthday weekend, and I'm happy you have something fabulous planned! You are an incredible makeup artist, wish you were here to do mine for me all the time! And CONGRATS on the Mac deal - WOW! You are every bit as good as any Mac artist, though, so it really doesn't surprise me!

Iva Wilcox of Iva's Creations said...

Happy Birthday Dani! Sounds like the perfect gift for yourself for a birthday milestone! You did an amazing job with the makeup on your niece! I can see why you've been picked up by these high-end companies!! Have a great time and enjoy your big day!!

Light and Shadow Studio said...

Happy Birthday Dani, I hope you have a great trip! Love the lavender highlights, girlie, just loverlie. Miss talking to you from time to time. I wish you much success and happiness in your new career move. Hugs, Tammy

AmbitionsDesign said...

Thanks all! You all are so flippin sweet :) love n hugs!

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