Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our Halloween Home 2009

~Here is hoping your Halloween is filled with nothing but sweet & spooky goodness~

Monday, October 12, 2009

HUGE ARTIST on SpookyTimeJingles tonite!!

Be sure to be at tonight at midnight (EST)
when we update with our newest goodies.

You will not believe who our surprise guest artist is!!

Also, here is my one Halloween piece offered for October 2009

Clownie ornament 2009 October

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Halloween Jetsetters Unite!

Hi all! Happy Haunting is among us and as many of you know I have been jetting around to some wonderful Halloween destinations this year.

Brandi of She's off her Rocker coined me the Halloween Jetsetter and I loved it! It inspired me to start a blog with contributors about great Halloween destinations.

We will share our travels and experiences with you that we find along the way, 365 days of the year. Halloween never ceases for us and I am sure for many of you as well ;)

Please stop by and see us in our infancy and leave comments and or suggestions about places we must see.

Click below to jet on over there!

Halloween Travelista Dani Badge

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Halloween & Vine Trip 2009 !!

Halloween & Vine Show postcard 2009

I have just returned from The amazing Halloween & Vine, here are the deets! Ghoultide Gathering deets to follow in the next few days!

Halloween and Vine 004

I flew from Newark, NJ International on Friday, Sept 25th into San Fran. I met my friend Wendy of My Brain Child from Shrevesport, LA who also flew in and we were on our way!

We picked up our rental and upgraded for a nominal fee to a Nissan Altima Hybrid-we both Loved this car. We drove for 4 days all over and never went past a 1/2 tank of gas!

Nissan Hybrid Car in Cali H&V

After leaving the airport we started the 30+ mile drive north to The Hilton Sonoma. This drive took us through San Francisco and over the Golden Gate Bridge! Very cool but so super foggy no pics were of any value on the way. Oh and the traffic...$#^@&*^@*&*^...enough said.

Our hotel was nice enough but we couldn't wait to check out Petaluma and to be ready for the next days festivities!
Petaluma is DELIGHTFUL! This town was full of great food that is very affordable and tons of charming shops with friendly staff and oodles of Halloween delights! Finally, the next morning we awoke early to get in line. We were 45 minutes early and still were at the end of the building almost around the corner!

Halloween and Vine 018

To be a part of the most famous Halloween show of the last 14 years was a truly amazing feeling!

Halloween and Vine 025

Halloween and Vine 024

Halloween and Vine Wendy 020

Jorge of HoHo Halloween and I vamping for Camera ;)

Jorge and Me at Halloween & Vine 2009

Halloween and Vine 023

Jorge reworking his table after many sales ;)

Halloween and Vine 022

And look at Miss Laurie Hardin's table of Monkey-Cats Studio! I missed the chance to get my pic taken with her (I am so blond sometimes)


Laurie sold her work like crazy and I was honored to help her and her sweet hubster Kelly along the way. Of course only when I wasn't walking around in a daze shopping!

Here is some of what I brought home with me!!

William Bezel Pumpkin JOL
Halloween Art Works from Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 016

Scott Smith 2 sided Ornament
Halloween Art Works from Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 015

Halloween Art Works from Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 027

Kerry of Paper Moon
Needlefelted Sculpted Bat Boy!!

Halloween Art Works from Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 019

Arbutus Hunter Paper Mache JOL
Halloween Art Works from Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 081

Susie Scott Paper Arts Ornament
Susie Scott ornie

When we returned from H&V and the local gift shops we put all of our goodies together on the desk in our room and had a lil photo shoot! We had a ball!

Halloween Art Works from Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 086

The days following the show we were on such a Halloween high! We visited everything we could of visual interest in Petaluma and had a ball!

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 053

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 043

Halloween and Vine Wendy 148

Halloween and Vine Wendy 132

Halloween and Vine Wendy 135

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 010

Here is my roomie Wendy!

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 018

And me, dani!
Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 019

We fell in love with the AWESOME Halloween Displays in the shops of Petaluma. Totally Inspiring!

*Petaluma Antique Mall*

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 080

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 094

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 078

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 086

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 095

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 101


Oodles of Glitterville goodies with super kind owners who gave us wonderful attention.

This store is a do not miss!

Halloween and Vine Wendy 121

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 106

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 108

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 107

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 109

ILeoni also has this signed Glitterville piece! Only one in stock!!!!

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 112

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 110

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 111


Look at this killer window display!

Halloween and Vine Wendy 129

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 117

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 120

PaperWhite has this great Day of the Dead collection~

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 124

Of course I bought yards of fun ribbons and trims!

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 126


20% off all Halloween goodies!! Yee ha!

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 208

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 210

~Marisa's Fantasia-Halloween Store~

Halloween and Vine Wendy 157

And look they had a Janell Berryman of Pumpkinseeds Folk Art Display!

Halloween and Vine Wendy 027

Halloween and Vine Wendy 012

Halloween and Vine Wendy 007

Halloween and Vine Wendy 017

Halloween and Vine Wendy 009

*Heebe Jeebe*

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 145

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 155

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 149

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 150

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 153

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 157

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 158

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 159

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 168

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 171 *

*Heebe Jeebe*

Also has an everyday artsy store of fun!

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 129

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 131

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 133

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 136

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 144

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 141

After shopping & dinner on the water at Dempsey's,

Halloween and Vine Wendy 143

we even even went to a rock show to see these awesome young (very young) men named

~The Lost Boys Band~
From Lake County, California

While walking through Petaluma we saw TONS of moving billboards for these kids who looked like they were 12.

They were playing that night at McNears Mystic Theatre!

An Awesome Venue for sure~

Halloween and Vine Wendy 002

Anywho while walking down the street we met the father of the drummer and other family members who were taking the bands SERIOUSLY pro equipment inside the theater. They said you have to see them, you cannot believe how good these "kids" are. The short of it is we said no thanks as we were not convinced ;) They insisted on giving us free tickets.


Halloween and Vine Wendy 159

We came to find out they have opened this summer for 3 doors down, Kelly Clarkson, Lynard Skynard, All American Rejects, Toby Keith and other HUGE artists! WTH?

I have no doubt these young men will make it and continue to grow their sound which will make them world famous. I was the old chick in the theatre who went up and bought their CD from the Drummers mom..LMFAO!

During the show the Uncle came up and said " I TOLD YOU SO"!! They offered to have us stick around to meet the band (too funny) and get the CD signed. Wendy & I were wiped out and left after the show, just stunned by the talent. My hubster is annoyed that I didn't take them up on it and get it signed. He agrees they will be HUGE! Still laughing that a grown women (supposedly me) was totally crushing on these kids talent.

Oh and you HAVE to see the keyboardist..he spins on a rotating floor at like 20+ miles an hour while playing. Crazy good show.

Finally, After a Full Day of Shopping on Sunday we packed up our mess for our flights home...eep!

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 221

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 222

Petaluma 2009 with Wendy 223

And readied for the morning drive back into San Fran for our return flights ;(

We finally Got a few great shots in the fog!

San Francisco 2009 with Wendy 016

San Francisco 2009 with Wendy 013

And even found an awesome cupcake store
(drove by the van and followed the

San Francisco 2009 with Wendy 022

San Francisco 2009 with Wendy 024

I had them pack up some for the hubster and kiddos and flew them back to NJ! they were a lil banged up but tasted awesome!

This was undoubtedly a trip of a lifetime and I am so happy that Wendy was my roomie. She is not only a sweetheart but truly very easy to travel with. Good Stuff!

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