Friday, August 14, 2009

My Dracula made the Etsy Gift Guide!

I got a convo from Suz of Surprise, Delight, Joy that one of my Halloween sculpts made it to the front page of the Etsy Gift guide! Look at my Dracula "mugging" to the camera ;)

I am surprised as my Etsy shop was closed for 3 months and I just listed a handful of Halloween Creepsters a few days ago.

I swear when it comes to validation for my art it will never get old.

I just had to share this with you all as this totally made my day!

p.s.....If you want to see if anything from Etsy shop has made it to the front page, storque or gift guides just go to . You can see over the last week as well as go into their "Vault" to search the history.

You can see here that CraftCult shows me my spot on the gift guide and takes me right there to go see it!

Happy Searching!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Time Again!! Second Annual Tombstone Trade!

Here is the gist of it...

Sculpt 1 original tombstones-headstones out of any sculpting medium you prefer (papier mache, paperclay, polymer, celluclay, Das Clay, etc...)

Make each one the approximate size of an art card (2.5x3.5). This is not a RULE BUT A GUIDELINE.

They must stand on their own and may or may not have a base.

They must be signed & dated with the year 2009 on them.

They may be designed & embellished in any way you like.

Each artist will send and receive 1 tombstone to/from 1 other artist.

The goal is to keep this annual swap going so that in a few years we will each have a wonderful collection of one of a kind tombstones from the artists we know and love!

Please take pictures of your spooky creations for all to see when you are done and post them in our Flickr group to share.

**WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW before you email me**

I will limit the participants to approximately 16 artists.

PARTICIPANTS from last year will have FIRST chance to join in again.

Participants MUST be well versed in sculpting and be able to show their work if I am unfamiliar with your art. This is because we have a number of extremely talented sculptors and I want to avoid someone being disappointed.

SEND ME YOUR BLOG LINKS if you email me directly at

Your pieces should be sent out in the 4th week of September, 2009.

I know we can make this another amazing year. It was so fun and definitely memorable last year and I can't wait to see who I get!!!

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Tombstone Trade badge

Leave a comment if interested and once I have touched base with all previous participants I will begin to add new participants for this year!

Finally, I will keep a list of all participants in the left column of the blog for you to see under the badge. As well as any NEW news pertaining to this trade.

As with all of the trades/swaps that I host, you will be able to find this information again for reference by going to the very bottom of my blog.

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